"No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one autumnal face."
~John Donne

Hi all,

Welcome to another short issue of JABB.  Things have been a bit crazy here! 

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the autumn weather... assuming it is autumn where you are.  :-)

God bless,


As some of you may know, every week I watch an episode of TBAA in the order in which it aired and write a review of it for the Episode Guide.  Well... this past week I watched "For All the Tea in China."  Which means I only have one more episode of Season 8 left... and then only one more season.  Feeling kinda sad/anxious about that...  Soooo not looking forward to watching the finale and the good byes again.  But the good thing is I can *finally* share the lyrics found below!

See, back in 2001, shortly after Season 7 ended, I shared "An Ode to Season 7" found in
JABB 70.  Then, in 2004, I started creating Andrew's Scrapbook and decided it'd be nifty to have a song/poem for each of the seasons he was in.  So I went back and wrote for Seasons 2-6 and 8 and 9.  I then used some of those pieces for newsletters, too.  Season 2 was covered in JABB 143 with a poem.  Season 3 got its own ode in JABB 151.  The Season 4 song can be found in JABB 158.  There's an oddly Chumbawumba-influenced Season 5 poem in JABB 170.  And, finally, Season 6 got its day with JABB 175.  That was in 2005 and the TBAA DVDs had started coming out.  Plus, I had a computer program that allowed me to take screen captures directly from the DVDs.  So... I decided to hold off on sending ya'll the Seasons 8 and 9 odes until I had photos to go along with them.  And now... finally... six years later... I have photos for Season 8 so can send this song written by my 21 year old self.  I haven't read it in a good long time.  I hope it's good!  ETA: Okay... read it.  Bittersweet, for sure.  Even though it's written as if during Season 8, as I said, it was actually written circa 2004 so I knew Season 8 was very near the end of TBAA's run.  Hence the melancholy tone.  I haven't read the Season 9 one in years but am gonna guess it's not a barrel of laughs...  Anyhow... kinda seeing this as a country ballad.

A Song for Season 8

Season Eight starts in the Holy Land

Andrew and his hat lend a helping hand
Then there's an episode with another one's name
Guess the producers really like "The Perfect Game"
Andrew takes Gloria on a ride-along
Monica and Tess both sing a song
While Andrew plays cupid in a bar
Rabbi's daughter's gonna be a cartoonist star
But Andrew wonders is it really worth it at the cost?
Will he help her see that her father could be lost?


Andrew's got a message, better listen well
Not much more time for what he's got to tell
"Ya gotta tend to what matters most to you
Only so much time before your life is through
Care for your family and be a good friend
Remember God loves you and that'll never end."

Now comes the sad tale of a poor son's fall

But motherly love leaps a prison wall
And Fatherly love brings two sons Home
Then it's to a reunion Andrew does roam
Next to a rave and to calm fields of gold
Then a father ignores what the voices told
Comes back to his little boy now grown
Then Andrew's making sure seeds of love are re-sown.
Will the people listen to him and love once more?
Or will Andrew's message just be shown the door?


Christmas comes to a town now changed

Monica's got a Christmas program arranged
Andrew keeps Benny playing his drums
Little boy hopes that Mr. Harper comes
So the angels bring about one last gift
Then they help an author's spirit lift
Andrew represents a man blind in his grief
Then helps a producer turn over a new leaf
Will the man change, it's nearly too late?
Can words from an angel change his fate?


Next Andrew’s in the hospital with another family

Then he’s an errant groom’s helpful cabbie
But he trades in driving one to fix a car
A little girl looks for her father wide and far
Andrew’s in a school, pacing through the halls
A lost and lonely boy neglects his calls
The boy raises a gun, takes his aim
But to die’s not the reason Andrew came
Will Andrew get through to John’s heart?
Will violence tear another community apart?


Season is quickly drawing to a close

Andrew’s next assignment is named Rose
Then Andrew encourages a fellow janitor’s dream
And everyone learns things aren’t always as they seem
And then the angels head to China to form a family
Sweet Andrew comforts the mother of Kimmie
Grief has caused the family to fall apart
The angels each try to heal a broken heart
Will this season really be the end?
Will we get another year of our heavenly friend?


And thank God we did get another year!  This newsletter is dedicated to John's commitment over the 7.5 seasons he was part of TBAA.  Andrew surely saved a lot of assignments from despair but John saved a lot of fans from the same with each and every episode he appeared in.  May he know that our love for him will never end.



(Photo Credits: The photographs used on this page are from "Touched by an Angel" and owned by CBS Productions, Caroline Productions, and Moon Water Productions.  They are not being used to seek profit.)