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Hi all,

Change of plans (as well as contact info but more on that later). Originally this newsletter was supposed to be the second part of the anniversary issue but due to its tardiness we've changed our minds. The anniversary newsletter will appear in its entirety once I (Jenni) get the newsletter online. So it'll include my comments and Andrew's which weren't part of the original newsletter you all received since it was all ready so lengthy (but really great to see some of you speak up at length!).

Also, those of you in the habit of IMing Jenni, her IM name is now starsndaffodils. Any previous screen names you have for her will no longer work. All emails to her should be sent to here. Send to the Yahoo addy for a quicker response. Now the newsletter...

Until "Heart of the Beholder" is released, JABB will be taking a look back at John's past career. So here's the first of several poems about John's time on TBAA that Jenni wrote while at work waiting for phones to ring... If you'd like to hear her rap it... well,we feel sorry for you. :-) We hope you enjoy the poem!

Monica and Tess are really good friends

Tess is the supervisor upon whom Monica depends

Just two angels helping humans and having a blast

But then comes someone from Tess’ past!

Andrew is an angel of death and a guy

Monica gets fed up and wants him to say “Buh-bye!”

But then he teaches her football and she likes him a lot

So Andrew goes dancing but Fred Astaire he’s not!

(And that umbrella is no Ginger Rogers, I say!)

But then it’s time to start another day!

Andrew’s in the basement, Tess is royalty.

Monica is serving as a blues night MC.

There’s a little boy lost, a demon’s on the lam

I hope Andrew’s beloved puter has enough RAM.

Angels in the post office, making life better.

Andrew and Monica wanna open their Dad’s letter.

Time to move on yet again, says the clock.

Next time we see him, Andrew’s a doc.

Then he trades his scalpel for a sword.

With this guy doing Shakespeare, who’d be bored?

But then it’s right back to the medical stuff

Nursing a man whose dad is a pottery buff.

May is ending, the last credits are near.

Summer’s a-coming but do not fear.

Andrew once more takes the stage.

A talk show director whose guests rage.

Secrets are out, two sisters are free.

Wonder what’s gonna happen in Season Three!


Newsletter 144