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For those of you that haven't yet heard, CBS released its schedule for the 2001-2002 season. Among several changes, TBAA has been moved to Saturday nights along with "The District" and a new show. The majority of people seem shocked and even saddened by this news. However, we at JABB wanted to examine the more optimistic side of the change. So we present to you....

::wait! Brief interruption:: Audrey is still extremely upset by the news of this 'move' and demands to know why she's just now learning. Also, She is mezmerized by the sudden realization that JABB is on it's 70th issue! WoW ANYHOW...moving on...

Top Ten Reasons TBAA's Move from Sunday to Saturday may be Beneficial

10. Andrew-obsessed students won't face the all too familiar dilemma caused by procrastination: "Okay... So I put off that 10-page report all weekend. Now it's time for TBAA! Hmmm.... The fall of the Roman Empire or John Dye?" Now we can put everything off for after TBAA and still have all Sunday to write!

9. More people can stay up til all hours of the night discussing the episode in chatrooms!

8. Jenni and members like her can wistfully remember days of TBAA and Dr. Quinn past when we gathered around the TV for two hours of wholesome CBS entertainment on Saturdays. Dr. Mike's no where to be seen and "The District's" Craig T. Nelson's no Joe Lando but we can adjust!

7. Those poor people that lost track of TBAA after it switched from Saturday to Sunday will be pleasantly shocked when they turn on their TVs on Saturday to find that nice show about angels has finally returned and with a cute guy angel, too!

6. We can now all spend "Date Night" with Andrew.

5. When Jenni is very moved by the latest episode she will no longer have to wake up at 5 or 6 to watch her tape on a Monday morning but instead can watch it at her leisure on Sunday. Therefore, she will get more sleep and will be less likely to go insane, again.

4. Sunday night can once again be "Family Game Night" at your home. Chutes and Ladders anyone?

3. Delays caused by football, baseball, crazed weather people, and presidential candidates will be more forgivable because they won't cut into quality chatting time since we can stay up later!

2. What better way to end a hectic, stressful week than cuddling up in front of the TV, sipping cappuccino, and seeing your four best friends: Monica, Tess, Andrew, and Andrew's hair?

1. If things don't go well in the new timeslot you can enjoy the cathartic, emotional release that follows writing a scathing letter to good old Les Moonves.

Season seven has ended now and we feel it's time to go back and relive the highs and lows of the season. To help you we have written this poem.

An Ode to Season Seven

Seasons two, three, four, five, and six.
Each we watched and got our Andrew fix.
But those times are gone now and past.
We needed a solution and fast, fast, fast!
Finally, along came season seven.
And the return of that much loved man of heaven.

"Finger of God" starred a tornado that would not yield.
Andrew, he just stood by and waited in Darby's Field.
Andrew was maybe most powerful in episode two, "The Grudge".
It's awfully fun to convict friends when you're a judge.
In "Legacy" sweet Angel Boy gave us our fix.
Hey, we even got to see behind the Matrix.
Monica knew Andrew, the cutest bartender, in "Bar Room Floor"
So why'd she freak out in season two when he walked through the door?
Scary, old Satan dressed as a lion and a kid stopped by for "The Invitation".
He didn't go after the plumber, he'd have faced the wrath of the Androoler nation.
Next in "Restoration" Stevie wrote Andrew off as a day dream.
"Hey! She can't even go dissing the best part of the angel team!"
During "The Empty Chair" a car broke down and two angels were stranded.
The couple they stayed with thought the angels were "wedding-banded".
Andrew was at his most sweet in "God Bless the Child".
In dealing with Billie he was strong, patient, and mild.
In "The Lord Moves" he and Monica threw Tess a party.
But due to an assignment the guest of honor was tardy.
In "Mi Familia" Andrew held babies and helped a man change his tune.
Meanwhile in front of TVs everywhere each Androoler fell down with a swoon.
Near Christmas there was "An Angel On My Tree" and he was also in jail.
Andrew's righteous anger ensued and family came together in this tale.
"A Death in the Family" was a tragic story.
But Andrew gave a message of forgiveness and its glory.
In "Bringer of Light" Andrew was wise and spoke of his Divine Master.
He looked to the stars and spoke of the Love that survives even disaster.
"Thief of Hearts" was a sweet, sad tale of motherly love.
Andrew took a boy to his Home up above.
In "Winners...." Andrew worked with the Special Olympics.
Andrew knew children and workaholicism don't mix.
In "I am an Angel" an actor was an arrogant master of Kung Fu.
"Now, really," thought Andrew, "that just won't do!"
Next came "Visions" with a father and his son who took photos.
Andrew sure sees a lot of people at their lowest of lows.
Next came "Sign" which also starred Adam and a bar.
Andrew went through his history, he's come so far!
In "Band of Angels" our Angel Boy was back in jail.
Too bad all plans to get him falsely criminally there fail.
In "Face of God" Andrew told Einstein how much his Father cared.
Do you think Andrew knows the meaning of E=mc squared?
Nearing the end we reached the "Netherlands" and Monica's plight.
Why didn't anyone check to see if Andrew, left in the building, was all right!?
Last we saw "Shallow Waters" a show about rebirth, faith, and love.
Andrew hitched a ride on a bus and took a few humans back home and above!

Now we have nothing to do but remember.
Until we get new stories again this September.
But never forget to tune in on Saturday.
Cause if you wait til Sunday, you'll miss it, okay?
What will happen in season eight?
What will be Andrew's hair's fate?
Will it be buzz cut or long or spiked?
Will it be hated, beloved, or liked?
I suppose none of it matters as long as Andrew comes back.
For if he doesn't I'll get my bags and my pack.
I'll get a new residence and give into my tears.
I just might have to stay there for years and years.
So if you should need me and want to write
You'll find me where I've been carted away by the men in white:
St. Andrew's Hospital on Eirenikos island in a padded cell.

Hello! Just a clarification. There has been nothing we've received or heard that would lead us to believe John Dye was not returning to the show. We merely thought ending the poem with the author going insane was kinda funny.

Also, Jenni will have the second half of the Dyeland map up prolly when you get this. If not then for sure by Sunday. It's kinda sparse now but hopefully it'll build up.