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Hi all! This issue is pretty simple cause we’re all ready working on the next issue which will be a contest. It’ll be another story in which the winner will have to find the most TBAA episode titles. So you may wanna start reviewing those! We’re looking at other options for future contests and so this will probly be the last TBAA episode title hunt. At least for a long while. So keep your eye out for the next issue and don’t miss your chance! For those of you who are new, there’s more information about contests and prizes available here:

If you have further questions, please email Jenni at this address or one of her other addresses.

But before you do that, we hope you enjoy this song Jenni wrote a few months ago. There’s no tune to it but she generally sings it as a sort of rockin’ country tune. But you decide for yourself.  And if you think you’re really quite good, send us an audio file. Maybe we’ll start our own “Dyeland Idol” or something. LOL

You can see our reviews of Season Two and Season Three in newsletters 143 and 151 respectively. But now… the Season Four song:

Time to start our little tale again
In 1997 Season Four did begin. 
A mighty fine season as far as they go.
As this little ditty will surely show.

Sing along with me if you dare.
Start with the chorus right down there.

Andrew we love you so.
This much you really must know.
Counselor, bachelor, and off for a day
Homeless, hockey coach, and DJ
We loved all the requisite togs
But how’d you get stuck walking the dogs?
Give us Season Four we implore
Just don’t make us watch “Venice” no more!

Andrew’s hitch-hiking, meets one of the Greenes
Wonder if Angel Boy wears Bugle Boy jeans?
Andrew’s selling coffee, naturally Monica’s a fan
Then he’s writing for a conceited basketball man
The Father watches from Heaven on High
As a homeless son sleeps under the sky
But the sky won’t open and no rain falls
So Andrew starts up with auctioneer calls
So far so good, we’re on a roll
But Season Four’s not yet full

Repeat Chorus

Now it’s into the woods for the man from Above
There he learns about Erin’s intense love
Andrew leaves the woods for the beach
He works on Tess’ caddy, she’s no peach!
Andrew sets aside the wrench for a rose
It’s off to his first date Andrew goes!
Then it’s off to the Hollywood sign
And later Andrew directs a chorus line
Ten down and only sixteen to go
Let’s see what else Four will show

Repeat Chorus

Next comes an episode all ready named
Of all the episodes, it’s most defamed
So let’s move on to Christmastime
Randy Travis sings, our spirits climb
A woman runs off with ashes and won’t stop
But more important, Andrew’s dressed as a cop!
Now Angel Boy trades the badge to skate
Teaching hockey to kids, he’s so great
What will happen next for our guy?
Twelve more eps til they fly!

Repeat Chorus

A pay phone mysteriously rings
And Andrew’s got a tool belt with his jeans!
Andrew helps Lydia to recuperate
And Richard finish books before it’s too late
Then he’s off to combat Satan with some bread
A march of villagers by angels led!
Next he’s looking good in army dress
Then he helps Aaron spell to impress
Not much more, season’s about to close
But there’s six more so let’s get to those

Repeat Chorus

Monica doesn’t know who Andrew is
Pepper thinks Andrew’s a comedic wiz
Then he’s off to help a mom heal her son
Sun then sets, Passover has begun
Blood on the door, Andrew walks by
Then he’s a DJ and a stylish guy
Finally it’s away to China he goes
He takes poor Jean to the Home he knows
The curtain falls on Season Four
Came back for Season Five, there’ll be more!


Newsletter 159

Did I ever mention how much I love frogs?? ~~ Jenni