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Dear JABBers,

It's my turn once again to send you the latest installment of JABB.  Before I get to that, I've been asked to inform you that all proceeds from the JABB Store will be given to the Red Cross from now until the extended date of October 15th. So if you've been considering purchasing something, now may be a good time for that.  Details at the link below:
(Update: The deadline has passed but please keep an eye on our Charity Efforts page for info about future opportunities to participate in JABB's charitable giving.)

I've also been informed that new merchandise is expected by week's end so please watch out for that.  Now for the newsletter.

It's a poem (or may be another rap song?) JenniAnn wrote some time ago.  First, I'd like to thank all of you who celebrated my birthday with me last month.  Your kind words and gifts meant so much to me.  And I think I've finally gotten the last of the artificial food coloring from the frosting out of my hair.  I'm a bit disappointed.  I thought when I had those green and orange streaks the Father might have seen fit to make me a punk rocker for an assignment or two.  I think it might have been fun.  I do enjoy rock-n-roll, after all.  I bet Tess would have loved it.  ;-)
Your friend,
Here's JenniAnn's ode to season 6... 
Sixth Season was one of which to be proud
It really touched a global crowd
First Andrew and Co. were in the Sudan
Helping to end the cruelty of Man
Then it was back to Europe in World War Two
"No such thing as an American angel" said Andrew
Then on back to America for the trio
Andrew teaches a woman to tango
Andrew's supervising workers all day
One of them would rather piano play
The next episodes makes us all cry
Every one of us can't help but sigh
Jordan had given up on the fight
Andrew was sad, ran into the night
Monica was there to help him through
"Andrew, your God's servant faithful and true."
Andrew listened but Gregory did not
Gregory was a demon from where it's HOT
That was done, it's off to have a merrier time
Andrew was then a street-performing mime
Andrew helps someone on the scandal sheets
Then he works at a factory that makes sweets
Hey everyone, it's Christmas now
Andrew hears Gabriel play, WOW!
Ooh yay, the Millennium is here
Andrew is a waiter and such a dear
Then he's off to be a handsome orderly
Later he's living with John in apartment 333
Andrew stepped in and he helped John a lot
Was a parent to him when the real ones were not
Next he helps a struggling married couple smile
Then our Angel Boy travels to the Emerald Isle
Later he teaches Miss Wings to bowl
In a gallery he helps a woman see her life as full
Andrew's in the synagogue teaching Hebrew
Then he nurses a man whose life is nearly through
In two episodes in a row he's a handyman
Then he reads "The child is the father of the man"
Monica is angry, loses all of her glee
Andrew's worrying over suicidal Kathie Lee
Now the season's nearing a close
But off to the Big Top Andrew goes
Then it's a reunion with Petey's mom
Followed by major
Dean's a real creep on the Internet
The whole situation makes Andrew upset
So season Six ends with a bang
By Andrew's hand a computer is slain
When he takes a mighty swing with the bat
Season Seven: Try and beat that!


Newsletter 176

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