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Hi all!

Jenni and Karen here! We hope everyone is enjoying these last few days of November! We have a bit of a change here at JABB we’d like you to know about. Jenni recently discovered a program that came with the package she got when she bought the domain. With it and thanks to helpful JABBer, Jess, she created a new JABB page that will hopefully draw in more people. You can see it here: The John/Andrew Bucket Brigade or type in This will not effect other web pages, it is merely an addition. Hope you like it! Let us know if you think of more information that may be helpful to someone considering joining.

Also, the holiday season is fast approaching and this year we’d like to do something different for our newsletter. Rather than our usual story parody, we’d like to write a nice story incorporating members’ favorite (and real!) December/early January holiday memories and traditions and recipes. Envision you, your fellow members, and a few very special angels sitting around a fireplace, sipping seasonal beverages, and reminiscing. To submit something or for more information please email the co-presidents. All submissions must be received no later than December 15th.

Now, we gotta admit, we’re still sleeping off the tryptophane from our turkeys (or turkey-like substance if Adam is reading this…) So while we sleep we hope you’ll enjoy this trip down memory lane as we remember TBAA’s Season Three. Feel free to rap it, it’s fun! Or go back and visit JABB 143 to recall Season Two. You’ll hear from us in a couple weeks!

God bless

Jenni and Karen

JABB co-presidents


Ode to Season Three

Season Three begins and Monica and Tess return
Naturally so does the one for whom the Androolers yearn!

Andrew paints birds, Andrew paints trees
And off to a cabin a head doc flees.
Trouble on the highway, trouble in a car
Andrew tells Mr. Connor about a Home not far
And the good man lives and sees another day
Teaching children to find their own way.
Next Andrew makes himself a real mess
Fixing cars is dirty work, I guess
Tess is in a panic, what did Andrew do?
He jiggled something and the caddy’s engine blew!

Andrew’s in the desert, appearing in dreams
Henry’s Zayda sees him and he gleams!
Then he’s sporting a ponytail and a suit
Then jumping out of a plane with a parachute
Yippee, Yippay!  It’s Halloween night!
But that grim reaper was a sorry sight.
Andrew was bummed, gave the kid a talk.
All Hallow’s Eve just makes the guy balk
It’s a wedding day and Andrew’s film is rolling
But there may be someone there for whom the bell is tolling.

Next Andrew visits sweet Amy Ann
And he advises a weaseling man
Then he meets up with the crew from “Promised Land”
And our angel gives Julia a helping hand.
Then it’s off to the Wittenbergs and their stairs
Everyone weeps during Andrew’s prayers
Christmas comes and again our boy cries
There’s a family to be reunited before a man dies.
Monica wants a mother, maybe like Tess
Andrew shows her lecturing a dog who could care less

Andrew’s a chauffer but not driving Miss Daisy
Instead he’s working for a man who’s a touch crazy
Now it’s time to get teens on the right path
Andrew discovers he’s good at the new math!
Next we see him, Andrew’s mad
Eric called him Andy and that’s bad!
Monica’s in trouble and running late
Tess is angry with Ruth who won’t wait
Andrew goes to find her, she’s with some lady.
“Oh my goodness!  It’s Marcia Brady!”

Next it’s time for some “Amazing Grace”
Then Andrew’s off to slow the pace

He’s on a plane and headed to France
He doesn’t think a cheater deserves another chance
Andrew’s in the elevator enjoying the tune
Ends up meeting with a baby-stealing goon.
Andrew’s a shark while playing pool
But later his cooking doesn’t make the Colonel drool
So he gets behind the wheel of a teen-filled bus.
“You’re gonna help these kids and I don’t want fuss!”

Next he’s assigned to a creepy guy on parole.
The man says he’s sorry but is that truth whole?
Then it’s to a group home where he gets a surprise
An unknown angel lights up before his very eyes!
Later Andrew runs a club for the blues.
There he helps a spoiled man choose.
Last it’s off to a skating rink. 
He helps T.J. so his spirit doesn’t sink.
Now that’s all, the season comes to a close
Our excitement about Season Four grows!


JABB 152