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Uh, hi...  Wow...  Jenni wasn't kidding.  This site is flipping huge!  I tell ya, you always hear about people finding out their friends, spouses, parents, etc. have secret lives but never woulda thought Jenni did!  Although, to be fair this is much nicer than some secret lives.  I mean JABB isn't exactly Jerry Springer material.  Unless two of you can claim that John got you both pregnant at the same time and then ran off with a mafia moll or something like that.  No?  Good.  LOL  Cause I wouldn't have looked at him the same way after that.  And I have seen lots of his films so that would be a shame.  What's my favorite?  Hard to pick...  Hmmm...
He was fantastic in "The Elephant Man".  I mean, really, who can watch that with out crying?!  The part where he finally gets to go to the theatre... makes a person really grateful for what they got.
Ooh and he's also the guy from the "Alien" movie!!  Yeah the one that bursts from his stomach.  Ewww!!  I had nightmares for weeks when my brother made me watch that.

And how awesome is it that he's in a Harry Potter movie!?! 
What?  That's not the right guy?  Huh...  But I thought...  OH!  I feel stupid.  This newsletter is about John *Dye*.  See when Jenni said John Dye my mind just went right to John *Hurt*.  Ya know, that English guy.  I guess I got confused.  Dye (like die)...  Hurt...  Kind of related.  I wondered what all the angel stuff was about...  Thought may be it was some weird reference to Mr. Hurt's appearance in "Hellboy" what with the demons and all.  Anyhow...  may be I better just skip right to the rap-thingy Jenni asked me to send.  It makes a lot more sense now that I know it's not about John Hurt.
Season number five starts in 1998
But where is Andrew's hair?  What’s its fate?
No more long locks, just really short hair
But just last year it was all right there?!
But it’s time to move on, show’s about to start
Andrew’s hair may be gone but he’s still got heart!

Andrew’s a nurse, hears a crazy tale
A fake angel’s speaking to those who ail
Next he’s off to see Darlene on death row
Is there any place the guy won’t go?
Political intrigue, a scandal bizarre
Angel Boy’s hanging out behind the bar.
Time out now for a one hit wonder
We’ll get back to the poem after this blunder:
He makes a whiskey drink
He makes a vodka drink
He makes a lager drink
He makes a cider drink
Now that that’s done, let’s onward go!
Andrew’s in the train yard, Ferdie says he’s aglow
Then he’s out fishing, having a great time!
Next he’s trying to prevent a huge crime
Booth won’t listen, goes to the Ford
Andrew takes Lincoln Home to the Lord
Next it’s to a very special wedding
Then to the Supreme Court he’s heading
Andrew and Co. help Petey finish his list
The episode was sad, our eyes were a mist
One week later Mark dies in Andrew’s arms
Then Christmas comes, Carl sets off Andrew’s alarms
Things were pretty tough for him, don’t y’know?
And then Joey Lawrence showed up: “Whoa!”
Monica pitches a TV show that’s not all about crime
Think her show would give Andrew more screen time?
Then Andrew and the others take to the slopes
Then to a skating rink encouraging Hayley’s hopes.
Then comes a run in with the evil twin Monique
I’m just glad Andrew is twin-less and unique
Next our boy is driving around Phil
Then he helps follow Dewey’s will
Andrew’s next assignment makes us silly
He just looked so cute caring for baby Lily

Andrew goes against a man who thinks he’s God
But David wasn’t his Dad, to think so’s just odd
Next time we see him, Andrew’s IRS
Time for both death and taxes, I guess
One week later Andrew’s called something new
Turns out he’s the little boy’s friend Dew
A town’s got a dark secret hidden away
The angels bring truth out on Civil Rights Day
Then Andrew’s a handyman and befriends Tim
Andrew meets a grieving Dan and counsels him
Finally Andrew helps a girl meet an astronaut
Now let’s wait for Season Six and see what Martha’s got!
(So does everyone one know what song the last four lines of stanza two are from??)  :-)

Newsletter 171


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