The JABB 201 Playlist

Hi all,
Happy birthday, Andrew!!! Yay!!! For those of you new to the group, we celebrate Andrew's Birthday (Observed) on September 20th since TBAA never gave us an actual date. Because this is such a great occasion (and I couldn't decide what to write for it), we have the first-ever 3 option JABB! You can choose from any of the three pages below to celebrate Andrew's birthday or read all three! I hope you enjoy them!

God bless,
JABB Co-founder, etc.

PS- On the 20th, JABB's index page got a temporary face lift for the holiday!  You can see that version here.

JABB 201 Option 1- Object A and Company in the Fields of Gold

This story was inspired by a “math problem” I posted to the JABB YahooGroup. In short, the Dyelanders are planning Andrew's birthday picnic when Lady JenniAnn spies something that troubles them all. If you're still bemoaning the last scene in the TBAA finale, this story just might help ya work through that!

JABB 201 Option 2- Birthday Card for Andrew Guide and Top Ten Worst Gifts

I turned this one over to Lady JenniAnn. Here she provides a guide to obtaining a great birthday card for Andrew. Then she lists (*really*) bad gift ideas and is joined by two fellow Dyelanders in extending birthday wishes to Andrew.

JABB 201 Option 3- Reflections of Andrew's Birthday

And finally, Yvette and myself take a more serious route and reflect on Andrew's birthday.

So I hope something in those three options gets your attention! And have a very happy Andrew's Birthday (Observed)!

JABB 202

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