"I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet,
simple things of life which are the real ones after all."
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder

Dear Andrew,


On this day, your celebrated birthday, I will remember all the times that you touched my life.  It seems strange for me to say, but there were times that I could feel an angel with me, even during the hardest moments in my life.  I use my imagination and see what is there, and know that you inspired some of my most positive emotions and feelings.  It would seem odd when I look out at the real world, but yet at the same time I want to see it in the same loving way you do.  In the same way that God would.


I am blessed by the gifts of inspiration and joy that I have received.  I am blessed in the knowing that all the things I have done are significant, even those things that have never been acknowledged by my peers.  You live in our hearts even though we know that you were born in someone else’s idea of what an angel is.


You remain a symbol and a reminder of the love of God that enhances, enfolds and encompasses each and every one of us.


On this day that we celebrate that inspiration.


Namasté & Love,


Hi all,
I decided that since this was our third celebration of Andrew's birthday, may be it was about time I say why this is a JABB "holiday."  So here goes...

To be honest, I'm not quite sure when it popped into my head.  I first mentioned the idea in JABB 121 and then announced it as a JABB holiday in JABB 122.  I'd chosen September 20th to coincide with when TBAA would generally premiere for those of us lucky enough to get it first-run.  I figured this way late September might still hold some TBAA-themed excitement for us.  The first Andrew's Birthday issue was JABB 146 which recounted a party in Dyeland.  JABB 173, sent while I was on hiatus, also covered Andrew's birthday celebration in Dyeland.  That time the story was recounted in two newspaper articles.  Then this year I wrote yet another Dyeland-set story and then let Lady JenniAnn wreck havoc on another part.  But I don't want to give the impression that I think Andrew's birthday is only important in our lil imaginary world.  Because I firmly believe it's important in real life, too.  Here's why...

Once upon a time in 2004, I had a discussion with a then-friend.  I really don't remember much of the discussion.  It involved Andrew's influence in our lives, that much I know.  At some point this woman uttered the words "He's not always going to be with you."  I guess she meant he won't always be the influence he is now.  He wouldn't be "real" to me.  That one day I wouldn't care.  I'll admit my initial reaction was to nod.  But only minutes or may be seconds later, I realized how truly wrong her words were.  Why the heck should I let someone that good and that gentle and that loving go???  Oh sure, he's not really *real.*  I can't call him up.  I can't even send Andrew a birthday card today.  But he is important.  And his influence IS real.

I pray he remains with me the same way the Skin Horse in The Velveteen Rabbit has.  The Skin Horse taught me not to fear change and growth and love.
I hope he stays with me the way Beauty has.  She taught me that even Beasts can be worth getting to know.
And just as Dorothy made me realize that there's no place like home, Andrew helped me to realize that really there's nothing to fear about going Home when the time comes. 

Fact is, fictional characters have long made an impact on our lives.  Just because Andrew isn't literally real doesn't mean that what he taught us isn't or that what and Who he stood for isn't. 

So I say celebrate his birthday!  Celebrate what Andrew means to you.  Celebrate the friends you made because of him.  Drink a glass of ginger ale and orange juice.  And remember what Andrew and his friends always told us...  God loves you!

God bless,

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