Supposing two objects (we'll call them Objects A and B) are in a field.  What is the likelihood that Object B would be able to exert enough force to stop Object A's trajectory even though Object A has more mass (and such wonderful mass...)?  Supposing Object B got a running head start and Object A has no idea (at first) Object B is headed towards him.  Err, I mean it.  Could Object B exert enough force to topple Object A or at least grab Object A's sleeve and prevent Object A from continuing on his... its trajectory?  Inquiring minds would like to know.  Oh and if it matters Object B is also exerting some energy by screaming "NOOOO!!!  Don't goooooo!!!!"

~ Jenni aka Object B to the JABB YahooGroup while pondering the TBAA finale

Object A and Company in the Fields of Gold

A small cabin near the Fields of Gold was abuzz with activity. Some of the Dyelanders were preparing for Andrew's birthday picnic which was to take place in only three days. Bunny was hopping to and fro, wrapping presents and arranging green centerpieces. Lady JenniAnn was taking inventory of the table cloths and plates and silverware. Jess O'Neill was plotting out a grocery list. Jennifer tried to figure out how many people were expected for the party and how many tables would need to be brought to the Fields of Gold. Lady Beth and Jarrod mulled over emergency plans should their AOD bodyguard duties be needed.

“Andrew's going to love this party!” Bunny announced smiling at those in the cabin.

Jarrod nodded. “I'm sure he will. I think he really appreciates it when people show their appreciation.”

“Definitely, as long as they don't put themselves in danger,” Lady Beth added with a knowing smile.

“I just hope the weather holds up for Wednesday's party. I don't want another stormy party like our last anniver...” Lady JenniAnn had moved to a window facing the Fields to check the current weather. Something she saw outside made all the color drain from her face.

“JenniAnn? Are you okay?” Jess asked moving closer.

JenniAnn could only gesture to the window. The entire group hurried over, peering outside. There, in plain view, were Andrew and Monica. Both appeared to be crying and they were definitely hugging.

“This isn't good. This is really bad,” Lady Beth choked out.

Jarrod turned away first. “Let's not panic. Monica and Andrew are probably only out there hugging because they're friends.”

“Andrew's face looks puffy! He's crying! He's saying good bye. He's leaving us! This is like that horrid, horrible, awful finale! FOR REAL!! He's probly gotten promoted and now can't spend time here with us!” The words streamed out of JenniAnn's mouth in a torrent.

Jess glanced back out the window and then back at her friends. “Are we just going to stand here and let him leave? We always said...”

“No finale!” JenniAnn interrupted, feeling a bit of hope at Jess' words.

“Right. So let's stop this! Let's tackle him!”

Jarrod shook his head. “I'm not sure I can allow that as one of his bodyguards.”

Lady Beth seemed to consider this. “It is for a good cause, though.”

“If we're going to do something we better do it quickly. There's no guarantee they'll be out there very long,” Bunny pointed out.

Lady JenniAnn began pacing. “Okay, we can do this. Bunny, you'll hop across the field to avert Andrew's gaze. I'll start crying. Really, really loudly. And screaming, too. Painfully. Appeal to his compassionate nature. Jess, since you play football with him, you'll go in for the tackle if needed. Jennifer and one of the horses can survey the surrounding area for any sign of trouble. Agreed?” Everyone nodded.

“Sounds good. Jarrod and I will be waiting to act in case Jennifer discovers any negative forces are involved in this separation and action needs to be taken,” Lady Beth added.

Jarrod moved beside her. “Good idea. Everyone ready?”

“Yes. Let's get going before he fades away!” Bunny encouraged, hopping anxiously.

“You lead, we'll follow,” said Lady JenniAnn.

With those words the entire group streamed out of the cabin and headed towards the field.


Meanwhile in the Fields of Gold...

“And I'll never forget that it was you who taught me how to read and write so that I could become the playwright that stands before you, Hermione,” Andrew read from the script he was holding.

Monica brushed at a tear. “I thank the Lord daily to have had a younger brother as wonderful as you, Harry.”

“Oh Hermione, I feel the same about you! I'll write you letters every day once I reach Boston.” Andrew again hugged his friend. Then he sighed and arched his eye brow in thought. “I don't know, Monica... Harry and Hermione? I think your assignment may want to change the names before he takes this play to the stage. Everyone is just going to think of 'Harry Potter.'”

“I suggested the very thing to Samuel but...” Monica's gaze transferred from Andrew to a few feet behind him. “Is that Bunny? My, she looks frazzled!”

Andrew turned around. “I think it is. Yes, that's her. I didn't think anyone was in the Fields to...”

“NOOOOOOO!!!! Don't gooooooooo!!! We love youuuuuuu!!!”

Monica jumped. “Who is that?”

Andrew looked around confusedly until he saw a blur of purple come leaping out from behind some bushes at the edge of the field. Soon after a second blur jumped onto the field. “I think it's Lady JenniAnn and...” He peered at the second approaching figure. “And... I think that second one is Jess.”

“What are they doing, Andrew?” Monica questioned.

“May be it's some sort of game?”

“I'll give up Halloween!!!! Don't leaaaaavvveeee!!!” JenniAnn hollered.

“They're coming toward us, Andrew!” Monica exclaimed.

Andrew frowned. “Is someone leaving Dyeland? And why is Jennifer having that horse gallop around the circumference of the field?”

Monica shrugged and then grabbed onto Andrew's arm, bracing herself as it became obvious Jess and JenniAnn were headed straight toward them. The two angels watched, mouths hanging open, as the two women collided right in front of them and fell onto the ground.

“Ooof,” JenniAnn moaned.

“Ow,” Jess echoed.

“Grab him! Don't let him leave!” Bunny screamed, hopping back towards them.

“Does anyone see any demons or vengeful past assignments around?” Lady Beth asked, running with Jarrod towards them.

“No!” Jennifer yelled and then came galloping towards them and dismounted.

Andrew bent over the two fallen women. “Are you two okay? That looked painful.” He held his hands out to them and helped to pull them up.

Monica nodded. “Aye, you hit pretty hard.”

Jess got back up to her feet, holding her head. “Never mind us! Why are you leaving?” She peered into Andrew's eyes.

“I don't want you to leave!!!” JenniAnn cried once she, too, was standing.

“Whoa. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax. Agreed?” Andrew suggested.

Everyone followed his advice but then the five Dyelanders began speaking all at once.

“Saw you and Monica saying good bye...”

“...hated the finale! Won't let it happen for real!”

“Never, never gonna say good bye. I won't! I won't! I won't!”

“Jarrod and I were worried that may be evil forces were...”

“'Come what may... I will love you.... until my dying day...'” *

“...was only going to tackle you if it were completely necessary.”

“Are you in any danger? Is someone compelling you to leave?”

“Hey, what's that paper you're holding?”

Everyone went silent when Bunny asked about the wad of paper in Andrew's hands.

“Monica's assignment is a playwright and she's the lead in his new play. I was helping her run lines for her big farewell scene,” Andrew explained. “But I don't think I'm the only one who has an explanation to make.” He folded his arms across his chest and eyed each of them.

“Oh boy...” JenniAnn murmured, shuffling her feet and twisting her ring around her finger. “I, uh, think I may have, umm...”

“She saw you and Monica out here. She thought you were saying good bye and we *may* have thought you were leaving Dyeland... for good,” Lady Beth explained, averting her gaze.

Andrew cocked his head. “I see... And what were you doing watching us?”

“Oh! Well that has a perfectly innocent explanation!” Bunny quickly answered. “We were in that cabin. Hanging out.” She pointed to it. “JenniAnn just happened to look out to see what the weather was like and saw you two.”

“Really we had no idea you were here,” Jess added.

Jarrod shook his head emphatically. “Nope, none at all.”

Monica was starting to giggle but then noticed Andrew looked a trifle upset and sobered.

“So you thought I'd just leave with out saying good bye to anyone but Monica?” Andrew asked.

Again the Dyelanders went silent.

“Let's all go back to Willowveil. JenniAnn and Jess could use some ice packs and we all need to have a little chat,” Andrew said at last, his voice wearied.

“I need to be getting back to me assignment. Ah... it was good to see you all,” Monica gave all the Dyelanders an uncertain smile.

“Yes, good to see you, too, Monica,” Jarrod answered and the others nodded.

“Hope you'll come back soon,” JenniAnn spoke.

“Will do. Andrew, thank you again for your help. I'll be on me way now,” Monica patted Andrew's shoulder then disappeared.

Jess spoke for everyone. “We brought other horses so we should go get them and then I guess...”

“I'll meet you at Willowveil. Are you sure you and JenniAnn are okay to ride back?” Andrew asked with concern.

“Uh huh,” JenniAnn responded and Jess nodded in agreement.

Jennifer stepped forward. “If they have trouble we'll help them.”

Andrew nodded his acceptance and then there was awkward silence. After a few moments, the group quietly parted and the six Dyelanders headed back to the castle with Andrew's protective gaze following them as they rode out of the Fields.


The Dyelanders were all plopped down on couches and chairs in the Willowveil TV room awaiting Andrew's arrival.

JenniAnn sighed, holding an ice pack to her head. “This is embarrassing. I'm really sorry, guys. Now Andrew's mad at us because of my crazy imagination. And... I didn't even getta find out if Object B could prevent Object A from moving away from her in a field,” she half-heartedly joked.

“First, I thought we decided Object B was Object J. J for JenniAnn,” Jarrod grinned at her. “But second, I don't think he's mad more...”

“Saddened?” Lady Beth suggested.

Bunny nodded. “Andrew's so polite. We should have known he wouldn't just leave us with out so much as a good bye and some hugs.”

“No, Andrew would not,” a voice sounded from the hall. A couple seconds later Andrew stepped into the room. Everyone shuffled around nervously. Andrew smiled and shook his head, quickly noting their unease. “Relax. I'm not angry. I just can't believe you thought I'd just leave with out telling you.”

“Thing is we thought may be you hadn't realized you had to leave. And you have known Monica longer than us so...” Lady JenniAnn finally glanced at him. “Really, we're sorry, Andrew.”

“We are. And we don't think you're insensitive at all. We really did think may be you just felt you had to leave in a hurry for some reason,” Lady Beth added.

“And JenniAnn wanted to test a physics problem she'd been discussing,” Bunny piped up. JenniAnn gave her the eye but she just laughed. Andrew looked at her with confusion but let it slide.

“I think we need to discuss better ways to deal with these kinds of worries. I don't want JenniAnn and Jess suffering concussions every time I go walking in the Fields,” he smiled good-naturedly at them both. “You both doing okay?”

JenniAnn nodded and Jess answered with a robust yes.

“I like walking there. It's calming. That's the first place in Dyeland I ever set foot.” Andrew paused, feeling nostalgic.

“We met you there!” Bunny enthused.

“Yes, you did. So can anyone think of less... drastic ways to ensure I'm not disappearing from the Fields?” Andrew asked, suddenly reverting to the teacher-mode he'd been in for his last assignment.

Picking up on this, Jarrod raised his hand.

Andrew chuckled. “Jarrod?”

“We could calmly ask you what you're doing and if you're leaving.”

“Definitely. And I would answer you back calmly and truthfully. Anyone else? You don't have to raise your hands.”

JenniAnn lowered her hand. “Fantastic. Else I was about to break into 'To Sir, With Love.'”

“And we are all grateful you did not,” Jess teased.

“Haha, Jess. What I was gonna say was we go get Tess and have her make you stay until we figured out what was going on,” JenniAnn offered.

Andrew smiled but shook his head. “You know, I don't do everything Tess says to. She's not the boss of...”

“Sit down, Angel Boy!” Tess demanded, appearing in the room.

Everyone openly laughed as Andrew scrambled into a chair.

Jennifer shook her head and smirked. “That timing was great.”

“Tess, so good to see you. What can I do for you?” Andrew asked, his tone especially sweet which only made the Dyelanders laugh more.

“I heard you made Monica cry in the Fields. What did you do?” Tess questioned, her tone stern.

Lady Beth shook her head. “Here we go again...”

Andrew quickly explained about the play read-through and the Dyelanders spotting them from the cabin and the ensuing commotion. “But who told you this, Tess?” he asked after he'd finished.

“I'm sorry baby, I should have checked with you before getting angry. It's just Gloria told me she saw you and Monica talking. And that Monica was crying. Then she saw you babies,” Tess gestured to the Dyelanders, “running around as if very bothered. Then Monica disappeared and everyone hastily left.”

“Gloria was in the Fields?” Jarrod asked, he knew he hadn't seen her. And he and Lady Beth and Jennifer had been keeping close watch.

Tess stepped into the hall and called for Gloria who was waiting there. The youngest angel stepped into the TV room, looking guilty.

“I was... well, you see... I'd decided to test the pH levels of the water in the pond near the Fields of Gold. Just for curiosity's sake and because, well, high levels could harm the fish or anyone who took a sip and...” Gloria took a deep breath to calm herself before continuing. “I saw what happened and... I suppose my imagination got the better of me. I'm sorry I tattled to Tess with out knowing the whole story.”

“It's okay. That seems to be the theme of the day. Jumping to conclusions.” Andrew winked at the Dyelanders who giggled and chuckled. “So is everyone clear now about what exactly did and did not happen in the Fields today?” Everyone nodded solemnly. A look of puzzlement then crossed Andrew's face. “Y'know, come to think of it I'm a little confused myself. What were the six of you doing there? Other than 'hanging out,'” he smiled at Bunny who kept mum.

The Dyelanders all exchanged sly smiles. Jennifer shook her head. “You will just have to wait and see on that, Andrew.”

Andrew continued to look baffled.

“Ooh this sounds intriguing. Surely you'll let ol' Tess into your secret won't you, babies?” Tess asked with an endearing smile.

JenniAnn bit her lip and tilted her head. She looked to each of her friends and they nodded. “Sure!”

“All right, what's going on?” Andrew demanded.

Lady Beth gave him a mischievous smile. “It's a surprise. So if you'll excuse us...” She then led the group out of Willowveil and they headed back to the Fields.

Andrew looked heavenward. “Sometimes I really wonder if You didn't just send me here for Your own amusement, Father.” He shook his head with a smile and then disappeared.


Three days later- September 20th

“Come on, Angel Boy! Honestly, it's like walking with a snail!” Tess called, looking over her shoulder to Andrew who was several paces behind her.

Andrew frowned. “I don't know, Tess... I'm a little concerned about going to the Fields with you. What if some Dyelanders see us? I don't think I want to be tackled. Unless a football is involved.”

Tess rolled her eyes, waited for Andrew to catch up, and then practically dragged him through the grove of trees and onto the Fields of Gold.

As soon as they'd cleared the last of the trees, a great shout rose up.

“Happy birthday, Andrew!” a chorus of voices cried.

Andrew's face lit up as he surveyed the group gathered in the Fields. Almost all of the Dyelanders were there and several of his angel friends. Green balloons were tied to tables piled with all sorts of wonderful food. Andrew hurried to his party guests.

“This... wow... this is great. Thank you all so much!” Andrew began to hug the guests: angels, humans, and others.

Lady Beth spoke first. “We just wanted to let you know how much we care about you and how glad we are you're here.”

Jess nodded. “And we figured the Fields were the best place to celebrate.”

“Cause fields are good for more than just saying good bye!” Lady JenniAnn blurted out, causing bemused smiles all around and a few head shakes.

“Of course they're good for a lot more than that. They're great for football,” Adam responded and tossed a football into the air. Andrew caught it and then he, Adam, Jess, Miss Miriam, and several others ran onto the field.

After they finished their game, everyone gathered around Andrew and sang “Happy Birthday.” Andrew opened his gifts after the song ended, praising each one regardless of the sometimes bizarre nature of the gift. Then the crowd dug into the many delicious treats, sat together, and caught up on each other's lives. In between bites of Bunny's superb carrot cake, Lady JenniAnn withdrew a small notepad from her pocket.

“What are you doing, JenniAnn?” Jarrod asked in a whisper.

JenniAnn continued jotting something down then slid the pad to him.

He read “Ways to keep Andrew from leaving” scrawled across the top. Below it was a list. “#1- Try to physically prevent him from leaving by tackling him or grabbing his sleeve whilst crying profusely (believe me, tears will come natural.) #2- Have Tess stop him. #3- Throw him a birthday party.” Jarrod smiled at her. “And what if he tries to leave on any day but September 20th?”

JenniAnn took the notepad back and wrote something then handed it back.

“#4,” Jarrod read, “throw him an unbirthday party.” He shook his head and chuckled. “You are determined.”

JenniAnn laughed. “That word's definitely preferable to clingy.” She grew quiet and attentive then as Monica began to hit her cappuccino mug with a spoon while Andrew stood up.

“Thanks,” Andrew told Monica and then turned to face his assembled friends. “I, uh, just wanted to thank everyone who planned this party. And everyone who came.” He was clearly humbled and even a little embarrassed by all the attention. However, it was obvious the angel was moved by it and felt the need to voice his gratitude. “This is a truly beautiful spot and I'm thankful for this wonderful weather. I'm also very grateful no one bruised their heads this time around,” he grinned at JenniAnn and Jess who both tried to hide their blushes. “But mostly I'm grateful that we could all spend this time together. I love my birthday presents but I think that's my favorite part of this day. And I hope we have many more joyful occasions to celebrate together. So thank you, all of you, for being a part of this one.” Andrew sat down amidst cheers and then everyone grew silent as a dove flew above them.

The End

* Lyrics from the song “Come What May” featured in the movie “Moulin Rouge.” Last month during a chat between Jarrod, Andrew, and Lady JenniAnn the latter felt it necessary to textually serenade Andrew with the song. ;-) So it's just my lil shout-out to Jarrod and "Andrew."

Special thanks to Jess, Liz, Jennifer, Karen, and Jarrod for allowing me to write for their Dyeland characters. 


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(Photo Credits: The background photograph was taken by Jenni.  It was taken during a return trip from Kansas to Nebraska while in a moving car.  Hence the blurry effect.  Thought it was kinda cool.)