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“A question that sometimes drives me hazy:
am I or are the others crazy?”
~ Albert Einstein

Hi all,

This newsletter is pretty much a hodge-podge of different things thrown together.  A rather rushed affair since I've just learned I have a job!  I'm hoping dependable income means some exciting changes are in store for JABB!  But meanwhile I hope you enjoy the following questions and answers.  Also, just a quick note that I will be out of town on the 7th and 8th so should you email, I will not be responding until late on the 8th or possibly not even until the evening of the 9th.  But I will get back to you ASAP.

God bless,

Q & A with Andrew

From Anonymous in Hawaii:
Andrew, if you were given the opportunity to change the outcome of an assignment, would you do so?~

Dear Anonymous,
I will admit there have been many times I have prayed that God would allow me to intervene in assignments.  Sometimes the Father grants my prayer, sometimes He doesn't.  God gave humans (and angels, too) the gift of free will and as an angel I need to respect that gift.  Sometimes doing that is the very hardest part of my job.  But I would say that no, I wouldn't change the outcome.  Only God knows what the outcome of various actions will be and my intervening could possibly make things even worse.  Thanks for the thought-provoking question!

From Curious and Confuzzled in Santa Fe:
Hi Andrew.  Do you think you relate to your fellow angels differently as an angel of death than you did as a caseworker?  Also how old are you?

Dear Curious,
Snuck a couple questions in, I see.  0;-)  I'll try my best to answer.  I think as a caseworker I was sometimes reluctant to see an angel of death show up during my assignment.  It wasn't a personal dislike of the angel himself or herself.  I just didn't want to think my assignment was at risk of dying should I fail.  Now, as an AOD, I see that very look, akin to dread, on fellow angels' faces when I show up.  I'll admit, it does kind of sting.  So being an AOD has given me a much greater appreciation for what the AODs I worked alongside while a caseworker experienced.  And having been a caseworker myself, I try to put that look I sometimes get into perspective.  I hope that makes sense.

As for my age, I'm still not going to tell.  Sorry.  0;-)    

Dear Annie Dru

Dear Annie Dru
There is someone I have a crush on but I don't know how to tell him.  I have said some things that have included things I like about him, what he wears etc. and it's to the point that I think someone may tell him before I have a chance.  What should I do?
Crushed in Ontario

Dear Crushed,
Well, it seems like you need to have a chat with your friends.  Tell them you'd appreciate their not telling your business to other people.  Even if that business should involve the person they're speaking to.  In the meantime, have some courage and tell this guy.  He may not be able to reciprocate for many reasons.  Perhaps he lives in, say, San Francisco.  Long distance relationships are difficult.  Or may be he's just not able to form romantic attachments.  Or may be he's gone into hiding because Halloween is fast approaching.  Regardless, I bet he'd like to know someone truly cares for him! 
Best wishes,
Annie Dru 

Dear Annie Dru,
Okay, so I totally like this guy.  But I know he doesn't feel the same about me.  Which is okay.  Cause I knew that going into this non-relationship.  But here's my problem: I love Halloween.  I love lil neon spider décor and ceramic witches in bright colors and smiling pumpkins and goofy ghosts. I look forward to lil angels and vampires and princesses and superheroes coming to my door for candy (except the bratty ones).  And I adore dressing up.  A lot.  So how do I celebrate this holiday with out alienating this guy who hates it?  Cause I totally would never want to hurt his feelings but yet not celebrating Halloween seems like a betrayal of self.
God bless,
Conflicted Halloween Fan

Dear Conflicted,
I think you need to sit down with Andrew (surely you understand I'm not completely clueless and know of whom you speak, missy) and explain your situation.  I'm sure he'll understand that Halloween means a lot to you.  It also seems to me you have no intention of embracing the grim reaper imagery of the season.  Andrew seems to be okay with spiders and pumpkins, et al and so he should be fine with your decision to celebrate Halloween.  Respect his right to disregard Halloween and I know he'll respect yours to celebrate it. 
Happy haunting,
Annie Dru

Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer

Q: Can Andrew perform miracles?~
A: Sure! He can transubstantiate ginger ale into cappuccino, walk on Kool Aid (has to be the name brand), and eat 8 Saltine crackers in a minute!  And then there's my personal favorite: Andrew can chop a lady from the TBAA viewing audience in half, do the Macarena, and then put her back together!!!

Q: Did Andrew ever marry Colleen?
A: Huh?!?!  OH!  You mean Dr. Andrew Cook from the TV show “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” who was in love with Dr. Quinn's adopted daughter Colleen.  Different fandom but I shall answer anyway.  No, sadly, Dr. Cook was sucked into a time machine and then accidentally shot by his best friend during the TBAA episode “Unidentified Female.”  While using the alias Alex Jackson.  The angel Andrew was not present.  Unless he was invisible.  Which may be he was.  Little known fact: Andrew is actually in every episode of NBC's “The Office.”  He's just invisible.  And no one ever acknowledges his presence.  Except Jenni.

If you would like to participate in future installments of these Q&A features, you can find Ask Andrew's and Annie Dru's email addresses here.  If ya have a stupid question, send it to Jenni or to the email address this was sent from.

 These questions supplied by Liz.  Thanks, Liz!

  Haha.  Couldn't resist bringing in another Andrew I used to think was pretty cute.  But not near as cute as our Angel Boy!  Actually, Dr. Cook and Colleen did marry.  He was played by Brandon Douglas who also played the gunshot victim, Alex, in “Unidentified Female.”  And, yes, the angel Andrew is in “The Office” (he's the never-seen documentary director!).  Andrew's also in “Law and Order: SVU” (Detective Elliot Stabler's priest whom you never see) and “ER” (stays on the roof and watches for more of those dratted, deadly helicopters) and “Dateline” (he smashes up online predators' puter monitors after Chris Hansen busts them) and...  No, I'm not deluded at all!

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