"When you do your best for love it feels like Christmas.
It is the season of the heart, a special time of caring,
The ways of love made clear. It is the season of the spirit.
The message if we hear it, is make it last all year."
~~from The Muppet Christmas Carol

Hi all!  I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season!  Before I get into the newsletter, I wanted to give you all a heads up on the next newsletter(s).  Another one will be coming to you on December 21st.  However, I don't know if it'll be the full newsletter or just a little teaser.  Blessedly, I have the entire week of Christmas off and so may spend it writing/proofing the Christmas story and then send that out on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day as opposed to the 21st.  We'll see!  Until then, have a great week ahead!

God bless,

In JABB 180, I introduced "JABB: The Drinking Game" and then updated it in JABB 207.  Both newsletters were several years ago so... I felt like the game was due for some updating!  I've removed items that are no longer very current but left others.  In addition, I've added things that are more likely to occur in JABB newsletters these days.  So enjoy!  But first:

My Public Service Announcement

Do NOT play this with an alcoholic beverage.  Well, I spose you could if you're a slow reader, of age, and only intend to look at a couple newsletters/stories.  Otherwise, I highly recommend cocoa.  Although, I spose, even with that you'd have to pace yourself.  Ditto for my beloved tea and coffee.  Water... water would be good.  Just too bad that water doesn't have caffeine.  ;-)  Whatever your chosen beverage, I hope you enjoy it responsibly!  Kim (who I asked to look over these cause, frankly, I'm a bit frazzled) warns that it may be best to not play the drinking game with this issue.  Wise words! 

So here we go!

  Take one sip if:

~ An angel other than Andrew is mentioned in a newsletter.
~ Hair of any variety is discussed/mentioned.
~ A newsletter just plain gets sappy.
~ Some holiday (real or made-up) is being celebrated.
~ A Dyelander says something swoony about Andrew.
~ God is mentioned.
~ A specific TBAA episode is mentioned or alluded to.
~ The newsletter is composed of any sort of list (top ten, You Know You're a BLANK If..., this newsletter).
~ There's a dedication to John at the bottom of the newsletter.
~ You found the page's easter egg!
~ The newsletter or story contains the phrase "God bless." 
  Take two sips if:

~ Dyeland serves as setting for a story.
~ A random character from some other TV show, movie, or book that in no way involves John Dye is included.
~ Someone calls someone else by a nickname or term of endearment (ex: "Angel Girl," "Sweet Boy," "My own")
~ Two or more characters have a touchy-feely, sappy moment.
~ The AOD Band gets a mention.
~ The newsletter/story has scenes set in Dyeland but NOT in Willowveil Castle.
~ Adam comes off as the voice of reason. 
~ The author (Hi!) gives an excuse for the quality of the newsletter (i.e. sick, busy, puter issues)
~ Flannel is mentioned.

~ A character cries.  (If multiple characters are crying in the same scene, take one sip per crying character.)
~ Any of the following are mentioned: any variation of Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Jesus Christ Superstar.
~ A story has a flashback or flashforward.
~ Any character who resides in a Sibling City shows up.
    Take three sips if:

~ Andrew is narrating or authoring the newsletter.

~ JenniAnn twists her ring around her finger or Andrew drags his hand through his hair.
~ A non-Andrew John Dye character is mentioned.
~ Someone brings up Andrew’s pocket watch or it's "shown."
~ A turkey is mentioned.
~ Andrew actually refers to Touched by an Angel or any of its cast members.
~ Someone mistakenly thinks Andrew is in danger or is leaving and panics.
~ The author passive aggressively takes a swipe at Tess, Monica, or Rafael.
~ Anyone from the Bible makes an appearance.  Eat some Froot Loops if it's Joshua.
~ Violeta is hyper.
~ A pet makes an appearance.
~ Adam provides any sort of meat-like substance.
~ Someone is confused by a character's relationship with another character and/or completely misconstrues it. 
~ A character is enjoying any of the following: red velvet cake, coffee, chai, orange juice and/or ginger ale.
~ Any portion of Ruth 1 is recited.
    Take four sips if:

~ Any character's parental unit(s) excepting Father/Jacob make an appearance.
~ Andrew watches or reads something in the company of Dyeland characters.
~ A demon shows up.
~ The newsletter/story looks to be over 8 pages long.
~ Characters are playing football or Andrewopoly.
~ The green shirt or white shirt pictures are brought up.
~ Anyone mentions or alludes to the "three week promise."
~ The newsletter or story is, at least in part, about an actual social issue.

!!!!!  You have clearly disregarded my sage advice at the start if any of the following are happening:

~ Joshua is trying to mount a stage version of The Life of Brian.
~ Violeta is voicing her utter dislike for one Hugh Jackman.
~ Andrew and JenniAnn split up and the latter really does sue the former for reckless abandonment of a human.
~ Belle is sporting a lovely yellow dress and waltzing with a hairy dude.  (Actually, you may have just started watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast in that case... And, ha, now you get to take two sips!)
~ Adam has opened up a butcher's shop which serves up actual meat...
~ The gang decides to leave Dyeland and move to Poughkeepsie because they like how it sounds. 

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for starting me off on my continued descent into caffeine addiction.  ;-)  That sounds bad... but oh so yummy.

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