Jenni’s JABB 180 Playlist
“Here's a health to the company and one to [our lad]
Let us drink and be merry all out of one glass
Let us drink and be merry, all grief to refrain
For we may and might never all meet here again.”
~Traditional, with an alteration from Jenni since Andrew is a lad and not a lass :-)
Welcome to yet another JABB issue. I’m gonna keep this intro short cause I’m pretty busy as I’m sure many of you are. But first I’d like to say a few words about the next issue which should be out right before Christmas. I’m going to try and do another story with parodies of popular and even not-so-popular holiday movies/stories. Like Newsletters 82 and 104. So if you’d like your name dropped into the story please let me know. Even if you have before. Cause I’m redoing all my JABB files right now and can’t guarantee I’ll be able find that list. May be even suggest a scene from something I might parody. Whether I can use it or not depends on how familiar I am with the material. Anyhow, please respond before Dec. 17th if you intend to. Thanks!
God bless,
Some of you lucky people may be living in areas of the world where you don’t have to worry about snow, ice, and subzero temperatures. Then there’s the rest of us including myself who have to wear multiple sweaters, drink hot cocoa by the case, and slip and slide into our homes and workplace. For you I present…
You might be an Androoler dealing with the cold, wet, winter if…
~ You watch one of the TBAA Christmas episodes and find yourself lusting more over Andrew’s coat than Andrew.

Mmm...  coat and gloves...
~ During Andrew’s revelation scenes you don’t want to hug him just cause he’s Andrew and adorable but because you suspect that light radiating from him may be warm and toasty.

~ You made yourself an Andrew Snowman but then stole its scarf, mittens, hat, and other accessories cause you were cold. Now he’s naked. (How very naughty of you! Santa won’t be at your house!)

~ You tried to make yourself an orange juice and ginger ale but the OJ froze before you had time to add the ginger ale.

~ You’ve now gotten an addiction to rival Monica’s because you’ve been drinking so much coffee just to keep warm.

~ You’re considering a move to San Francisco. This has nothing to do with John Dye living there. You just want to get away from the snow and ice!

~ You knitted a scarf and wrapped it around your TV cause you didn’t want Andrew to get cold.

~ During your hot tea/chocolate/coffee binges, you always prepare an extra cup. Ya know, just in case Andrew stops by.

~ You slipped and fell on the ice and were temporarily rendered insane. You drove to the mall, went to visit Santa, and demanded to know where his son-in-law Bill Morgan was. When he didn’t know what you were talking about you screamed “Oh you’ll tell me, old man… or else!” You are now forbidden to come with in 50 feet of the mall or white-haired, bearded, old men.
And finally…
~ It’s so cold you don’t leave your house so actually get some work done on JABB’s all-new Photo Gallery. If you notice a picture or link that doesn’t work please let me know!

Now for something completely different…
JABB: The Drinking Game
I’ve been toying with this idea ever since Jennie, list owner of (the list with out which JABB would not be here), showed me the Touched by an Angel Drinking Game she and several others compiled. I think after over 7 years JABB deserves one all its own. But first my obligatory public service announcement:
The following game is not meant to encourage the imbibing of alcohol. If you did drink alcohol as you played this game, you would probly get alcohol poisoning. That would make us at JABB very sad and, potentially, Andrew and his fellow AODs very busy. And we feel it’s more appropriate to play this with ginger ale or decaf mocha lattes anyway. Or, if you’re one of those people I wrote that “You might be…” list about, your favorite hot beverage. 0:-)
Okay here goes…
Take one sip any time:

~ An angel other than Andrew is mentioned in a newsletter.

~ It’s a holiday issue!

~ Hair of any variety is discussed.

~ A newsletter just plain gets sappy.
Take two sips when:

~ Dyeland serves as setting for a story.

~ A talking Chihuahua makes an appearance.

~ A non-Andrew John Dye character is mentioned.

~ Drool buckets are mentioned.

~ Anyone other than a co-president writes JABB.

~ A random character from some other TV show, movie, or book that in no way involves John Dye shows up.
Take three sips if:

~ Andrew is narrating or authoring the newsletter.

It’s pretty obvious the newsletter was in anyway inspired by the author’s schoolwork.

Andrew himself alludes to a John Dye character other than himself.

Jarrod makes an appearance.

Andrew’s murder trial or lack thereof is mentioned in any way.

An author gives a lame excuse for the quality of the newsletter. (Sick, busy with school, insane).

Audrey pokes fun at Jenni’s mental status.

Someone brings up Andrew’s pocket watch.
Take four sips whenever:

Jenni gets a new co-president.

Manion makes an appearance.

Andrew is running for president.

A co-presidents’ parental unit(s) make an appearance.
You have clearly disregarded my PSA and are utterly wasted if:

Lady JenniAnn and Andrew elope.

Anyone professes that Eric Manion is the love of their life.

Andrew becomes a shock-rocker a la Marilyn Manson.

Andrew really goes on a murder spree but is not put on trial.

Andrew is put on trial and, sadly, gets the death penalty.

Andrew is currently in the room with you…
Okay, well that’s a start anyway! If you’d like to add something else please contact Jenni. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Newsletter 181

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