Jenni's JABB 207 Playlist

“Laughter is the sun that
drives winter from the human face.”
 ~ Victor Hugo

Hello and welcome to JABB 207!  I hope this finds you well, looking forward to the holidays, and staying warm!  Who knows, may be you're even chilling out with some egg nog and the just-released "Once/Twice Upon a Christmas " DVDs.  (Special thanks to Liz for informing the JABB Yahoogroup of their release!)   Regardless of what you're doing, I hope you truly feel the blessings of the season!

Before I move onto the actual body of the newsletter, I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be largely offline all of next week until sometime on the 16th.  Therefore, if you email me please be aware that I may not respond until then.  But I'll look forward to answering any of your emails upon my return!

I hope you enjoy this fun and festive newsletter!

God bless,

Okay, back in JABB 180, I introduced "JABB: The Drinking Game."  You may want to revisit that page and learn about the origins of the JABB Drinking Game.  What I've done this time around is expand upon the existing drinking game.  Items that were part of the game last year are in red.  New items are in green.  And here is how you play...

You can start at JABB 1 or just pick a random newsletter and start there.  As you read, keep an eye out for the following things on the list.  As you come across them, take as many sips of your drink as indicated.  Or, if you'd rather, play with candy or some other treat.  Turn the sips into bites!

Now, again, for my Public Service Announcement:  No one at JABB thinks it would be a good idea to play this with an alcoholic beverage.  If you did you would be pretty fall-down drunk after reading about 5 newsletters.  And that wouldn't be good.  So you might consider taking after our beloved Andrew and playing with ginger ale, sarsaparilla, orange juice, or even ginger ale and orange juice together!  If the latter, you can imagine Adam calling you a "wild woman" and giggle over that.  If you feel particularly daring, you can be like Monica and play with a mocha latte.  Just don't blame us if you're flying high on caffeine about twenty minutes in. 

And here we go...

Take one sip if:

~ An angel other than Andrew is mentioned in a newsletter.

~ It’s a holiday issue!

~ Hair of any variety is discussed.

~ A newsletter just plain gets sappy.

~ Some holiday (real or made-up) is being celebrated.

~ John Dye's not even mentioned in the text of the newsletter...

~ A Dyelander says something swoony about Andrew.

~ God is mentioned.

~ A specific TBAA episode is mentioned or alluded to.
Take two sips if:

~ Dyeland serves as setting for a story.

~ A talking Chihuahua makes an appearance.

~ A non-Andrew John Dye character is mentioned.

~ Drool buckets are mentioned.

~ Anyone other than a co-president writes JABB.

~ A random character from some other TV show, movie, or book that in no way involves John Dye shows up.

~ Lady JenniAnn twists her ring around her finger.

~ Someone calls someone else by a goofy nickname (ex: "my Skin Horse," "dear, old brick," or "Luscious.")

~ Two or more characters have a touchy-feely, sappy moment.

~ The AOD Band gets a mention.

~ Lady Beth, Countess Jennifer, Jess O'Neill, Princess Yva, Duchess Bunny, Nigel, or any other Dyeland characters spun off the JABB Yahoogroup make an appearance.  (With or with out the use of their titles.)

~ The newsletter is set in Dyeland but NOT in Willowveil Castle.

~ Any time Adam comes off as the voice of reason. 
Take three sips if:

~ Andrew is narrating or authoring the newsletter.

~ It’s pretty obvious the newsletter was in anyway inspired by the author’s schoolwork.

~ Andrew himself alludes to a John Dye character other than himself.

~ Jarrod makes an appearance.

~ Andrew’s murder trial or lack thereof is mentioned in any way.

~ An author gives a lame excuse for the quality of the newsletter. (Sick, busy with school, insane).

~ Audrey pokes fun at Jenni’s mental status.

~ Someone brings up Andrew’s pocket watch.

~ Jenni plugs CafePress merchandise.

~ A demon appears.

~ Someone mentions RENT or a character from RENT.

~ A turkey is mentioned.

~ The newsletter you are reading actual has multiple options to it.

~ Andrew actually refers to "Touched by an Angel" or any of its cast members.

~ A character cries.  (If multiple characters are crying in the same scene, take one sip per crying character.)

~ Someone mistakenly thinks Andrew is in danger or is leaving and panics.
Take four sips if:

~ Jenni gets a new co-president.

~ Manion makes an appearance.

~ Andrew is running for president.

~ A co-presidents’ parental unit(s) make an appearance.

~ Andrew watches or reads something in the company of Dyeland characters.

~ A demon shows up.

~ The newsletter looks to be over 8 pages long.

~ Henry actually speaks.

~ Characters are playing football.

~ The green shirt or white shirt pictures are brought up. *

~ Andrew and John are in the same room at the same time. *

You have clearly disregarded my renewed PSA and are utterly wasted/caffeine high if the following is happening in a newsletter you're "reading":

~ Lady JenniAnn and Andrew elope.

~ Anyone professes that Eric Manion is the love of their life.

~ Andrew becomes a shock-rocker a la Marilyn Manson.

~ Andrew really goes on a murder spree but is not put on trial.

~ Andrew is put on trial and, sadly, gets the death penalty.

~ Andrew is currently in the room with you…

~ Adam is hawking turkey meat.

~ Andrew is romancing Annie Dru.

~ Bill Morgan divorces Kristin Claus and marries the Easter Bunny.

~ John decides to go on a 'ridealong' with Andrew. *

* Special thanks to Liz for supplying these items!

JABB 208

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