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"The next best thing to being wise oneself
is to live in a circle of those who are."
~~ C.S. Lewis' Selected Literary Essays

Hi all,

Welcome to another JABB!  Unfortunately, I didn't really have time to write anything as I closed on my house this week.  So I hope you enjoy these letters to and from the Angel of Angels that Karen and I wrote some time
ago.  Also, I will be out of town starting this morning through sometime Monday the 11th.  During that time, my chances to check email will be limited or even non-existent.  If you do email me, I will make every attempt to get back with you as soon as I return but please be patient.  Thanks!

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God bless

Advice from the Angel of Angels

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Dear Angel of Angels,
I'm a bit worried about my current assignment as I think she has a bit of a crush on me. As an angel,
particularly an Angel of Death, I can't help noting how inappropriate this is but I can't seem to find a way to stop her without really hurting her feelings. It started with something as simple as linking her arm through mine when we were walking and then she started hugging me when she met me. Yesterday, I almost had to fend her off with a baseball bat! And she keeps giving me cookies too! I wouldn't mind but she really can't cook and I'm starting to put weight on! My favourite jeans are very snug right now. I'm supposed to be her colleague at the book-shop where she works and unfortunately the time isn't right for a revelation yet. Surprisingly, the other angels I'm working with think it's funny, but I'm desperate! Please help!

I'm Not the One*
Dear Not the One,

I'm sensing a theme running through many of the letters I'm receiving.  And I've got to wonder...  What the heck are you angels of death up to?  We've got people asking to switch AODs and people thinking they're dating you!  I cringe when I pull out my newspaper every morning thinking one of these days I'm going to find one of you listed in the Wedding Banns!  But rant over. 

I think it's time you sit down with this woman and explain that, while you're very honored to be her friend and think very highly of her, you cannot be her boyfriend.  The longer you allow this to go on, the more attached she will get.  Not only that but eventually you will have to do a revelation.  When she learns your identity, it will be a lot easier for her to get over the fact that she hugged and overfed an angel than if she kissed one.  So explain things before it gets that far.  And take a hint from your friends, have a bit of a sense of humor about it.

Be at peace,
The Angel of Angels


Dear Angel of Angels,
I've recently been reassigned to a new supervisor.  He's really an extraordinary angel and I thoroughly enjoy hearing about his past experiences.  When we're in Heaven, he's a blast to be around.  Dancing, singing, just very joyful.  However, I've often noticed while we're on Earth he has this wistful, distant look to him on occasion.  It pulls at my heart just to see it.  I know something must be bugging him but I'm not sure if, this early in our relationship, it would be right to ask him about it.  Just the same, if he wants to talk it over and is just waiting to be asked, I don't want to deny him that.

With concern,
New Friend, Old Problems
Dear New Friend,
First, let me say it really warms my heart to know you two have hit it off so well.  It's not often a transition to a new supervisor goes this smoothly!  I'm very touched with your concern also.  Please, next time you see your supervisor with that look, simply ask "Is something wrong?"  That will give him the introduction he may need but also the chance to defer if he's not ready to talk.  Quite possibly he's just a little world-weary and wishes he were back Home.  It happens to the best of us.  If he does admit to a problem and it's beyond anything you know how to deal with, please feel free to visit me in my office for guidance on how to proceed.

Be at peace,
The Angel of Angels

Dear Angels of Angels,
I don't know if I should tell you this but had you heard that one of our AODs has a fan club built around him?  I mean it's pretty extensive.  These people have a big ol' web site and they even all congregate in this fairy tale-like world they've dubbed Dyeland (apparently after the fellow that portrayed this particular AOD).  I think...  I think they even have T-shirts and coffee mugs with his name emblazoned on them!  And it gets worse!  They've started ogling yet another AOD.  They even sometimes call this one... Luscious.  Luscious!!!  Are they pin-ups or heavenly messengers of God?!?  The worst part yet is that these AODs are hanging around this Dyeland!  They're encouraging this outrageous and unseemly behavior!  What should be done about this???

AODs These Days...

Dear AODs These Days,

I know you're speaking of Andrew and Adam.  However, I cannot share in your outrage and excessive concern.  So these girls write some top tens?  So they compose silly, little poems?  Have you ever been an angel of death?  Well, I have been.  If I'd run into some humans who loved me and appreciated me for who I am and didn't give me some terrified, repulsed look... I'd count my blessings, give my best smile, and read Wordsworth until they were sick of Wordsworth.  The Dyelanders have good heads on their shoulders.  They don't think they're dating either Andrew or Adam.  They may feel very fondly towards them but they're not deluded.  So relax, let them be, and enjoy some chai in your very own "I Heart Andrew" mug cause neither JABB nor Dyeland are going away any time soon!

Be at peace,
The Angel of Angels

*Letter submitted by Donna.  Thanks!

JABB 222

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