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"I'm in a hurry to get things done
Oh I rush and rush until life's no fun
All I really gotta do is live and die
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why."
~ lyrics from Alabama's "I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)"

Hi all,

I'm headed outta town yet again.  Hopefully the last time for a while!  Once again I ask for the patience of anyone who emails me in the coming days.  It's almost guaranteed that I won't be able to access email at all until late on Monday the 25th. 

I hope you enjoy this rather thrown together newsletter.  After this month ends I'll try to pull my Androoling self together a bit more!  Have a good weekend!

God bless,

First, we come to another installment of "Ask a JABBer," formerly known as "Ask a JABB Co-President."  In previous installments I answered questions sent in from JABBers and people who happened upon our web site.  However, I currently have no such questions and since I'm running short on time, I figured I'd just interview myself.  ;-)  Here goes...

Question: Jenni, you clearly enjoy JABB else I'm sure you wouldn't still be writing it.  But what's one thing you don't like about it?

Answer: Thank you, Jenni, for such an interesting question.  ;-)  The fact that JABB can only ever really be text-based is probly your answer.  What I mean is since John doesn't seem to have any current projects, JABB has in some ways become very Dyeland-dependent.  Simply for lack of anything new to talk about in regards to JD and his career. This has been good in that it's allowed me and others (particularly YG members), to really develop characters and relationships between those characters.  But if you're on the YG, you know that the most active characters besides our alter egos are characters from the TV shows "Touched by an Angel" (natch) and currently "Beauty and the Beast."  So I sometimes get disappointed that I have to take these characters who I grew to love as visual and audio entities and now must limit them to keystrokes.  Symbolism and body language become largely lost.  Like right now on the YG we're preparing for Vincent and Catherine's wedding.  It'd be awesome to actually see scenes from the reception/dancing segment.  A lot of information about the various characters could come out in showing who dances with whom and to what song and who sits out when.  So I guess, in short, I find myself wishing Dyeland were a TV show.  ;-) 

Question: So I have another question.  Since John still doesn't have any current projects, do you still remain as optimistic as you were in JABB 161?

Answer: Yes and no.  I no longer see John's acting career, either flourishing or non-existent, as having the most bearing on whether JABB (speaking strictly of the newsletter here) continues.  I think it has a lot more to do with my time constraints and how much enthusiasm there is from members.  I did set a sort of tentative date of February 2009 as a date I could end the newsletter with out feeling like I'd cut it short too soon.  I chose that date mostly cause it'd allow us to celebrate two more Christmases and two more Dye Days as well as reach our 10th birthday in July 2008.  Now whether I actually stick with that, only time will tell.  However, I feel fairly confident saying the JABB newsletter will NOT end any time before February 2009.

And I figure that's enough of me talking to me!  But if you have a question or a few (!) yourself, please do send it along or check out this lovely list of things you can do to contribute to JABB.  Else ya'll might be seeing a lot more of me talking to me til I get moved!

Top Ten Signs You've Found an Androoler's House

10.  Door stops, cups, and planters are all shaped like buckets.

9.  Photos of Andrew are hung as prominently as those of her family members and friends.

8.  Their doorbell plays either "I Will Walk with You" or "Don't Fear the Reaper."

7.  Cases of ginger ale are in the pantry and fridge... even if the home owner doesn't like it.

6.  A "No grim reapers allowed" sign is posted right next to the "No solicitation" or "Beware of dog" sign.

5.  One of the kitchen chairs has "This seat reserved for Andrew the angel" engraved on it.

4.  When you inquire about what colors she is painting or has painted her walls, she gives answers like "the Green Shirt Green" or "Leather Jacket Black" or "Prayer on the Stairs Shirt Tan."

3.  A box of Kleenex is kept on the staircase.  Ya know, in case Andrew needs to cry.

2.  A large spotlight in the backyard shines a light shaped like a dove into the night sky.  The owner explains that if Commissioner Gordon can call Batman with the Bat Signal, she can call Andrew with her Dove Signal.

1.  Finally, if you talk to her neighbors and they ask you if *you* know anything about her mysterious, never-seen boyfriend or husband named Andrew that she constantly talks about... you've found an Androoler's house!  And, frankly, we're concerned for this one.  Eeek.

JABB 223

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