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Hi all,

Jenni here. Well, obviously the last issue was another of our April Fools. I mean any time you see that many of the usual suspects from “The Weekly World News”, something’s up.  In fact, the only true part of any of that is that *if* Andrew were real and *if* he did get married… I probly would be in fetal position having drunk my weight in coffee products. But, thankfully, I don’t think any of us have to worry about that.

Anyhow, I was trying to think of something to do with this issue since I knew I’d be going solo on it. I considered some top tens, Q and A’s, stuff like that. But then part of me just wanted to do a freeform thought thing. I don’t think we ever have on JABB and I thought it might be cool to do something different this time around. Cause it’s occurred to me in all these years, all the 150+ times I’ve sent this to ya’ll I’ve said precious little that was very “real”. Since we’re coming on the second anniversary of the original airdate of the final TBAA, I just wanna take a look back, write about what the show really means to me. Not as some hyper-neurotic, uber-obsessive caricature of myself. But as the real me. Plus, not like I got anything new to talk about! “Heart of the Beholder” won’t be available on DVD for a bit yet. Not that I’ll even necessarily be able to watch it right off anyhow. I’ve banned myself from viewing it until I’ve formed “a functional relationship with an adult, incarnate, and non-related member of the opposite sex.” Gotta love self-imposed ultimatums… So if this sounds like fun to you please go to:

JABB 161 Option 1

But I realize not everyone wants to hear me waxing philosophical about TBAA. So… I also wrote another JABB that contains a Q and A about JABB itself. Probly a good thing for newbies to read. I tried to be amusing with that but since it had the possibility of being considered a bit dry I also wrote a top ten concerning Andrew the taxman. If that sounds of interest to you please go to:

JABB 161 Option 2

If neither is of interest then maybe better luck next week! I’m sure you can occupy your time somehow. If you don’t have access to the web and would like to see either or both newsletter(s), just email this addy and I’ll send it/them to ya.

God bless,



Newsletter 162