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Hi all!  Well, this is a jam-packed newsletter and I hope you enjoy it.  Big thanks to Claudia who wrote the first piece you’ll be seeing!  The last piece you’ll be invited to see is a first for JABB.  I, Jenni, created a mock movie teaser-style video for our *next* issue which will be entirely devoted to our “holiday”, the Commemoration of the Murder Trial that Wasn’t!  I hope you enjoy it!

God bless

Remembering TBAA

The thing I regret most is that when Gloria first came onto the show I disliked her so much I stopped watching the show. The weird thing was too, that I was questioning my faith at the time as well. Then suddenly one day I find out that the show was ending. I was astonished that it could ever end, I had thought it'd go on forever. So I became completely obsessed with it all over again and watched it. Then of course I had to catch up on the show and watch the episodes I missed. Of course watching the finale had me in tears. And I grew to love Gloria like the rest of the angels.

I began watching the show because I was obsessed with Xena. Yes, it's an odd way to get into the show, but you see, the actress who played Callisto was on TBAA (Celeste) and as an obsessed crazed fan I had to watch it. Took me a while to catch her episode though, which was a good thing because I slowly got sucked into the show. I have cassette tapes (and a few VHS tapes as well) filled with episodes. God, I was obsessed. But I have such good memories of obsessing. I forget how old I was...13 or 14.

Of course, my first teenage boy crush was...Andrew! And I absolutely loved Monica. And sometimes I wished Tess had been at my school to tell kids to be nice to me.

But as to this day I am still obsessed with the show. And now I watch reruns, whenever I can, to reminisce, tape episodes that I don't have on tape and that are my favorite, and every time I pass the dvd section of Walmart I'm tempted to buy it on dvd. But one day...I will!

I just felt like I had to share this with you. I don't have any friends in college that like the show like I do, or love Andrew like I do. So I had to tell somebody, and the first newsletter inspired me to share my experience with the show with you.

It changed my life, and not in the clichéd, sappy, stupid way. It just did. And I'm proud to be a fan!


Thanks Claudia for that touching piece! 

Well, if JABB were a TV show, we'd be nearing the end of our 7th season.  And TBAA sure went through some changes and big moments at the end of its 7th season!  So we were thinking... supposing we wanted to take a cue from Martha Williamson and shake things up at JABB?  What might we do?  So here good, bad, and just plain ugly are some ideas we had.

Top Seven Ways We Could Shake Things Up in JABB's 7th Season

7.  Have the co-presidents dye their hair blonde a la latter- 7th season Roma Downey.  Oh wait... we have blonde hair.  Geez, that explains *a lot*.

6.  Have the writers go on strike and threaten to leave JABB unless the network ponies up 1 mil a newsletter.  This would quickly be followed by the realization that we have no network and no paycheck.

5.  Hire Mandy Patinkin to freakily cover Sondheim songs to play over scenes of prominent Dyeland residents being tempted. 

4.  Write a newsletter in which a character sits in a pub and recalls their past.  Oh wait.  We did that.

3.  Force JABB members to sing 70s hits and showtunes.  Then vote the least talented person off every week until we have...  The Dyeland Idol!

2.  Create a series of spin-off newsletters.  JABB: Andrew's Murder Trial by Jury,  JABB: Special Obsessives Unit, and JABB: Criminally Insane.

1.  Hire Valerie Bertinelli to help us write.

We'd also like to note that today, April 26th, marks Andrew's 140th anniversary as an AOD.  So congratulations to him!  Supposing you wanted to get him a gift and haven't, here's a few last minute ideas:

1.  A case of ginger ale, fast becoming the old stand-by.  It's the Father's Day tie of Andrew-themed holidays.

2.  Why not take a madcap cue from Lady JenniAnn who gave Andrew a basset hound named Lulu?  Get him a cat, fish, iguana, hamster, canary, etc.  Then offer to sit for the pet any time he'd like...
3.  Offer to take his leather jacket to be professionally cleaned.  But understand you *must* return the jacket.

4.  Decorate his front porch to look like a Parisian street cafe complete with a stunning view of the tin foil Eiffel Tower you can create in his front yard.  Serve fine French cuisine. 

5.  Hire a good defense lawyer for him.  He'll need it in two weeks...

And on that ominous note, join us in two weeks for a JABB newsletter like you've never seen before...

You can view the teaser at the following location, password will be requested:

Password: labyrinth

Choose the show entitled “Teaser #1”.  Then once you’ve seen the “rating”, click somewhere on the screen to start the teaser.  Keep checking back through out the next two weeks because I will be adding more videos!  My apologies to members with slower Internet connections who may not be able to view the clips.  Feel free to email if you have problems and I will try to help!



Newsletter 163

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