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Ask a JABB Co-President 

Well, since we have some newbies, I felt it was time again to answer some questions people may have about JABB.  Remember, if you have a question about JABB you’d like answered in a newsletter please email us.  Or heck, ask anything.  We may not answer if it’s really off-the-wall but feel free to ask!  Also we’re not gonna guarantee it’ll be a good answer.  Put “Ask a JABB Co-President” in the subject line.  Or don’t.  Really doesn’t matter cause we’ll probly answer it anyway. 

Oh and just FYI, Jenni is answering all these.  Opinions expressed may not be those of her co-president, Karen, or past JABB people.  ;-)  This particular set is based on questions members have asked me in the past.  I figure might as well make em public.  

Question:  Why in some newsletters does it seem like Andrew’s supposed to be real (he even writes the occasional issue!) and others he’s not?

Answer:  That’s simply because when we started there was no plan, no blueprint.  At least for myself, I assumed in the beginning JABB would just be a bunch of jokes about *real* fannish life.  Y’know, like top ten things we thought about John’s pre-season 5 hair cut.  Or quizzes telling how devoted a fan one was.  But it was quickly apparent that was really difficult to do all the time.  So we have Andrew referred to as if he were real and from there on out the blurring of fiction and reality became a staple of JABB.  Like with Dyeland.  

Question:  How long do you see JABB going for?

Answer:  Boy, that’s a tough one.  The Yahoogroup I see going on indefinitely.  As long as there’s even just one person to chat with me on that, I’d keep it going.  The newsletter…  Probly doesn’t have as long of life span.  I’ve had some idea since TBAA’s finale of trying to keep it going for nine years to match TBAA’s nine seasons.  So if we went with that, JABB wouldn’t end until July 2007 at least.  But a lot can change in two years.  JABB is dependent on John’s career and what time its authors have available to write JABB and who knows what will happen with either in the future.  I’ve not even decided whether, if I were to leave, I’d pass the baton on or since I’m the last of JABB’s four co-founders still regularly writing JABB, that I’d end it then.  I probly won’t decide until the time comes and I’ve consulted with some people. 

Question: What would you do if John retired from acting?

Answer:  Depends on how much of a fan base there was left and if we still had anything to say.  Based on the fact that TBAA’s been off for two years and I still keep writing about Angel Boy, we could conceivably keep writing JABB with out additions to John’s filmography.  But let’s all hope we don’t hafta find out. 

Question:  Can I write for JABB?

Answer:  Sure!  Please give us some advance notice, though.  Don’t just send us something with a note hoping it’ll be in the next newsletter which we may have all ready written.  Also we ask that it not be anything above a PG level and we do have some length limits.  Obviously we would want it to somehow tie into John Dye or one of his characters or your experiences as a John Dye fan.  Finally, we need to feel comfortable including it as part of JABB.  If it’s something that we feel could get us in legal trouble or that just doesn’t gel with our established story line, we may not accept it.  When we write about Andrew as if he were real, we try to stick with the character Martha Williamson and Co. gave us.  However, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t link to your work.  For example, we’ve clearly stated in past JABB newsletters that Andrew is incapable of feeling romantic attraction (much to certain Dyelanders’ chagrin, natch!).  So we could not include a shipper fanfic as part of “our story” but we would be perfectly willing to link your webpage of shipper fanfic.  Basically if writing something for JABB is of interest to you, let us know what you have in mind and we’ll get back to you.

Remember if you have a question for a later installment of “Ask a JABB Co-prez”, let us know!

Finally, in honor of April 15th which is Tax Day here in the States…

Some of you may remember Andrew’s stint as a tax man in the episode “Made in the USA”.  Given his previous experience, it’s only natural that if Dyeland had a taxation system (it doesn’t), he’d be asked to help his fellow Dyelanders file.  But if he did I wonder what he’d be overheard to say…

10.  “No Monica, I don’t think you can claim all those Starbucks stops as business deductions.”

9.  “Adam, 20 turkeys do NOT count as dependents.”

8.  “Gloria, thank you for that play-by-play on the history of taxation.  That bit about salt taxation in ancient China was fascinating.  In fact, this has been the most thrilling 2.5 hours of my life.  Now, can I please just see your W-2’s?”

 7.  “Okay JenniAnn, let’s look at this.  You see, there’s a box marked single.  One marked married.  Another marked divorced.  The tax payer is to check one.  You see, I don’t think the government is going to accept that you added in ‘In one-sided committed relationship with completely disinterested (because is angel) guy.’”

6.   “Aww Tess…  I just realized this is the first time in a long time you won’t be claiming Monica as your dependent.  Here.  Here’s a Kleenex.”

5.  “Vincent?  Is Vincent there?  Hi Vincent!  Listen can you come get JenniAnn?  She’s crying in my office.  Again.  And I’m trying to help everyone with their taxes and that‘s hard enough!”

4.  “Amazingly you’re the fourth person to try this today.  No.  Drool buckets cannot be written off as business supplies.  Androoling is a hobby.  Not an occupation.”

3.  “Phil!  I didn’t think you had any reason to file here in Dyeland!  What?  You’re supposed to be in Hawaii?  Ah right, directionally impaired.  Here, let me help you out.”

2.  “Wait…  Did you just ask about Form 1098?  You mean you actually have a legitimate tax question?  Hallelujah!”

1.  “4:30, time to close up!  I think I deserve an orange juice and ginger ale today for sure!”

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