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Hello and welcome to the 94th issue of the John/Andrew Bucket Brigade. Before we get to that we'd like to address the issue of the webpages. The servers were down, and you'll soon learn why, but the pages are now back up and at the same urls they always were. Now, to start this issue, we'd like to make you aware of a very serious and secretive discovery...

JenniAnn: Hey Aud. I'm really freaking out here! I don't think Talkcity is EVER going to be back up.

Aud: Don't worry. It'll come back. Besides, you do have back-ups....don't you?

JA: Well of course I do.

Narrator: What a silly question! That neurotic freak probably has 17 different back-ups for each site. You can tell even JenniAnn knew of her obsession by the way she rolled her eyes as she spoke. Anyhow, back to the unfolding conversation.

Aud: So what is there to worry about? If worse comes to worse, you just find another host site.

JA: Well, I guess that's not too bad. It's just a pain uploading everything.

Aud: Well, maybe if you're lucky, whoever crashed the site will help them get it back up in no time.

JA: Crashed the site? Well, who would do such a crazy thing!!

Aud: I'm really not at liberty to say.


Aud: It's just . . . for safety reasons.

JA: Oh come on, you told me about Andrew's hair! So spill it, who did it?

Aud: Rafael.

JA: Now why would the site crash???

Aud: He's back and helping us hide John's hair.

JA: What?

Aud: Tess found out about us and was trying to check out the site so he pulled it down.

JA: So Rafael crashed it?

Aud: Yip. He hopped into the server (don't ask how) found the host site and pulled the plug. No one on the outside could figure it out.

JA: Really?!

Aud: That's why it took so long.

JA: LOL! He pulled down the entire company!

Aud: Just from the internet to website thingy-ma-bobber. He kinda unplugged the phone line, so to say.

JA: Ah

Aud: He's a crafty one. I for one am glad he's on *our* side.

JA: Me too!

On the 19th JABB will be celebrating its fourth anniversary. While JABB certainly does not expect gifts we would like it made clear that the following "gifts" are not entirely desirable...

Top Ten Worst Gifts to Get JABB for its 4th Anniversary

10. Vincent

9. Victor

8. Adam

7. Kiwi

6. JenniAnn (Hey! Who wrote that!? I certainly didn't agree to that one! ~JenniAnn)

5. Another Jabbins puppy

4. 8,000 full JABB Buckets

3. Straight jackets, no more men in white coats!! Ahhh!!!

2. JDPMC's head. With a note saying, "If you can actually make me laugh for once, I just might give you the rest of him."

1. "An Idiot's Guide to Running a 12-Step Knockoff." We resent the implication...

If you would like to do something for JABB, we'd love to have goofy messages to JABB on its anniversary. We can put them in the anniversary issue to share with all of JABB! Email
if you have questions!


Newsletter 95