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"Hopelessly Devoted to You"

TBAA is winding down for the season leaving some wondering where the future lies. While JABB intends to make no guesses we do suggest that emails of support be sent to CBS. However, saving TBAA is great but some people just go too far. We now present...

You might be an over-zealous Androoler in May if...

10. You have Les Moonves' telephone number on speed dial so that you can conveniently call him at all hours of the day to talk up TBAA.

9. You have your computer set to send pro-TBAA emails to CBS every five minutes, all hours of the day.

8. You've printed up a T-shirt reading "Less Moonves, More Dye" and really think this is a fine way to ensure TBAA's future.

7. You've gathered together some figures and have discovered that for a fee you can continue to produce TBAA on your own, even if CBS backs out. There'd only be minor changes, for instance you'd only be able to afford John Dye's paycheck and all shows will be shot with the family camcorder, in your hometown, with your friends and family repeatedly being pushed to near death so that Andrew can glow.

6. You've all ready lined up special guest stars for your first Sweeps period as head of TBAA. They include Lou the Mailman and Shirtless Guy Across the Street.

5. You've begun mailing cardboard tombstones to CBS Headquarters. They bear names like "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman", "Promised Land", and "Early Edition". Each has an attached note reading "I better not see TBAA on one of these. BTW the head of programming for NBC is much cuter."

4. You've taken any time off from work or school so that you can go down to CBS headquarters yourself and picket.

3. You've begun ending all conversions by saying, in an announcer like voice, "Watch TBAA this Saturday for two very special episodes! Then join us again Sunday for another special episode. TBAA needs you now!" This thoroughly baffles your teachers, coworkers, the check-out person at your local market, etc.

2. You plan midnight strolls around the neighborhood during which you plant signs in neighbors' yards reading "Vote for TBAA for Season 9."

1. You've gone on a prolonged hunger strike or anything dangerous to yourself to protest the treatment of the show. Really, that's not a good way to get to see Andrew next year. Try some of the suggestions below.

You Might be a Good, Sane TBAA Fan if...

10. You watch all the new episodes, if that is possible for you given location. Even if you don't get to do Nielsens then at least that gives you something to enjoy.

9. You send CBS emails after each of the shows telling them how much you enjoyed the episodes and hope for a 9th season.

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8. You do not get new episodes of TBAA in your place of residence but really enjoy what you've seen so you email CBS with some general comments in support of the show.

7. You email the comment line with well-wishes and kind words.

6. You call CBS and leave concerned but calm and considerate messages that are pro-TBAA. Telephone: (323) 575-4912

5. You resist the urge to lash out at CBS or anyone hired by them. It's fun to joke around about but might not be the best method.

4. You ask friends and family to watch the show and show their support.

3. You pray for the show and those involved in the decision making processes.

2. You pass information along to TBAA fans you know who may not all ready have access to this information. If they want to send an email and don't have Internet, offer to send it for them.

1. You keep calm and remember that no matter what happens we have so many great shows to remember and a community of people with whom to remember them.