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Hello! Here's the latest issue of JABB! We hope you enjoy it and find bountiful reasons to laugh at it!

Dear Annie Dru,

I am deeply distraught! I currently reside part of the time in a lovely city that I helped to build myself. I am extremely proud of it and up until recently have felt very secure there, partly due to loving friends. Lately though it seems my friends have become down right acrimonious! I have reason to believe three of them are plotting to get rid of me. I am horrified to think what that may mean. Another friend assures me I should not jump to conclusions and insists in any case he'll be there if something does happen. But how can I even know to trust him! You may be in on their evil plot! I may be making this whole thing up! Oh, Annie Dru! Am I crazy? What should I do?


Et Tu Andre

Dear Et Tu Andre:

First though, I'd like to give you kudos on your city! Not many are able to do that! It's amazing. I'm sorry to hear about your back-stabbing friends though. You know, I think you might be overreacting to the situation. Perhaps it's all in your mind. You must have a great city and are probably paranoid of losing it. I suggest you leave, you know take a vacation for a bit. I suggest Tasmania! It's a great place. And when you come back, their plot shall be complete ... I mean, all shall be well. In fact, you'll forget you ever had a city to begin with! I hope all works out for you, Et Tu Andre.


Annie Dru


Are you more like Audrey or Jenni?

1. A Totalitarian Dictatorship is a great idea!

True= a False= b

2. Jenni really needs to get her head outta the clouds.

True= a False= b

3. Death is a great means to 'get ahead.'

True= a False= b

4. Fantasy worlds are for babies.

True= a False= b

5. Andrew is REAL!

True= b False= a

6. Dyeland is GREAT!

True= b False= a

7. Boo.

True= a False= b

8. It is slightly disturbing that JABB has its own map and encyclopedia.

True= a False= b

9. The "names" V, S, or Vincent strike horror into your heart (or cause any lesser negative reaction)

True= a False= b

10. You wish you had a mysterious, Shakespeare-loving personal guardian.

True= b False= a

11. When the going gets tough (i.e., your president is thrown in jail, a demon ruins your Christmas tree, or other), you revel in dramatic, emotional outbursts.

True= b False= a

12. Talking animals are great fun!

True= b False= a

13. Andrew really would make a great temporal leader.

True= b False= a

14. You claim duel citizenship, Earth and Dyeland.

True= b False= a


If you ended up with 4-5 a's you are sane, responsible, enjoy power, imaginative and yet have a firm grip on reality like Audrey.

If you ended up with 4-5 b's you are sometimes irrational, highly emotional, eccentric, and perhaps a little dreamy like Jenni.

If you ended up with a 7-7 or 6-8 ratio of a's and b's you share a great deal of qualities with both Audrey and Jenni.


You Know You're an Androoler When:

You glue wings to all the buckets in the local Walmart and tell everyone not to let them 'over flow with drool.'

"Gingerbread John's" aren't just for the holidays!

J.A.B.B isn't just for fun

You tell all your friends that "ANDREW IS REAL! Don't make me get him to come here and kill you just to prove it!"

Such terms as "leather jacket," "scissors," and "toolbelt" have a strange yet psychotic effect on you.

TBAA moves to Saturday night and you still see Andrew's silhouette on the blank T.V. screen Sunday night at 8 PM.

Thanks to Karen for challenging us to fit the following words into the newsletter:




Let us know if you have three words to challenge us with!


Newsletter 73

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