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Hi everyone! Welcome to JABB's 71st issue! Before we get to the body of the newsletter Jenni would like to announce that her calendar for birthdays has fallen somewhat out of order. This is due to the amount of people who have subscribed and then changed addresses later. So if you didn't receive a card and should have it may be that she never changed the email address on the calendar and thought you unsubbed when in fact you're just under another email address. Anyway, email her if you've not gotten a card and she'll see what the problem is. Now let's leap into the fun stuff...

Madlib- Give examples of the next 28 items and then put them into the story for a fun, goofy tale. Email us if yours is especially amusing so we can share in the fun!
1 person's name
2 verb past
3 book title
4 location
5 person's name
6 adjective
7 location
8 movie title
9 actor's name
10 adjective
11 noun plural
12 verb -ing
13 verb -ing
14 adjective
15 adjective
16 noun
17 adjective
18 location
19 noun plural
20 noun plural
21 verb past
22 noun
23 noun
24 person's name
25 animal
26 verb past
27 food
28 exclamation

With building continuing in Western Dyeland, the noise level was a little more than JenniAnn could handle so she left <1> in charge of the site and <2> to the Castle. She began to search the building for friends to chat with. First, she ran into Vincent who was reading <"3">.

"Hey Vincent! What'd ya say we take a walk to <4>? I'm bored out of my mind!"

"I'm sorry, JenniAnn. I was just about to finish this and go to the mall. <5's> been collecting Disney movie trading cards. I promised I'd look for some here. I vow that if I hear one more time about popup cards, hologram cards, or character cards you may not be the only one to lose their mind. You are welcome to come, of course." Vincent replied showing a rare hint of annoyance.

"No thanks. I did my time tracking those <6> cards down when I was younger. See ya around!"

JenniAnn then proceeded to <7> where she found Audrey watching <"8">.

"Hey Aud! How about a walk or even a shopping trip?" JenniAnn asked.

"Nope, sorry. This <9> is <10>! Maybe later."

JenniAnn left the room and walked over to City Hall to find Andrew.

Andrew sat at a desk flipping through a stack of <11> and <12> and occasionally <13>.

"Hey, oh <14> and <15> president!" JenniAnn greeted the angel with a <16>.

"Hey! How are you, JenniAnn?"

"Bored, how about you?"

"Okay, I just got back from an assignment in New Mexico to find a bunch of mail waiting for me."

"What do you say to taking a break and going for a walk?" JenniAnn asked.

"Sounds <17>! Let's go." Andrew replied.

With that JenniAnn and Andrew left to walk to <18>. They climbed <19>, sailed, and picked <20>. At last, they settled down near the lake for a break and a chat.

"Andrew, there's something I wanted to tell you." JenniAnn began shyly.

"Yes?" Andrew said as he <21.>

"You're a great <22> and <23> and I don't think I tell you that enough. You've been so accepting of <24> and all my insanities."

"Well, thank you, and it's been a pleasure being here." Andrew answered as a <25> <26> by eating a <27>.

Andrew and JenniAnn spent several hours watching nature and its creatures. Finally they returned home to the castle for dinner and Audrey said <"28."> as they entered and settled down for the meal.

Earlier this week in Audrey's office in Dyeland Castle....

Aud: Hey John, guess what?!

John: What?

Aud: I'm going to start a New World Order!

John: Isn't that a Wrestling thing?

Aud: No! Well, maybe, but it's going to be my new regime.

John: Your new regime?

Aud: Yip. I was going to be the Totalitarian Dictator, but I thought maybe you should be. Or Andrew.

Andrew: I'm up for the job!

John: Over my dead body!

Andrew with a silly smirk upon his face: That can be arranged.

John: HEY!

Aud: Look you two, I will NOT have this kind of infantile bickering!

J/A: OK! OK!

Aud: We can come to some sort of reasonable understanding.

John: Well, since it is your idea, why don't you be the total whatever.

Aud: To-tal-it-arian Dic-tator. Get it right.

Andrew: Come on John, even I could have gotten that one.

Aud: Anyhow, we need to make plans.

John: First thing we need to do is overthrow our current government.

Aud: No. no. no. You must think BIGGER than that!

Andrew: Attack the UN?!

John: You've got to be KIDDING!

Aud: Of course we're not going to attack the UN!

John: Then what?!

Aud: Well, with world domination we must think big. The United Nations is a great place to start. I'm just not too sure what needs to be done.

Andrew: We can't just attack the place.

John: No, not technically. But there is something you can do.

Aud: John, you're a genius!!

Andrew: Oh no! You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?

John: She's got a good idea. We could have total power!

Aud: Imagine the possibilities Think of all the lives you could save! You could play God, so to say.

Andrew: This isn't right.

John: We're not talking right and wrong. We're talking power!

Aud: All you'd have to do is take out a few high ranking members of the UN. Not too many. Just a few.

Andrew: I don't think I could do that!

John: Come on. Think of all the lives you could save in the long run.

Andrew: I don't know. Let me think about it.

::door opens::

Jen: What's going on in here?

Andrew: Oh nothing. Just goofin' off.

Jen: Oh. OK.

John: Don't you have some princess duties to be getting back to Miss JenniAnn?

Jen: Well, I guess. Are you trying to get rid of me?

Aud: Of course not! ........ Now go.

::door closes behind JenniAnn as she reluctantly leaves::

John: What about her?

Aud: I know she'd flip out if she were to learn of our plans.

Andrew: HELLO! I'm flipping out here!

Aud: Oh, shut up!

John: What can we do about her?

Aud: We're going to have to get some help on this one.

Andrew: Why don't I just take her out too?

John: That's not a bad idea.


Aud: No. She'd be missed too much.

Andrew: And certain high ranking officials wouldn't?

John: Of course not. They are just figure heads. Nothing important. You know, kinda like Tess. ::John elbows Andrew in jest::

Aud: NOT FUNNY! Anyhow, we need to think of something to get her outta the way. She may just imagine us outta her fantasy world!

John: Wow. What rejection!

Andrew: That's unfathomable.

John: If this is going to happen, we gotta think.

Aud: Hey, what about them?

John: Yeah, that's a great idea!

Andrew: Who?

Aud: THEM! ::points towards JABB audience::

John: Hey! You! Yes you.

You: ME?!

Andrew: No the invisible guy behind you. Yes you!

John: What kind of ideas do you have stored away in that head of yours?

Aud: Come on! Spit it out! We need this fast!

John: If you help us get JenniAnn outta the way, we'll let you in on our plans!

Andrew: What do you say?

Aud: Please help us.

It's up to you to help the New World Order to take affect. Please, e-mail us your idea, ASAP! Thanks.

Thanks to Joy for challenging us to fit the following words into the newsletter:
New Mexico

Let us know if you have three words to challenge us with!