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by Louis Armstrong

Hello all! As I'm sure you all know we are quickly nearing Dye Day. As such I, Jenni, need to get some "business" out of the way before getting into the newsletter. As of the writing of this newsletter no one has RSVPed for the chat. I wanted to ask one more time that you do so. If I do not receive word from anyone I will not open the chat nor will I be online at that time. If this isn't a good year for anyone then that's fine and understandable. But in past years people have shown up without RSVPing which was fine but this year I don't want to be tying up the phone line for so long "just in case" someone should come. Please let me know if you think you may be coming before the 26th as the chat will be on the 27th at 8 PM Central. If after the 26th you find out you actually can come email me and I will let you know if the chat was canceled or not. Also, if the chat is still on feel free to come after 8 as they often continue late into the night. Upon RSVPing I will send you directions if you need them. The activities planned are as follows:
1. Pin the tail on Chiwawa or Hangman or Jeopardy with JD trivia
(Wait just a daw gone minute here! Pin the tail on Chiwawa? Why are you people so set on hurting my favorite dog? Hangman? Which one? Jenni! When did we become such a violent people? OH well, the party must go on!!)
2. Poetry tag
3. The presenting of virtual gifts (You will receive more info upon RSVPing)

4. Jenni welcomes suggestions if you have them!
Once again if you plan on coming please email Jenni
before the 26th. The chat will be on the 27th at 8 PM Central.

Greatest Moments

Every year we gather with joy
to celebrate the birth of a favorite boy.
He's an actor whose portrayals we love.
Especially one character who hangs out with a dove.
So in this brief history of wonderful Andrew,
Let's list the great moments, old and new.

First came "The One That Got Away."
We silently prayed "Oh please, let that man stay!"
In "Dear God" John joined the cast.
We cried "Oh please, Let this last!"
Season three then began.
Several episodes were ran.
In "The Journalist" Andrew cried.
We sat and stared at the screen and sighed.
Oh to be there to hug him!
Whoever caused this, I'll slug 'em!*
Times got better and to Paris he was led.
But he ended up holding a baby instead.
Season four brought "The Pact".
Good gosh this man can act!
We definitely loved "My Dinner with Andrew."
In fact, Jenni blushed a time or two.
Season five came and it did go.
Some people thought Andrew-time was low.
But he managed to take the president Home.
And "Ahhh!!!" what shock he no longer needed a comb!
That's right our dear actor had cut his hair.
Those lovely blonde locks were no longer there!
But as time passed we got used to it.
Even wrote eulogies with a great deal of wit.
Ireland, the Sudan, and Europe in World War Two.
To say the 6th Season was global would be true.
Late in this season a computer was smashed.
It was Andrew who the machine had trashed.
And now we come to the current season.
A very great one, I'll give you a reason.
Andrew is back in all his emotional glory!
The proof for this is quite a story!
In "The Grudge" he sentenced Monica and Tess.
Community service and no less!
In "Reasonable Doubt" he stood up to the latter.
The law is the law, no matter.
"God Bless the Child" and you, too, Ginger Man.
For in that episode oh how our tears ran.
In "An Angel on My Tree" Andrew was mad!
Then the healing catharsis the man had.
Season Seven continues and we look forward to it.
With Kleenex and drool bucket we will on Sundays sit.

And look at the glorious history of the AOD!
Let's celebrate the man who makes Andrew be.
The man who brings us so much happiness.
Brings tears, joy, love, hope and no less.
So let's gather together and loudly say:
"What a magnificent, wonderful, happy Dye Day!"

*The authors of JABB do not advocate violence contrary to the 'pin the tail on the mutt' theme noted above. We're just running short on rhymes that showed anger!

The State of the Androolers Address

In the past two annual addresses something has been lacking. That is the hope and light of this, the third, address. This past year has been a truly amazing one for Androolers everywhere. Gone are the hair-induced worries and decreasing by leaps are the screentime complaints! For we have seen Andrew's anger and passion! We have seen his self-assertiveness and love! Most of all we have seen his leadership! As such I, JenniAnn, now turn this address over to its rightful orator. I present our President, Andrew.

Hello Dyelanders! It is with great pride I give my first official State of the Androolers Address as your president. I am extremely grateful for the office you bestowed on me. I agree with JenniAnn that this has been a fantastic year. For the first time in JABB's existence you, the Androolers, were treated to a new movie starring John Dye. "Once Upon a Christmas" was a delight to many and will be treasured in the holiday seasons to come. "Touched by an Angel" embarked on its seventh season with wonderful, compelling story lines. The Androolers themselves have come together to form a united, organized Dyeland. New members continue to join us and older members have stayed with us during these past years. As we enter into the 38th year of the man who brought us all together I know it will be filled with many more amazing moments and much, much more drooling! Thank you!


Newsletter 62