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Newsletter 6

Hello all you Androolers out there...I'm the "leader of the Pack (Androolers)," Kristin Marie....I'm Androoler #1, THE Androoler, and mother of all Androolettes.... I'm 17 years of age, and I live in Brainerd Minnesota (some of you probably remember Brainerd from the list of postmarks Andrew read in the show about the tree house, CB radio, and the brother who pretended to be his absent dad-for his little brother by writing fake letters...) -- Anyhow, I'm presently a senior in high school, and I plan on applying to "California Institute of the Arts" for college-to become an actress. I get advice every now and then from some "connections" in the "biz".....I've been a TBAA watcher since end of Season 2 I believe--I remember it vaguely...It was a night (in August) when I was channel surfing, and running outside to catch the comet every now and then...and I came upon TBAA--I had never seen John before-nor this show, and from the moment I saw his face, I was hooked...Since then, I have started "The John Dye Admiration Page" on the Internet, sent a friendship bracelet (but John used it as an anklet), got an EMAIL from John (almost peed my pants I swear!) and he has visited the homepage itself-and said it was really kewl....I love to act, sing (especially Judy Garland, Mandy Patinkin, and Barbara Streisand-and Broadway musicals), I play the flute haven't for a few years, but picked it up the other day--I'm a tad rusty) I love to surf the net-watch TV (other than TBAA, I am addicted to "Babylon 5"-have a few buddies who were/are on the show), and so on....I am Androoler #1--but I don't know EVERYTHING about check out my awesome page, visit: (page no longer exists).  And make sure you sign the guestbook--talk to everyone later! If anyone wants to IM me on AOL--my Screen name is Want2CJohn

Hi, my name is Sara, and I'm an Androoler.
I am from New Zealand, and have been an Androoler ever since I set my eyes of John Dye, one night, as I watched a show called Touched By An Angel, cause I was bored. And now I'm hooked, line and sinker. Which is a good thing, cause I don't generally watch a lot of TV, because I am sick of the violence and crap on all the time. But TBAA is different, I am happy for my two wee girls to watch this show with me. Stephanie is 5 and Amanda is 3, shortly 4. I have my partner Rick of 12 yrs and the cat and dog, two angel fish, mortgage, station wagon and all that really boring family life in the suburbs stuff. I have no pets named after JD or AOD, but I will dedyecate my next teddybear I make to Andrew. Then again maybe I wont, who can tell with me. LOL As for Andrew, all I can say is HUBBER HUBBER!!!!!!

Keeper Update

Due to the new rules about keepers on the TBAA list, Audrey and myself have decided to adjust our policy a bit. We still ask that you limit your John/Andrew items to 4 or less. We will also be encouraging the sharing of keepers. When a person requests to be keeper of something already claimed we will inform them it is already taken and if they still choose to take it we won't stop them. We hope this won't cause any problems. If you have questions or comments please email Audrey or me, Jenni. Thanks!


Monica: (in a beautiful white glowing gown) God loves you!

Announcer: We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you this CBS special report.

Paige: Hello and welcome to this CBS special report. We have with us today a very special guest. He says he is the *real* angel of death (AOD). Michael, are you in fact the real AOD?

Michael: Yes Paige, I am.

Paige: So what do you think about this Andrew who goes around saying he is the AOD?

Michael: Well, it is *just* a television show, but I feel it gives the wrong impression. Andrew *is not* the *real* AOD. He never will be. He's just an impostor out to make some money on a top rated television show about God and angels.

Paige: Then what is your opinion of the show Touched by an Angel?

Michael: Well, for TV, it's a good step, but it's not all that accurate.

Paige: How so? What is wrong with the show in your opinion?

Michael: First off, a show about God is a good thing, but they're doing it all wrong. Especially their display of the AOD. He'd never be that caring. And making it a choice? Like that ever happens. I think it'd be much better if they showed, from time to time, what happens when you go the other way.

Paige: An angel of God wanting to show the world what happens when people turn away from God?

Michael: Yes. To. . (thinking) To show what a bad mistake they'd be making.

Paige: Well, that makes a little more sense. In what way is the AOD in Touched misleading the world?

Michael: Actually Paige, there are quite a few. The major way is the whole process of the crossing over from life to death.

Paige: Really? Could you elaborate?

Michael: In Touched by an Angel the people are automatically given an angel when they die. It doesn't work that way.

Paige: You mean people don't always have angels watching over them?

Michael: No! Not at all. They must earn the right to be protected. And not just anybody can achieve it.

Paige: This is very troubling news

Andrew: Don't listen to him Paige!

Paige: What? Who. . . You're that angel from TV!

Andrew: Yes I am! I've been sent by God to let you know that this so called angel is a fake!

Michael: What?!

Paige: Huh? Is this true Michael?

Michael: No! Of course not. Don't listen to him. He's just an actor playing the part of a poorly written AOD!

Andrew: I am not! God has sent me here to keep you from spreading your lies. I am the true representation of the AOD real or other wise.

Paige: Someone please let me know what's going on here!

Buffy: Me too! I'm lost! What's an angel?

Paige: Who are you?

Buffy: I'm Buffy the vampire slayer from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Paige: So what are you doing here?

Buffy: I don't know.

Paige: Then go away.

Buffy: Fine.

Michael: What was that all about?

Paige: The air waves must have been mixed up.

Michael: Oh.

Andrew: Well that's not important. We're talking about God's work here.

Paige: For those of you just tuning in, it has gotten very interesting. There are two people here claiming to be the AOD. It's hard to tell which one, if any, is the real AOD. We have Andrew here, from the hit CBS drama Touched by an Angel, and Michael (waves to television audience), who claims to be a *real* angel of God *not* TV. Looks like we've gone from a friendly interview to a lively debate! Hey Andrew, don't you have a show to be doing?

Andrew: I was called away. How can I be of any use on a show that isn't being aired?

Paige: Oh, that's right. We're using your air time. Sorry.

Michael: No, this is much more important than that show. This is truth. That show is lies with truth mixed in.

Andrew: Touched is full of truths that need to be heard. Things that uplift the soul and put people back on track.

Paige: That it does. What do you think Michael?

Michael: I think this impostor needs to be removed from this room!

Paige: Every one on my show gets the chance to speak their peace. Calm down Michael and let's hear Andrew out.

Michael: No! No one deserves the chance to spread these kind of lies. God has spoken! Feel his wrath! (thrust clenched fist at Andrew)

Andrew: (without flinching) Exactly! (Tess appears and catches Michael's first in her open hand seconds before it hits Andrew. Neither one blinks.)

Tess: Good job, Mr. Halo!

Andrew: Thank you, Tess.

Paige: Oh! (stares in awe)

Michael: What?! Go away! (Michael falls back with the force of Tess's hand on his fist.)

Tess: You are the devil himself Michael. You won't fool anyone any more.

Michael: I am not! He is! That wanna be AOD is the devil. He came here to spread his lies, not God's truths!

Andrew: Truth is spread by way of words, not physical violence. God wouldn't want his children fighting over the truth.

Tess: That's right. Truth may hurt, but it is nothing to fear.

Paige: Wow! This is exciting.

Tess: You stay out of this news lady.

Andrew: (To Paige) It's not wise to argue with Tess. She's got a mean streak in her!

Paige: (To Tess) Yes ma'am.

Tess: You stay outta this, Angelboy!

Michael: You don't scare me.

Tess: Well you should be scared!

Michael: (Trembling) Angels aren't afraid of anything!

Tess: Oh, really? Then why are you trembling? God too much for you to handle?

Michael: The devil is here! He will win!

Andrew: Not when God is around he won't!

Paige: Michael? Does this mean you *aren't* the AOD?

Michael: Well, DUHH! The news lady does have a few active brain cells left!

Tess: Watch it Michael!

Andrew: No one wants you here. Go away!

Paige: That's right. Go away. Devils don't make for good TV! Angels draw in more ratings!

Michael: Not true! I've rigged the system so they don't. Only old women watch angels by my rating system! HAHAHAHAHA! (evil laughter fills the room)

Tess: I've said it once. I'll say it again. GO AWAY!

Michael: I'll leave, but this isn't last of me!

Tess: Don't I know it!

Monica: (Appearing in the same glowing apparel as before the broadcast was cut) God loves *you*, Michael! Never forget it! (Michael disappears and the three angels are left with the interviewer.)

Paige: Wow! What a show!

Monica: I'll say!

Announcer: And now back to your regularly scheduled program.

***Once again the authors of JABB wish to remind you that JABB is in no way affiliated with CBS, Touched by an Angel, or any of its cast members.***

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