"I have had dreams and I have had nightmares,
but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams."
~~Jonas Salk

Hi all,

Well...  This is odd.  If you're like me, you're basically home-bound for the foreseeable future.  (No, I'm not sick... just directed to work from home and stay at home as much as possible to flatten the curve.)  It's been this way for just over a week and reality is starting to sink in.  At this point, I'm not yet one of those people finding myself with loads of extra time on my hands.  But I have a feeling I'll get there.  And maybe some of you are already there.  So... I present the following!  Some are serious, some not.  But whatever you choose to do, I hope this odd time can also be an enriching and relaxing one for you.

Stay safe and well!

God bless,

Top Ten Things To Do While Staying Home

10.  Re-watch TBAA, of course!  Admittedly, it's been a long time since I've watched an episode.  So I'm hoping at some point I'll get to do that.  Seems like a good way to calm down!

9.  Make a play list of songs that remind you of TBAA, Andrew, John, Dyeland, etc.  And then share it!  If you're a member of the YahooGroup, you can post it there.  If not, send it to me and I'll find a place for it, probably in a later newsletter.

8.  After you've re-watched TBAA, re-enact an episode with your pets.  Or dolls and stuffed animals.  Whatever.  No judgment!  ;-)  Bonus points if you provide a video or snapshot evidence of this endeavor. 

7.  You could complete a puzzle!  Note: If you want to change piece number or puzzle cut, click Play As towards the top right and make your selections.

preview99pieceDyeland Map
preview99pieceAndrew- "Sign of the Dove"
preview99pieceThe Trio

6.  Read a Dyeland story!  Or re-read one.  Or some TBAA fanfic.  You can find them all here and here:

Dyeland Stories- http://www.miscjabb.onthisside.net/storyindex.html
TBAA Fanfic- http://www.onthisside.net/stories/jabbficmain.html

5.  Or write something!  If you'd like it posted on the JABB site, I do have some guidelines depending on what you're writing:

TBAA Fanfic (non-Dyeland)- http://www.onthisside.net/stories/fictionguidelines.html
Dyeland fiction- http://www.dyeland.onthisside.net/writingguidelines.html

In case you're wondering about why there are two separate and sometimes contradictory sets of guidelines: For TBAA Fanfic, I prefer to post only straight TBAA fanfic that follows the rules set forth by TBAA.  Hence not wanting to post shipper fic.  I want people to be able to read those stories without feeling like it's completely outside of TBAA's world.

The Dyeland stories, on the other hand, are purposefully written as existing outside of TBAA's world.  The proof?  The Dyeland characters sometimes watch TBAA so, obviously, they're not living in TBAA.  Hence, the characterizations of some of the angels, plot points, etc. are altered.  There are romantic relationships.  I realize that makes the stories unattractive to some folks which is why I don't put those stories on the main fiction page. 

4.  If you do happen to read an older Dyeland story that's covered only very briefly on the Timeline and you'd be willing to write a more detailed synopsis, that would be awesome!  It's one of those projects of mine that I just never get around to.

3.  Channel your inner Monica and learn how to make a great mocha latte!  Or learn some other skill that you've never had the time to try.

2.  Make some TBAA-inspired memes!  I'll be happy to share them in a later newsletter.

1.  Pray.  God loves you.  And He's with us in this.  Let Him hear from ya!


Just an announcement here!  At longtime member Joy's suggestion, I've created a Discord channel for us JABBers.  I've not yet scheduled chat times so, for right now, it's just there for people to drop into as they have time.  Please contact Jenni to receive the link to our Discord.  I can be reached at jenni at onthisside.net, replacing at with @ and removing the spaces.

If you'd like to be kept in the loop as far as when scheduled chat times are set, please respond to this email and I'll get back to you.

This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye and everyone at TBAA who gave us a show that brings so much comfort in times of trouble.

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