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Hi everyone! This is the 52nd issue of JABB and after this we have only one more issue before Season 7! I hope you're as excited as we are! This issue we have some fun stuff (hopefully!) but first we have some announcements and such....


Hello, My name is Robin. I'm 11 yaears old, I havn't been a touched, (Or John) fan for verry long. (Kinda hard when you don't have cable, I only recently got cable.) but I get hooked on thing fast. Now I'm not a Androler (Kinda hard to be one when your mom thinks he's a bug-eyed, dumbo-eared, monkey.) But I am a HUDGE J.D. fan, I only recently joined JABB. And I love Touched. I get a kick out of all the J.D. fary tales, and gotta admit, I'm crazey. I'm not sure I need help, but I know I can help you. And I know I'm gonna love it here.

The Presidential Campaign:

If you haven't registered please do so! Andrew has to win by a certain margin and according to our analysts that might not happen at the current number of voters! He needs your vote! If Adam wins this he and the turkey are taking over this newsletter! Registering takes only about 1 minute and isn't that worth a turkeyless JABB?! Questions are still needed for the next debate and must be sent in by September 15th.

JABB Survey:

I've (this is Jenni) written a short survey that will help Audrey and I with writing JABB. With all the time we spend on JABB we'd like to know what all you like best so we can focus on those. So in other words please, please take my survey! It won't take long I promise!

Other Stuff:

On our JABB email list we're having JD/Andrew themed games. Come join us for the fun! Also, new members, if you'd like to introduce yourself or be added to the birthday card list let us know!

Responses to all previous message should be sent to Jenni).

A while back we had a quiz to determine how much of an Androoler you all were. Since then a lot of time has gone by so we have written another quiz. This time you can learn if you're lacking your former Androolistic traits.

1. Does the letter "V" hold any value to you?

A. Yes, actually.

B. No, should it?

C. Just a bit.

2. When was the last time you saw The Journalist, Violin Lessons, or Flights of Angels?

A. I watched all three today.

B. With in the past month.

C. Months ago even though I have them on tape.

D. The last time they aired but would more frequently if I had them on tape.

3. Which word of the following couples do you prefer?

A. angel or devil

B. Adam or Henry

C. pie or cake

D. Lisa or Sara

4. What are you doing on October 7th?

A. Camping out in front of my TV with my drool bucket.

B. What's so special about October 7th?

5. What do the following intials mean to you: JCD.

A. Just Can't Dance

B. They're three letters from the alphabet.

C. The initials of the best angel actor in the world!

6. How many pictures of Charles Rockett or Bruce Altman do you own?

A. None! The very idea is traitorous!

B. Just a few doors covered with their pictures.

C. Are they basketball players or fashion designers?

7. How many of Andrew's lines do you have memorized?

A. Umm.... "I just want you to know.... even if all your good deeds.... imagine all the people living for today.... I hate Valentine's Day!" Okay..... none.

B. All of them. I could recite them all but I'd rather hear my Angel Boy say them.

C. I know my favorites by heart.

8. What are your hopes for the upcoming season of TBAA?

A. Definitely more screen time for Andrew!

B. Really good story lines.

C. That they get a new angel of death named Tony.

If you answer John or Andrew to all these questions you are a true androoler. If you didn't, you're probably normal. =)

1. A=1, B= 3, C=2 (If your answer was A then we have a little message for you: Jenni, get over it!!!! To all those poor souls who answered C, Jenni takes full responsibility for your "problem".)

2. A= 3, B=2, C=1, D=2

3. If you answered John or Andrew to any of these add 3 points, if you answered anything else add 1.

4. A=2, B=1

5. A=2 (at least you thought about it), B=1, C=3

6. A=3, B=1 (psychos), C=2

7. A=1, B=3, C=2

8. A=3, B=2, C=1

If you scored:

If you answered Andrew or John to all of these questions you are a true ANDROOLER!!!

32-22 Congrats! You're probably still as obsessed as the day you first looked at Andrew and thought "Good gosh, when did angels of death get so cute! I need to go find a 12 Step Program parody to help me with this!"

21-11 You're pretty much normal. You think Andrew is a great character and John an equally great actor. Sometimes you might be a bit obsessive but that's healthy.

10-0 Wow. Are you feeling okay? Maybe Season 7 will be just the thing to help you get back your Androolism.

You know you're obsessed when:

-- you spend 25 hours a day counting the hairs on John's head.

-- 5 out of 10 doctors suggest watching a TBAA marathon over using prescription drugs to cure depression

-- you'd rather see one picture of John/Andrew then spend a month with your significant other

-- you begin stapling your papers together in form of John/Andrew's face

-- the teacher gives you an A for that fact alone.

-- you give all your troll's a "JD shave"

-- a little girl runs up to you saying "look what I drew" and you assume she says "Look at Andrew"

-- you are disappointed to see a perfect Mona Lisa scribbled on her paper.

-- you get glow in the dark stars and fashion them into John/Andrew's face so you can see him in your sleep!