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Interview with Andrew

Just this morning when I went to fetch the newspaper, who did I see if not Andrew. He was walking along the road looking a little bit lost. Here is what happened.

M (me). Are you really Andrew?

A. Yes, I am, how come you recognize me?

M. I'm a huge fan of TBAA, I can't believe that you look just like you do on telly.

A. Yes, CBS has done a great job to find lookalike actors, and John is doing a great job impersonating me. But I thought TBAA wasn't broadcast here in Sweden.

M. No it isn't, but it is in Norway, and as you can see we have a satellite dish on the house. You have probably stumbled on your only fan in Sweden. By the way, is it just my imagination or are you lost?

A. No, I'm lost all right. Monica insisted on giving me my directions this time. But hey, God can turn anything into some good, and here I am bumping into the one person in this country who knows who I am.

M. Yes, would you like some breakfast? I was just about to make myself some.

A. Yes please, if it doesn't bother you to have breakfast with an Angel of Death.

M. Oh, come on, I'm a big fan of yours, of course not. Did you know, by the way, that some of your fans think that you lack personality.

A. Yes, I've heard. But I'm an angel. I know that people compare me with Tess and Monica on the show, but the scriptwriters have added some human aspects to them. To make them easier to identify with, I suppose. But come on, angels aren't supposed to covet things. True, Tess does have an attitude, but Monica is far from being as naive and lachrymose as the scriptwriters have made her out to be.

M. You don't mind that humans have made a TV show out of you and your friends?

A. No, not at all. It's a good thing. It's a great way to spread God's message to a lot of people. It has even made my job a little bit easier. When the dying person sees me, I'm recognized and that makes things a whole lot easier.

M. I'm really glad that Monica misdirected you. This will be a morning I will remember for the rest of my life - you wouldn't happen to know just how long that will be do you?

A. (laughing) No I don't, and now I have to move on to the place I was supposed to go to, but you know we'll see each other again one day. Thanks for the breakfast.

With that Andrew disappeared from my view, but the warm glowing feeling of love that surrounded him lingered on.

Signed: Anna from Sweden

Top Ten Reason's Andrew would Make a Good Father

10. He loves kids

9. You'll never fear Death again!

8. He's got great friends

7. He's got the Ultimate connection!

6. He's got great jeans! I mean, genes.....

5. The family would always be financially secure. The guy's been a doctor, teacher, government official, etc. He'd never have to worry about having a good paying job!

4. Some people say men often replicate their fathers' actions when they become fathers and Andrew has one Amazing Father.

3. If Andrew's kids get picked on by bullies all he has to do is start glowing and the bullies will never touch the kid again.

2. He's certainly had a lot of practice caring for kids the last couple seasons.

1. Kids need help with homework? According to "Crisis of Faith" Andrew is good with the "new math." History? Forget history books! Andrew's witnessed a lot of it!


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