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Hello! Welcome to yet another JABB. As you will see this issue is very special. It is the end of an era. And an entry into a brand new one! Onto the issue....

Top Ten Reasons to Invite Andrew to Your Graduation

10. You'll no longer be afraid to "trip and die of embarrassment". You're now actually praying for it.

9. No matter how crowded the room is, you can always see him.

8. Angels bring the best gifts.

7. He won't need a ticket.

6. What a great person to be your walking partner?!

5. Imagine the Graduation Party!!

4. Who better to hand you a diploma and to shake your hand?

3. Maybe he'll sing your class song for you and we can finally hear his voice!!

2. With Andrew around, you'll not want to get drunk after you walk!

1. Hey, It's ANDREW! Why wouldn't you want him there?

(The setting: A large attic in Dyeland castle. Boxes of letters, pictures, and other items lie all over the floor. Audrey and JenniAnn open the door to the attic and look around. Each of them proceeds to a different box and begin rummaging through the contents.)

JenniAnn: Wow!

Audrey: Who knew we would have kept all this stuff!

JenniAnn: Geez.... This box is from way back to freshman year! Look at all this! (laughing) Look at this journal entry: "Today at lunch my friends were talking about the show 'Touched by an Angel'. I guess something really dramatic happened with the guy angel. Adam? Wait no I think they said Andrew. Something about crying on some steps or something cause some lady misreported a story. Gee poor guy. I wonder what happened."

Audrey: The Journalist!

JenniAnn: Yep, who knew it would become one of my favorites! And to think I actually thought he was Adam! But look here's something else! Hmm.... I apparently at least knew a bit about who Andrew was. See it's a letter I wrote for Creative Writing. It's signed 'Andrew Wings' and goes onto to talk about being an AOD. Hey, I got a 100%! Sure pays to be a TBAA fan!

Voice: Of course it does!

JenniAnn and Audrey: Huh?

John: Hi! I decided to stop by and say hello. So how are the graduation plans coming?

Audrey: Wow! It's John! What perfect timing. Look at this!

(John looks over at a sheet of paper. It appears to have been scribbled by a small child, but upon closer inspection, John sees other wise.)

John: Did you write this? Geez, how can you read it?

Audrey: I can read it just fine, THANK YOU!

JenniAnn: I don't know, looks like chicken scratch to me!

Audrey: Anyway. It's a letter I wrote after the first time I spoke to you, John. I remember it so well. It was in the AOL TBAA chatroom. I was so nervous I could barely type!!

(Audrey reads and rereads the scribbling as JenniAnn moves onto more boxes.)

JenniAnn: Aww... Here's all my old pictures from Sophomore year. All of TBAA but mostly you John. LOL What was I thinking!??!

John: Hey!

JenniAnn: Oh no! Well, I mean they're great pics but a tad obsessive don't you think?

John: Yeah I suppose. I don't think *I* even have this many pictures of me in my house! Let alone a 5 by 1 locker!

Audrey: Look at this! I have most of those same pictures! Sure, I didn't keep them in my locker JenniAnn !!! (laughing) Look at this one! Andrew at the camp with Tess yelling at Rafael!

JenniAnn: I remember that one! The Pact! Tess sure does have some attitude! But John handled her well!

John: (blushing) Thank you, I think.

Audrey: And look at this! A little mini TOOLBELT!!!

(The girls giggle profusely and John just looks on with confusion)

JenniAnn: Look, I have a lock of John's hair from when Kiwi scalped him!

Audrey: Haven't we been through this!

John: Remember JenniAnn, it was Della!! I still feel sorry for good old Rafael.

Audrey: (sigh) Who'd have thought, that Spirit of Liberty Moon would be the last time we'd see John with his lovely hair! Grow it back!

JenniAnn: Yes, please!!

John: Sorry, girls! I don't think so. (A sly smile crosses his slips)

JenniAnn: (moves onto a box clearly marked JUNIOR YEAR) Aud! Look at this! It's notes I'd scribbled during Chem for an upcoming JABB issue during our first year! No wonder that class never made sense.....

Audrey: Yeah who'd have thought it would go as far as it has. (attention stirs to her own JUNIOR YEAR box) Look! It's the beginnings of JABB! Hey! We did save the original chat log! Oh, I miss Barbara so much!

JenniAnn: (reading over the log) OH-MY-GOSH! Look at this! It was all one big joke! A joke! And look at JABB now!!!

John: You started this all off as a joke? Well, I'm hurt.

(The girls ignore John's appeal for attention and continue to rummage through old memories.)

JenniAnn: Hey, I just noticed something. In all this old JABB stuff, we write it J.A.B.B. Why'd we drop the periods?

Audrey: We're lazy. 'Nuff said.

JenniAnn: Now onto my Senior year box! (opens box and immediately closes it) Umm ... never mind!

John: No way! Let's see what's in the box!

Audrey: Oh, it's just all her Victor movies and CDs. JenniAnn, everyone knows about that now you've really got to stop being so secretive.

JenniAnn: True it's just hard to get used to, so what was Senior year to you?

Audrey: I hate to say it, but my Senior year interfered with my Senior year!

John: What do you mean?

Audrey: Here, take a look for yourself.

(JenniAnn and John peer into the box and sit back half impressed, half disappointed.)

JenniAnn: This looks like school stuff!

John: Prom pictures, Homecoming, awards, when did you have time for me?

JenniAnn: JOHN!! You're not EVERYTHING you know!

John: Well, I'm hurt.

JenniAnn: You're a lot but not everything....

Audrey: I still thought of you. See, here's a picture of . . . oh wait. Never mind. Let's just look to the future!

Together Audrey, JenniAnn, and John leave the attic filled with memories and proceed down to the castle to finish preparing for the graduation ceremonies.

And so ends this, the final issue of our High School years. To our fellow graduates in the Class of 2000 we wish you luck in the years to come!

Newsletter 47