"I love you... high as the sky and back again."
"I love you, too... across the earth and back again."
~~Joshua and Maryam, The Carpenter

Hi all,

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and to all you ladies who have encouraged, nurtured, and loved!

So it seems as if the weather around these parts may take a bit of a stormy turn.  Therefore, I'm hurrying to get this done just in case I have to shutdown the puter and/or head to the basement.  (ETA: Things calmed down.  Just lotsa rain and thunder for a bit.)

Also, a public service announcement: After 435 of these, I officially no longer remember what I've done before, thought about doing but never did, or partially did and meant to get back to but maybe didn't.  I often use the Encyclopedia and a site search to try to piece together whether I've used, say, a particular top ten list before or not but that can be an imperfect way of making that determination.  So... if you've seen either of these pieces contained here before... oops.  :-)

God bless,


So I think the Dyelanders and the Friends would be the type of folks who would embrace motherhood of all types.  Thus, I present some heartfelt, funny, bittersweet, and touching words no doubt gracing several cards and letters in Dyeland, NYC, LA, and Beyond this year.

Mother's Day Wishes from Dyeland and Beyond

Dear Mama,

As you know, I cannot yet write but Daddy has kindly agreed to let me dictate this note to you.  Bun-bun!

Thank you for being a loving, fun, Bobo!, gentle, pitty, smart, mooo! Mama.

I will now take a three minute break to strip off all my clothes and dance around with the doggies like a wood elf while Daddy reflects on how grateful he is that we are not in public...

Okay.  Now I'm dressed like a ballerina superhero.  Petty!  I get my creativity from you!

Now I'm kissing this card because I love you so, so much, Mama!

Thank you for being my Mama!!!

Kisses and hugs,


Dearest Beth,

I know that this day is difficult for you and I am so sorry for that.  It seems like we always end up pretending that today, well, isn't today.  But I know that even when we pretend it's not Mother's Day, you know it is.  So, this year, I wanted to say something.

When we married, it was the happiest day of my life.  I know lots of people say that but I mean it... and I think I have pretty good perspective since I've lived longer than most.  I wish, though, that it hadn't meant you having to make so many sacrifices.  I wish that a boyish, fortysomething vampire with a fondness for comic books and videogames wasn't the closest I could give you to a child.  (Although I know your motherly friendship and guidance means so much to Logan, especially in the days before Beverly rallied.)

I wish I could give you what you long for and deserve.  You tell me, increasingly often, that miracles happen.  I hope they do and, if they do, I hope one comes to you, my love.  In the meantime, know that I love you, Beth.

Yours forever,


Dear Monny,

Happy Mothers Day!  Thank you for being my mom even tho you didnt know I was coming.  You make me reelly happy and I love you so much.  I know you love me to and that makes me reelly happy to.  Im glad we met when I was a baby.  I wish I culd remembur.  Im happy to remembur now tho.

I love you Monny,

PS- I hope you like the cofee.  Daddy helped me make it.


Dear Mom,

It's really hard to believe that by this time next year, I might just have to settle for a phone call to wish you Mother's Day.  But please don't cry!  Even though I may not be there to help Sy and Kendra and Manny make you your official Mother's Day waffles, I'll be thinking of you and loving you and trying really hard to make you, Daddy, and Joshua proud.  And I'll have a really big, strong hug for you when I get to come home after finals (eek)!

I think it'll be really cool to walk the same campus you walked when you were my age.  Maybe even have some of the same professors!  I'm sure they're ancient by now!  Just kidding.  :-) 

Thank you for being a strong, faithful, wonderful, loving mother.  I look up to you so much and am so proud you're my mom!



Dear Mama,

Hello from the inside! Daddy said he can give you a message from us. He must be really smart.

We know we’ve only been here a couple of months, but we like it so far. Daddy said that when we get bigger it might be pretty crowded, but now it’s nice and warm. We’re sorry we make you sick...we don’t mean to. Maybe it will get better? 

We like the bouncy sounds we hear all the time. Daddy said it’s called music, and when we grow legs we can dance to it. What is dancing? Our favorite thing is when you read to us. Daddy was surprised when we told him you do that.

He said you think we’re a boy and a girl. We don’t know either. How can you tell?

Time to do some more growing! We love you, and we’re so glad you’re our Mama!


“Ian” and “Joy”

Dear Ama,

Thank you for saying "yes." 

Love always,
Your Yeshu


So as I said above, my corner of the world may be in for some severe weather.  I get a little nervous about storms but have found that imagining Andrew and Co. holed up in his old basement and waiting out Mother Nature's fits there keeps me calm and amused here.  Someone who is probably not quite calm in those scenarios?  Andrew.  His storm-time to-do list has grown in length since his early days in Dyeland so I present it in full for your reading pleasure...

Andrew's Severe Weather To-Do List

1.  Pray.

2.  Make sure Laja, Belle, Fawn, Lulu, and anyone else who is around head downstairs. 

3.  Grab Harvey's cage.  And food, just in case, and bring him to the basement.

4.  Ensure Violeta and Ivy come downstairs, too.

5.  Comfort Belle... and probably Laja, too.  Also Violeta.

6.  Pray some more.

7.  Get Mary, Silly, and Yonah out of the stable and into the basement. 

8.  Gently explain to the animals that I understand it's customary to leave them in the stable and hope for the best but Violeta (and probably Laja) will have a nervous breakdown if we do that.

9.  Throw hay around the laundry room or ask Violeta to.

10.  Keep praying.

11.  Sweaty and soaking wet.  Change clothes.

12.  Call Max if Laja hasn't to make sure he's safe and secure.

13.  Reflect on the fact that my life has become corralling animals and (some grown) children.

14.  Feel blessed.


This newsletter is dedicated to John Dye for bringing to life characters who highlighted the importance of family and friends.  From TBAA's trio to the guys of Bravo Company and beyond, John's roles reminded us of how important it is to have people to love and be loved by.

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