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First off, we'd like to say "HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!" For those of you who are intrigued, Tommy Ergo Life does not exist. He is a purely fictional character concocted by yours truly. I thought for sure that if the name didn't set you off, then the movie titles would!! We hope you enjoyed our little prank! Just for the record, we did not, nor will we ever, give out e-mail addresses to anyone. The account used belongs to me. Again, Happy April Fool's Day!!


AOD Bodyguard:

Well, the final dyescion has been made as to who will take over my responsibilities starting April 3rd through April 20th. The winner is, Joy C.. Congrats Joy! Don't get him in too much trouble b/c Tess will be keeping an eye on ya. LOL Once again I apologize for the lateness of this. And if you didn't win this time, don't worry you'll have another chance! Also, I would like for you all to send me your favorite A/J quotes. Send them to ATTN: AOD Guard. Thanks, I'd be very appreciative. Take care all!!



I have been frantically reading your newsletters, in an attempt to catch up with everything that JABB is about, and I saw something in one newsletter -- just before the Fifth Season, that asked for introductions. So, just in case you are still taking the intros, here's mine:

My name is Jane. I am a novelist/journalist living in Western Washington. I have written, and had published, three romance novels based on the '60's TV series Dark Shadows (new interest has been generated because of Sci Fi rerunning the series in the AM), and write on a free lance basis for three newspapers in Western Washington. I have a Pomeranian, Arabian mare and my DH (he "allows" me my "slight obsession" with J/A :O) )

I work for our county United Way as communications coordinator (I do the brochure, appeals letters, all correspondence, etc.), and am dedicated to trying to help our neighbors in the community. I also record books onto tapes for Read Right Systems, and international literacy improvement system.

In my "spare time" (lol) I have written a story titled "I Have a Rendezvous With Death", dealing with the hypothesis that Andrew has been rendered temporarily human, as Monica has been, once or twice, by The Big Man Upstairs, who wants our favorite angel to experience life -- and maybe love? -- so he understands what mortals feel, and why they are not always eager to "go gentle into that good night". I had originally written it as a potential script, but discovered that TBAA doesn't accept unsolicited submissions, or submissions from anyone outside CBS (A CBS rule). I have made a sort of novella out of it, and would be willing to submit it in installments to JABB to be part of each newsletter, if the co-prezes are willing and there is interest.

Gee, I think my ten lines are up Sorry for the verbosity! That's just moi!

Jane in Western Wash.

Welcome to JABB Jane! Jane's intro got me thinking. We have an awful lot of talent in this group. So I thought maybe sometime in May we'd do a special feature on the JABBers' TBAA/John fanfic, websites, poems, etc. So if any of you have anything to share please just send me, Jenni, the address it can be accessed at, a brief description of the work, and a rating. If you have a TBAA or John related website you can send me that url and a brief description as well! If you have a work that is not on a website you can go ahead and email it to me and I can put it on a website. We hope to have this issue sent out in May so please have any submissions sent in by April 20th, especially if it needs to be HTMLized. Send to Jenni.