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Newsletter 4
Hello JABB members! This is the last J.A.B.B. before the new season and we have several surprises to end the summer with! (OK, so there are only about two, but several makes it sound much better!) There is a toast to the new season and a special service for John's hair. Please feel free to add more kind thoughts about the subject for a eulogy for his hair.





My name is Darla. I'm 46, and a Library Technical Assistant at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. I live in DuQuoin, IL, (where the DuQuoin State Fair is held each year), and commute 23 miles each way to work each day. I sing, and play guitar. I've been a member of various local country-rock bands throughout the years, since the age of 14. I was a member of a band that had it's own local radio show, at age 16, and have appeared on local TV. I made three 45-r.p.m. records at age 16, and one at age 24. I sing mainly in my church choir, now. I have two cats; Toby, and Bridget, (aka "Sissie.") I'm also the proud mommy of an "angel kitty" named Sashya, a beautiful white Balinese who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 25 June 1998. I'm a "dyed-in-the-wool" Androoler, and am hooked on TBAA! I think John Dye is gorgeous, even if he IS eleven years YOUNGER than I am! My favorite TBAA ep is INTO THE LIGHT. I am the keeper of Andrew's/John's positive effect on people!

Hi, my name is Joanne and I'm from Massachusetts. By trade I'm an EMT, but at the moment only working part-time as I am in nursing school... I do hope with the help of God and his many Angels..I will be graduating in May 1999. Please keep me in your prayers. I have been a big fan of TBAA since ... well ... almost the beginning.. I don't think I really watched it in the #1 series.. but since then yes... I love all the angels.. but of course John is my favorite. I know some of u have heard the story but bear with me, I was lucky enough to actually talk to John on the phone on the air - with a radio station called Mix 98.5... as John he seems as sweet as he is as Andrew and I definitely would love to meet him... as would we all I'm sure... Well, thanks for letting me join this JABB.

My name is Emily and I'm 18 (will be 19 in Nov. Let's hear it for all those Nov b-day! Yea!) I live in Houston, Texas and I just moved up here to Austin for college a couple weeks ago. This is my first year, so I guess that makes me a fishie again ;D I am majoring in biochemistry and hope to graduate in 4 years with a BS (no, I'm not cursing ;P) degree, go on to grad & med school to get my MD/PhD and then I'm off to a career of medical research (hopefully to find a cure for cancer - if it hasn't already been found). I've been a fan of TBAA since ep 1 season 1, a hopeless Androoler since season 2 (when he became a regular), and a listmember since August '97. My hobbies are reading, creative writing, music (composing, playing, singing (in the shower, that is)) ;P), art, medical research... I like doing volunteer work with children at hospitals - have been volunteering in pediatric oncology dept of a local hospital for 4 years, and, of course, watching TBAA. I don't have a favorite ep (lots and lots of ties for 1st place :P) but my favorite scene is Andrew's prayer on the stairs from "The Journalist"

I was on holiday, because of I write my Intro now. My name is Grit and I'm 21 years old. I living in Braunschweig, this is in Germany. I have a dog, her name is Checky. I like Andrew and TBAA and I am a great Star Trek-Fan, especially from the next Generation (Dr. Crusher and Worf). Before I have saw this show, I have never believe on God or angels and I had fear for the Death. And now, if I feeling me alone or have fear I do pray to him. I know I am not alone and I hope there is a real Angel of Death if we must die. All what I do know about God and this things I do have from the show.

My name is Karen, I was born in Dallas, TX, I turned 41on favorite times of the year are fall and Christmas..I am an elected office democrat precinct rep in my city..I have a great sense of humour,love to old movies,fav "It's a Wonderful Life", fav 2 tv show TBAA, and The Practice..I have met some of the best people on these TBAA links!!

A Toast

Since next time you receive a J.A.B.B. newsletter TBAA's season 5 will have started (finally yea!!!!!!!!) we thought it was appropriate to toast the season!

So here we go! Raise those cappuccinos ( No coronas or wine coolers Audrey! :-)

First off let's toast to Della, Roma, and of course :-) John! May their excellent acting continue and we know it will! May their lives be filled with happiness and may a certain someone get some major screen time this season! No more dog walking

Also to Martha Williamson and all the writers and crew. May they write some Andrewesque episodes and, well, just great episodes in general as they always do

For CBS that they don't dare cancel the show! They wouldn't want to feel the wrath of an Androoler scorned would they?!?!? I do think they know what a good show they have though so don't worry, be happy! :-)

To Paxnet may we all get it! Aren't you all just dying to see the very first Andrew episodes?!?!?

Last but never, ever the least to God without whom there would be no TBAA or John or Androolers or leather jackets or anything!


(John walks in the shrink's office calm, cool, and collected. He is dressed in a white/beigish colored suit. He appears to be glowing though he really is not. The shrink looks up from his desk.)

Psychologist: (startled) Have you come for me?

John: (looks down and says, in that way that he does) No. No! (shaking head and looking ever so lovely) I've come for your help.

Psychologist: My help? What could an angel possible need my help for?

John: Sir, I am NOT an angel. I am John Dye. The actor that *plays* the angel of death.

Psychologist: Oh, of course. Come in. Come in. (motioning for the actor to sit down)

John: Thank you. (takes seat)

Psychologist: So what is your problem?

John: Well. It's that my line of work is so overwhelming! I just can't handle it any more. Everywhere I go, there are people screaming and running to me. They ask for autographs and to have their pictures taken with me. But now. . Now they go on and on about JABB!

Psychologist: JABB?

John: Yes, JABB. I don't know what it is, but it's all I hear about. JABB says this, JABB says that!

Psychologist: So, you're jealous of this JABB person?

John: No. No! It's not that at all. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm certain it has to do with me.

Psychologist: Are you sure? Maybe your fan's attention has moved off you and to this JABB fellow and you can't handle it.

John: No! It's not that. I'm not stuck on myself at all.

(There is a knock at the door. The psychologist goes to the door to discover his wife. They speak briskly and she hurries in when she discovers who his patient is.)

Psychologist's wife: John Dye! Wow! I'm such a big fan! I can't believe it! Is it really you?

John: (extremely excited to see someone recognize *him*) Umm. Hello. Yeah, it's me. (acting shy)

Psychologist's wife (to psychologist): I can't wait to tell those J.A.B.B. people that John Dye is a mental case! This should lead to some pretty interesting stories!

John: Excuse me! I am NOT a mental case! And if this gets out of this room, I will not be the only person with a body part in the witness protection program!

Psychologist's wife: (shocked) That was true?!

John: (with a look of absolute bewilderment) What was true?

Psychologist's wife: Your hair being relocated in the witness protection program! I thought that was something made up by J.A.B.B.!

John: (demanding) What is J.A.B.B.? I've heard so much about it.

Psychologist's wife: You don't know what it is?

John and Psychologist: No.

Psychologist's wife: (laughs) J.A.B.B. is a support group, such as AA is.

John: Oh, so it's. . (the look of bewilderment leaves his face) . . I got it. But what does it have to do with me?

Psychologist's wife: Why it's a support group for all the people addicted to you!

John: There are people addicted to me?

Psychologist's wife: YES! There are millions of them! Everywhere you look, there's someone obsessed with you.

John: (trying to hide his relief and extreme happiness) Really?!

Psychologist: (to wife) You're obsessed with John Dye?

Psychologist's wife: I suppose so.

John: So J.A.B.B. revolves around me?

Psychologist's wife: Of course!

Psychologist: And you were jealous!

(John gathers himself, thanks the psychologist and his wife, and walks out of the office with his head held high, a smile on his face, and an illuminating glow about his presence. He walked in John, but walked out Andrew, the Angel of Death)


This story has nothing to do with John. It has *everything* to do with John. It does not infer, no matter how it seems, that John Dye is stuck on himself. If he is offended by this, I will be more than willing to buy him a nice hot meal from Wendy's.

A Few Kind Words

In memory of John's hair, I will say a few kind words. Feel free to e-mail me with whatever nice thoughts you have to offer.

John's hair was the kind of hair that everyone wanted to have. It was perfect in every way, from the color to the smell to the texture. It was the most beautiful site in the world. All eyes wished no greater pleasure, than to bestow themselves upon his head. But one day, a terrible event occurred. It took from us, the loyal, hair watching fans of John Dye, the pleasure of his becoming hair. Now, the perfect face that was outlined by this most attractive hair, is no longer enhanced by the illuminating object that we spent hours on end chatting about. This perfection of his, one of many that he possessed, is gone, but not forgotten. We will not forget the hair, or the hours of pleasure it brought to us. And, although new hair will grow back in its place, the old will never be replaced. It will have a warm spot in our hearts for years to come. From generation to generation, we will pass along the memories of what is now, and always will be, John's fans' pride and joy. *snif* We love you, John's hair!


(Any costar of John's, we are a fan of!)

Also, for the members who have Internet access, there is a story, a tiny bit too big for this e-mail, I have posted to my web page. Feel free to go read it. It is very beautiful. Thank you Anna for translating and letting us use it!

(for those who have the ability, simply click the blue line. For those who don't, simply copy and past the link into your web browser. For those w/o Internet access, e-mail me privately for a copy of the story, if you like.)

JABB Newsletter 5

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