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Newsletter 5

Hello and Welcome to the 5th J.A.B.B. newsletter! We hope to have a great 5th season of TBAA and a fun packed year of JABBing! lol Anyway, I'll shush up for now!




Congrats to TBAA on season #5 which rated at #2!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!


Hi, I'm Angelia. I'm 23 years old. I'm a first year college student from Springfield, Ohio. (Very near Dayton.) I'm an education major with only one dream in life, "through me no child shall be illiterate." I have one "fur" kid, a twelve year old beautiful yellow tabby, named Tiger. I love to crosshatch (when I have the time), and read, talk to you lovely people on the puter, and watch "TBAA." I'm a hardness Andorra, love every moment of him.

I work for Low's Home Improvement Warehouse in Kettering, Ohio. I am a full-time Commercial Sales Cashier. My job consists of running register, but more than that my duties are to tend to the highly professional needs of contractors, that perhaps have done work in your homes. They are a very picky lot, and totally different from your average customer. Its not an easy job to say the least.

Spiritually, I believe in God, Christ, and Angels, but I wouldn't call myself religious, as I don't enjoy going to church. I live my life, doing the right things, working for my fellow man, and giving generously with my heart. My philosophy is that Actions speak louder than words.

I'm glad to be your friend, hope to talk to you soon. Love, Angelia


I thought I'd finally introduce myself. Sorry I'm a little late; I've been a busy bee the past few days. My name is Beth. I'm 34 years old ( b'day Feb. 5). I live in St. Louis, Missouri, but I was born and raised in California (through age 14). I'm a Medical Technologist in the toxicology section of the chemistry lab at a large hospital.

That means I perform drug screens and measure drug levels. I'm single and have a 10 year old son. I'm a cat lover--have 3, a black Persian (Gracie) and 2 gray tabbies

(Biscuit and Pollywog - hence the e-mail address). I also have a cavalier king Charles spaniel named Chandy. I started watching TBAA shortly after John/Andrew came in.

I love the show and its message, and as an Androoler I can't get enough of John! I don't really have a favorite episode--anything with a lot of John. I'm also a big X-files fan, and I watch Seventh Heaven, Party of Five, PL, and Buffy. Oh and Early Edition. I guess I watch too much TV. I'm currently trying to find a church that I like. I attended a Vineyard Christian Fellowship for a few years but I stopped going for reasons that would take too long to explain. One more thing--I'm a quiet person by nature (and new to the net) so don't be surprised if I don't post very much. I lurk alot, but I'm definitely paying attention. Maybe belonging to this group will give me more confidence to speak up! I hope this isn't too long.

Six Degrees

Connect John Dye to these people. Some answers are at the bottom how ever there could be variations.

Whitney Houston

Alicia Silverstone

Sally Fields

Androolers' "Bill of Rights"

We, the drool loving fans of John Carroll Dye, do here by declare these unalienable rights.

I. We have the right to admit we are addicted to John, but may conceal our identities!

II. We have the right to hate anyone who shows the slightest inkling of dislike to our 'Love Juice.'

III. We have the right to write Touched by an Angel and Martha Williamson demanding more air time for John/Andrew.

IV. We have the right to demand proof of citizenship/age/sex/criminal history/and any other personal information from any person wanting to date our beloved John.

V. We have the right to see John/Andrew's "bare arms!" [Edit: originally read "bear arms" which is hilarious, I think]

VI. We have the right to see John in jeans, t-shirts, and, of course, toolbelts.

VII. We have the right to drool at Angelboy's expense when he wears the above mentioned items.

VIII. We have the right to be upset when John goes and cuts his hair without our permission/blessing.

IX. We have the right to demand locks of hair if and when he gets a hair cut.

X. We have the right to "quarter troops" of the celestial kind during peace or war time, in times of life or death, but only if his name is Andrew.


Whitney was in The Preacher's Wife with Denzel Washington. Denzel was in Courage Under Fire with Lou Diamond Phillips who was in Sioux City with JOHN DYE!!!!

Alicia was in Batman and Robin with Chris O'Donnell who was in Circle of Friends with Minnie Driver. She was in Good Will Hunting with Robin Williams who was in Jumanji with Kristen Dunst who played Amy Ann in TBAA's Into the Light.

Fields directed From the Earth to the Moon with Tom Hanks, who played in A League of Their Own with Rosie O'Donnell, who had John Dye as a guest!!

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