“There is little success where there is little laughter.”
~~Andrew Carnegie

Hi all,

Welcome to our annual celebration of Charles Rocket's birthday on August 24th.  I know many of us remain very grateful for his portrayal of Adam on Touched by an Angel.  So below I listed just a few of the reasons I'm glad for the influence of Mr. Rocket in my own life.  But first... great news!

As of November 19th of this year, you'll be able to own ALL Adam and ALL Andrew episodes of TBAA.  Well, that is to say, you'll be able to own ALL TBAA episodes!  That's right!  Season 9 is coming to DVD!  You can read more about the release and see cover art here:

Awesome!  Or to be more Adamesque: Impressive...


God bless,

I know that many of you, like me, are deeply touched by the TBAA episode "Til Death Do Us Part."  Of particular note is the part where Andrew tells Jordan that he's glad the man was born.  Well, I'm very glad that Charles Rocket was born.  From the smallest things to significant parts of my life, he has had influence.  So I present...

Reasons I'm Glad Charles Rocket Was Born

- Every Halloween I get to spend 90 minutes pretending to be a kid again and kept in thrall by Dadcula, the Sanderson Sisters, and that dratted virgin who lit the black flame candle.  Also a talking cat.  And a zombie.  And Erin from "The Pact."  Not too shabby!

- I know some people thought it was paternalistic and prudish, however... I'm glad for the scene in "Fallen Angela"
where Adam is troubled by Monica's strapless dress.  I found my way back to that episode right around the time I was facing pressure to dress a bit more flirty.  It just wasn't my thing.  And Adam gave me the push to stand up for myself and keep wearing my hippie stuff... and straps.

- Whenever something goes wrong in my house, I may still be frustrated and even weepy.  However, I can (and do) comfort myself with the knowledge that (Hallelujah!) I do not have a Steve Moscow-type involved.  It brings a lil moment of gratitude and a laugh to an otherwise whiny time.

- His performance in "An Unexpected Snow" just adds a lil more hilarity to all my turkey sitings.  This was especially so the time turkeys literally crashed my date.  Weirdly, I'd had the thought before that were Adam real, he would not have approved of that particular would-be relationship.  So it just made it all the more amusing when his beloved birds walked right into the date.  It was the last date.

- While John certainly made a massive impact in my life with his portrayal of Andrew, there are occasions when I find myself needing to imagine AODs a bit more like Adam.  Maybe it was the fact that he seemed so tall.  Maybe it was that he was so handsome and dignified looking.  For whatever reason, I found Adam a bit intimidating when I was younger and sometimes that's exactly what ya need to have in mind to keep ya from doing something stupid.

- While we can never be entirely sure how things would have worked out "if only", there is no way to guarantee that I would have been a TBAA fan let alone helped found JABB if not for Charles Rocket.  My earliest memories of
TBAA involve the episodes "An Unexpected Snow" and "Fear Not!"  I was highly amused by Mr. Rocket's portrayal of Adam in the first and his gentleness in the latter.  Had those episodes not featured Adam, would I have kept tuning in?  I honestly don't know.  But there's a chance that I wouldn't have and that, as a result, JABB as we know it would not exist.  And because of JABB...

So, yes, I'm very glad Charles Rocket was born.  Happy birthday to him!


So as with last year, even though we're commemorating Mr. Rocket's birth, I'd like to give a lil attention to John Dye's work on TBAA, too.  Those of you on the YG got to hear about my misadventures with family members just stopping into my house... sometimes when I was there, sometimes not.  Because of that, I got to wondering just what sort of mischief might happen if the TBAA AODs started to feel comfortable just "borrowing" our homes.  True, they're much too polite to actually do that but supposing they did, here's...

Top Ten Signs AODs Have Stopped By Your Place

10.  The obvious: You walk in one day after work to discover Andrew and Adam sitting at your kitchen table sipping orange juice and ginger ale.  They inform you that it's been a rough day and this is how they unwind.  You're definitely cool with this.  Especially since they saved a glass for you.  Aww.

9.  Your Pandora.com account suddenly has a "Don't Fear the Reaper" station. 

8.  A men's flannel shirt is left draped over a chair.  You promptly steal it, of course!  Your house, your shirt now!

7.  They wouldn't only get up to mischief!  Eventually the tool belts would come out and, over time, all those squeaky cabinets and sticky doors would be a thing of the past.  So there's that!

6.  Your neighbors report to you that twice some unshaven man in glasses walked into your house and left shortly thereafter...  After that, he's never seen again.  Hmmm...

5.  When you go to pack your lunch, you can't find the sliced turkey.  You then notice a freshly dug hole in your backyard and discover Adam has buried it.

4.  All cakes and cookies in your home now have marks in the frosting where *someone* decided to sneak a taste.  Because apparently someone trying to clean your face with spit is gross but sticking your finger in someone else's cake is just fine.  Good thing the offender is darn cute.

3.  One day in October, you walk in to find that your Halloween candy has been discovered and someone has taken each piece and tied on a handwritten note reading "Abolish AOD prejudice!  Just say no to grim reaper propaganda!"  You decide this is adorable and leave it be.

2.  You left a strapless dress or top out for a quick change for the evening.  You come home to find someone has added a shrug or shawl and a note reading "Just to be safe?"

1.  You feel much more peaceful and happy in your place than ever before.  Congratulations!  You've been entertaining angels!  Sigh...


Okay, so Andrew and Adam (and Henry?) aren't really going to be crashing at our homes.  But time and again we've invited them and the fellows who brought them to life into our homes.  For many of us, that happened first via broadcast television, later via cable reruns, and now, thankfully, courtesy of DVDs.  Regardless of how it happened and when it started, Charles Rocket, Bruce Altman, and John Dye changed so many people's views of death and dying.  This newsletter is dedicated to them for coming into our homes and reminding us of the even better Home to come.


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