"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
~~Nelson Mandela

Hi all,

So this issue is short because, well, I'm writing a story.  But I swear it's a short one this time.  ;-)  Nonetheless, I did wanna have a lil back-to-school fun so I hope you enjoy!

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I'm not sure if many of our current members have ever wandered over to Ye Olde Map of Dyeland but if so, I'm sure you've noticed lots of outdated buildings designed for members who are no longer with us.  In addition, there's a lack of realism and maturity to it that's really no longer part of the Dyeland stories.  Nonetheless, I'm something of an archivist by nature so I can never bring myself to delete... only to add on.  Recently, Androoler University caught my eye.  It's not very practical.  Surely no degrees or credits there would carry any weight back on Earth.  And if any of the Dyelanders really wanted an education, the Tunnels seem a much better option.  And the name...  Poor Andrew should not have to blush every time the local school gets mentioned.  But, like I said, I have trouble deleting.  I have no trouble reimagining, however!  So I got to thinking that AU was probably more like a community learning center than a formal school.  They'd probably have classes specific to their group of friends.  But just what would those classes be?  Maybe there'd be sessions like these...

Cooking with Substance
Instructor: Adam
Course description: Do you enjoy meat but find yourself feeling guilty for the slaughter of majestic birds like the humble turkey?  Well now you can enjoy the tastiness of poultry without the guilt!  Join Adam as he teaches you how to cook with turkey-like substance (commonly known as TLS) and its offshoots: chicken-like substance, beef-like substance, and pork-like substance.  Cooking with seafood-like substance will be added to the curriculum in time for Lent.
Level of difficulty: Easy/Medium
Reviews: "I fed my family TLS for Thanksgiving last year after attending this class.  No one suspected anything amiss!  Adam is tons of fun, too!"
"Luscious food courtesy of Luscious.  How much better can it get?"

How to Make Recycled Jewelry and Accessories
Instructors: JenniAnn and Violeta
Course description: Turn paper clips into rings!  Form stunning barrettes out of coffee filters!  Make erasers into earrings!  Craft beads out of newspapers and used wrapping paper!  The possibilities are endless... and pretty!  And green!  Reduce, reuse, and recycle, after all!
Level of difficulty: Easy.  And cheap.  Really cheap.
Reviews: "Tons of fun!  Although one instructor gets misty-eyed every time we use paper clips and the other is bizarrely secretive about where she obtains the hair sticks we decorate in class."
"Best ring ever."

Eye Brow Raising for Beginners
Instructor: Andrew
Course description: You've seen him do it before.  You've even swooned over it.  Now you can get tips from Andrew himself about how to put your own eye brows to work!  Coursework includes mastering the "amused double eye brow lift", the "I am in the presence of a cretin and can't believe they're such a cretin single brow lift", the "I'm handsome/beautiful and know it tease lift", and many others. 
Level of difficulty: Difficult.  (From a prior student: "Hard to focus on own eye brows when Andrew's are so glorious... well worth the time, though!")
Reviews: "How the heck does he do that?!?  Does he have extra musculature in his eye brows or something!?"
"I love him..."

Be Your Own Barista
Instructor: Monica
Course description: Learn how to prepare the perfect cup of java!  Heaven's biggest fan of coffee won't steer you wrong as she teaches you how to make espresso, cappuccino, mocha, macchiatto, doppio, lattes, and so much more!  You'll also be given a history of caffeine dating back to that time Eve made Adam a dirty chai in apology for the whole forbidden fruit thing... or something like that.
Level of difficulty: Easy to Difficult depending on beverage and caffeine drunkenness at the time the recipe is attempted.
Reviews: "I LOVE COFFEE!  COFFEE!  COFFEE! COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Miss Wings has really gone too far.  Andrew, why are you letting her do this?"

Quidditch for Muggles
Instructors: Rose and Max
Course description: You'll be assigned to one of four teams and be given the role of Seeker, Chaser, Keeper, or Beater.  Bring your broomstick and come hunt for the Snitch with us!  Advanced classes to follow. 
Level of difficulty: Just plain Harry Potter fun!
Reviews: "Tons of fun even if we can't fly.  The instructors are so cute together, too!"
"I would take this class again and again.  Actually, I would take it... wait for it... always."

Singing 101
Instructor: Tess
Course description: One of Heaven's most glorious songbirds will help YOU find your voice!  Learn about pitch, timbre, annunciation, and how not to deafen your friends at the next Karaoke Night or round of Spin-the-Bottle: Dyeland Style.
Level of difficulty: Medium to Difficult... depending on ability.
Reviews: "The instructor is kind of intimidating.  Nice... but intimidating.  I love it when she sings."
"I enjoyed being in the class but still sound awful.  As Tess said, she's a teacher... not a miracle worker.  But at least I can make a joyful noise!"

Fencing with Andrew
Instructor: Andrew
Course description: Learn how to install and tend to the upkeep of fences.
Level of difficulty: Medium
Reviews: "I failed to read the class description and thought I'd be watching Andrew run around with a sword, all dressed in white.  That's not what this is.  But then he put on the tool belt and adios disappointment!"
"My favorite part was when we took a field trip to Andrew's house and he told us that just because he was installing a fence didn't mean we should be strangers... just that he needed something for the ivy and wisteria to climb up... and to put Christmas lights on!  He's so lovely..."

Sigh... wouldn't that be nice?


And now...

I'm going to teach!  Barely.  ;-)

So a very long time ago, we actually offered a gingerbread recipe because of all those Gingerbread Andrews that would pop up in newsletters.  But I don't think we've done any recipes since.  I take that back.  At some point I think maybe someone put in a Banana Split Cake recipe.  But I'm not even sure about that.  Thus, I am going to attempt... every so often... to throw in an Andrew, JABB, or TBAA themed recipe.  I might even think up something connected to other John Dye roles.  But right now I present the oh-so-easy recipe for...

Red Velvet Cake Dip

When next you receive a newsletter, it'll be in celebration of Andrew's Observed Birthday.  And what better way to celebrate our beloved AOD's birthday than with a yummy serving of sweet dip inspired by Andrew's favorite cake?  In keeping with the back-to-school theme, this would also be really good for a lil after-school snack.  All you need is:

Put the cake mix, yogurt, and whipped topping in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.  (Do NOT follow the directions for making the cake like throwing in eggs and oil and such.  You only need the mix itself.)  Once you've done that, it's instantly ready to eat although I prefer mine to sit in the fridge for a while and chill.  I then dip graham crackers, vanilla wafers, animal crackers, shortbread, or similar in the dip.  It's really good and because of the yogurt and lowfat topping, relatively healthy... well, depending on what cookies you use.  I also use the dip as frosting sometimes like on a plain doughnut or sweet bagel in lieu of cream cheese.  It also tastes great as a fruit dip. 

I've made this same recipe with various cake mixes, including lemon which was so good.  So the possibilities are limited only by what mixes you can get.  Enjoy!

If you have a recipe you'd like to share that ties into TBAA, JABB, or John's other work; please let me know.  I'd love to include it.  I think it'd be great to have JABB become a lil more useful.  At least sometimes!

Bon appetit!


This newsletter is dedicated to the broadening of my culinary horizons thanks to John's work.  Without John, I likely would never have tasted collard greens or grits or sweet potatoes or okra.  While this hasn't always been great... cue the french fry eating blitz after "Have You Seen Me?" (yes, I'd had french fries before but seeing Andrew eat them just made me want them... a lot...) at other times it has been awesome (frappuccinos... introduced to me by Andrew in "Random Acts").  I think fondly of him whenever I sip a ginger ale or sarsaparilla.  And I also think of him whenever I get food poisoning (thanks, Doc Hock!) but it's probably best to focus on the positives... like red velvet stuff.  :-)


JABB 393

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