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Hi everyone! Welcome to yet another JABB! We would just like to comment on how great the season premiere of Touched was. Its been a long summer and its great to have our favorite angels back! Especially one in particular 0:-) We look forward to some good character development for Andrew this season!

Birthday Cards:

We've gone a whole year with the JABB birthday cards so I, Jenni, decided it was time for a change. The JABB card is now totally different and I think a lot more fun. Instead of a web based e-card it is now a downloadable file. If you are unable to receive attachments but still want a birthday card please let me know ASAP. Those unable to accept attachments will receive a web- based card. Email me if you are unable to access attachments or would like to be added to our birthday list.

Okay, so in case you haven't noticed this newsletter is a tad late. Anyone care to guess why? Two words....... High School!!! Yes, that's right. Audrey and I have been slaving away on reports and presentations and labs and who knows what else! But we are now proud to present our own alternative to traditional high school. It's open to JABB members of all ages: Dye School. Read about some of the classes offered through Dye School.

Course name: Hair Appreciation 101

Objectives: Members of this class will study the color, length, body, and style of John's hair by previewing various episodes of TBAA. Examples are: 'Til We Meet Again, The Journalist, Flights of Angels, Liberty Moon, and Beautiful Dreamer. The culmination of this class will be an in-class debate over the "Long or Short" issue.

Course name: Making More from Less

Objectives: Students in this class will learn how to view allegedly "Andrew-deficient" episodes in a whole new, much more enjoyable light. Some techniques taught will be the "He's there you just can't see him" approach or the :Cut out a picture of Andrew and place it in the corner of your TV screen" method.

Course name: Karate 131

Objectives: By viewing John's two hit karate movies (Best of the Best and The Perfect Weapon) participants will not only learn karate techniques but also the fine art of gracefully falling on the mat, pavement, or floor. As an added bonus members of this class will get to see John in one of those white karate uniforms things.

Course name: The Art of Concern

Objectives: With Andrew as your guide you too can learn how to look amazingly concerned. Also taught are the stand in the background and nod and everyone's favorite...... the eyebrow arc.

Course name: A Brighter Future

Objectives: With an all new season comes new hope. Members of this class will obtain scripts and notes for future episodes in a top secret mission. They will then steal them, rewrite them with extra Andrew, smuggle them back into TBAA head quarters and anxiously await results.

Course name: JABB: A History

Objectives: A bit different from the other curriculum this class will give its students a behind the scenes look at how JABB is written. Students will also attempt to help Audrey and Jenni remember exactly how JABB came about.....

Top Ten Songs NOT to be sung by the AOD

10. "Heaven's missing an Angel, but I'm sorry, it's not you."

9. "I've come to take you're breath away"

8. "Sorry, I don't believe in you either."

7. "I'll walk on you"

6. "If you think living's bad...."

5. "We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Hell. Because, because, because, because, because of the terrible things you've done."

4. "Whatchya gonna do when I come for you?"

3. "The heat's not *that* bad"

2. "You'll never go to heaven"

1. "Another one bites the dust"


Newsletter 31