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Hey JABBers! It's time for another great issue of JABB with John in the spot light! However, even with all the great *John time* we've received with TBAA we weren't able to come up with too much. We had a good thing going, when we were 'intercepted,' so to say, by our *GASP* mothers! We do have these to offer you:

Dear JABB members:

Jenni was unable to complete JABB this week for I seem to have messed everything up. Please forgive me.

Jenni's Mom.

Dear JABB,

Audrey missed school yesterday because she was sick. No wait, she wasn't able to do JABB because I took over the computer. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Audrey's Mom.

However, since our parents took over when we got up from the computer, we decided to just record their conversation and use it for our JABB. Don't worry, they're both JD fans too! Here's what we started and *they* finished. Let us just apologize in advance for umm, whatever you'd call this!

Audrey & Jenni

Dear JABB Members,

Every so often we get asked by one of you exactly how JABB is written. So in this issue we are going to give you a little behind the scenes look. Sometimes we email each other ideas back and forth. But usually we use instant messages or chat rooms. So we're going to let you actually see how these chats go. Here's a look into one of our brainstorming chats:

Audrey: Well, how about another conversation?

Jenni: Yeah maybe.... We need something new. A totally different format. How about we write it in iambic pentameter?

Audrey: Huh?

Jenni: Sorry, just thinking of World Literature class. Sheesh.... That's scary.

Audrey: Okay, well we could parody something I suppose....

Jenni: Quick! Go turn on your TV! John's on Entertainment Tonight! BRB!!!!

Audrey: Okay!

[Jenni & Audrey both leave]

Mom: Hmm ... what's this? Jenni must have left the Internet on. Guess I might as well chat a bit. Maybe someone will come along....

Mom2: AUDREY!!!! YOU LEFT THE PUTER ON!!!! Oh, hi, sorry.

Mom: That's okay. Your Audrey's mom?

Mom2: Yes..... Who are you?

Mom: I'm Jenni's mom. I believe she and your daughter work together on some newsletter of some sort.

Mom2: Oh yes, job, jeb, jab.....


Mom2: Something like that.

Mom: Jenni talks about it all the time. She's somewhat secretive about it. I can't say I really know much about it. Do you?

Mom2: Not really. Although......

Mom: Yes?

Mom2: It was late one night and I got up for a drink of water and I heard Audrey typing away. So I went in and she didn't even notice. I happened to see what she was typing....

Mom: Yes???

Mom2: It was really weird something about a hairless Chihuahua and then another time she just kept typing and typing and all it was about was hair! An entire paragraph on hair!

Mom: Hmmm.... that's odd. You know come to think of it..... One time I saw Jenni making a webpage and it mentioned this Chiwawa, too. And of course John Dye.

Mom2: Ah yeah, him. I know it all comes down to *him*.

Mom: What exactly do you make of him? Jenni is constantly talking about him. "John said this, John did that, Andrew looked like..."

Mom2: Audrey can be the same way! Although, I can't really say much.... He is awfully good looking. Especially in those JEANS!! UMMMM!

Mom: Did you see the last episode?

Mom2: No. I had to miss it. Bills or something! But I did catch a glimps of Andrew in a suit dancing the Tango!

Mom: I wish he'd tango with me!

Mom2: You ain't the only one! But I'd sure like to see him dance in those jeans of his!

Mom: You sure do like those jeans. But I can't complain. I like them too!!

Mom2: Who wouldn't!

Mom: And that hair of his! Oh! If I wasn't already married!

Mom2: Well, send him my way! I'll take him!

Mom: Hey! What if our daughters come back and see this?

Mom2: Hmm. Guess we can't say anything bad now. Let's talk about something else.

Umm. That's enough of that. Since our parents so rudely interupted us, we made them finish JABB for us. Here's what they came up with.

Top Ten Things Parents Love About Andrew, the AOD and John, the actor

10. He doesn't cuss.

9. He looks good in jeans so the kids don't *have* to imagine him w/o them.

8. He's sweet.

7. He's good with kids.

6. He's not going to date them!

5. He's a true gentleman.

4. B/c of #5, he shows the guys how to act, and the girls what to expect.

3. He's religious.

2. He's not afraid of dying; yet not afraid of living.

1. He's NOT going to marry them!

Well, we hope this issue wasn't a total bomb. If it was, it's all our PARENTS' FAULT! And no, we're not scapegoating! (Ok, so we are, but I've got a sociology final coming up and needed to use the word!)


Newsletter 32