“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things
that escape those who dream only at night.”
~Edgar Allan Poe

Hi all,

Welcome to another exciting newsletter!  Okay, so maybe it's not exciting.  In fact, this issue is more administrative than anything.  But I really hope people like the ideas I've come up with.  And, if not, I did tag on a lil something that's fun and frivolous.  Enjoy!

But first, our next issue will be about Andrew's observed birthday.  So if you'd like to send birthday wishes to Angel Boy for inclusion in that, please send them to me no later than Sept. 18th.

God bless,

Help Wanted!!!

Do you enjoy receiving the JABB newsletter?

Do you spend time perusing the web site, pondering the awesomeness that is Andrew, Adam, the actors who played them, and more?

Do you wish you could have a more proactive role in JABB but you're just not sure where to start?

Do you value my sanity?  ;-)

If you answered yes to any of the above then I have an offer for you!  Join the JABB Squad!!!  Why the JABB Squad?  Because I can't think of a better name for it.  So your first mission as a member of the JABB Squad: devise a better name. 

The JABB Squad will be very much like what the JABB Sisterhood used to be.  Membership is always open and it's not just for certain members.  If you feel you have something to offer, we'd love to have you!  You'll receive your own virtual JABB Squad "business" card that you can print and show off to your friends and family... or hide in your sock drawer along with your drool bucket. 

My idea is very open-ended.  Basically I'd just like to have some people that would be willing to help out with the newsletters or web site here and there.  And if you join, you can come up with your own title!  Ya know, just so long as it's not hurtful to anyone or anything like that.  You know your talents and gifts best but off the top of my head here are some slots in the JABB Squad I was able to come up with and would like to have people fill:

1.  Supreme Proofreader- Basically this person would just have a good grasp of the English language and be willing to proofread JABB newsletters and maybe the occasional non-newsletter web page.  Bonus: You could get to preview stories and such.

2.  Official Checker of the Gloriously Adorable Photo Gallery- With Hallmark hopefully starting to air Season 5 of TBAA again soon, I hope to get back to updating the photo gallery.  It would be great to have one or more people who could just glance through those pages and make sure I don't repeat a photo, have a broken photo, etc.

3.  She Whom Spots the Dead Links and Reporteth Them- So sometimes I get going a little quickly with updating the web pages and occasionally I might mistype or incorrectly copy a link.  So this person would just be on the look out for links that don't work and then report any dead or broken ones to me as they find em.

There's three but I know the possibilities are endless.  If you think you'd like to do something, run it by me. 

Here are a few general notes that apply regardless of what "title" people choose:

1.  Accepting a role does not mean you'd be expected to do it all the time.  If you volunteer for, say, Supreme Proofreader that does not mean you'd have to proofread every single newsletter.  In many cases that wouldn't even be possible cause they're written too soon before I send them to everyone to have time for proofreading. 

2.  That being said, please don't volunteer just to get a title and business card and then do nothing. 

3.  I suppose I better just fess up and admit that I'm starting this because juggling all existing aspects of JABB, a full-time job, and being a home owner is starting to become impossible.  So, really, if you can think of anything you might like to do with JABB then I would love to hear it.

So that's it!  Any comments, questions, ideas, offers, etc... I'd love to hear em!  I hope to count you among the members of the possibly-to-be-renamed JABB Squad!

Now for something funny...  I hope...

The Best Work/School-Time Andrew Day Dreams

Last year I gave tips on how to work Andrew into your school days for those of you that were headed back to those hallowed halls.  But this year I thought I'd take a bit more whimsical, dreamy approach.  If you were like me, TBAA inspired a whole heckuva lot of day dreams concerning Andrew.  Since the show's no longer being produced, I thought I'd try to inspire some of those day dreams here on JABB. With this being back to school time for many, I decided to zero in on more work/school related day dreams.  Here goes...

1.  The Substitute Professor Day Dream- Your calculus prof just got called for jury duty.  Your classmates are all cheering, hoping the dean will have forgotten to call in a sub.  And then *he* walks in.  He's wearing slacks and one of those cute, cuddly shirt, tie, sweater ensembles.  He announces that Professor What's His/Her Face didn't leave their lesson plan so he's just going to sit in the class room and if people have any questions about recent homework or anything, he'll be happy to help.  Otherwise, they can leave.  ALL your classmates leave and since Andrew did say he'd answer questions about homework OR *anything*, you spend the afternoon talking to each other about your lives.  Your professor gets stuck deliberating for a full week and so every day it's just you and Andrew.  At week's end he reveals who and what he is and you're completely understanding and he's so psyched to have a human friend whose initial reaction isn't "AH!  Death!  Get away!" that he continues to visit you long after Prof. What's His/Her Face is liberated from the jury room.

2.  The Campus/District Wanderer Day Dream- This one's for the altruists or "need to be needed" crowd.  You're walking around campus or the area surrounding your work place.  You see *him.*  He looks distressed and side-tracked.  You approach him and ask if he needs help.  He assures you he's just fine and gives you one of his "I'm saying I'm fine even though I'm not because I have problems opening up emotionally" smiles.  After some prodding, you're able to get him to your office, dorm, the chapel, or some other at least semi-secluded place.  You then shock him by announcing that you know exactly who and what he is and since his people have been helping your people since time immemorial, you want to help him.  It's only fair.  And if he doesn't let you, you'll play the "What if..." game the rest of your life and does he really want to saddle you with that???  Andrew will be swayed by your logic and emotional appeal and open up.  Thus begins a beautiful friendship that gets you through many a long work/school day.

3.  The Delivery Man Day Dream- Yes, it's totally cliche.  But you can work with it!  It's around noon and you're just exiting the campus book store or cafeteria or you're at the front desk of your work place.  A FedEx, UPS, etc. delivery man walks in and you recognize him immediately.  The "Andrew" emblazoned on his uniform doesn't hurt, either.  Dazed and massively swoony, you watch him and may even sign for the packages he's delivering, squeaking out your name for verification.  Then, heart still racing and still dazed... you watch him leave.  All the while screaming at yourself inwardly for not saying anything.  Luckily, his truck has experienced some sort of breakdown and thus he must wait at least an hour for the tow truck to arrive.  Now's your chance!  You offer to buy him lunch and at first he resists.  This is when you sneak in "I know who you are and I'd really, really love to talk to you."  He'll be so struck that he'll agree and thus you will spend the best lunch hour of your life in Andrew's company.  Now this is the part where daydream you will need to seek help from dedicated co-workers and/or friends: obtain a large box.  Make sure Andrew is distracted while talking to the the tow-truck driver or something.  Place the large box in the front of the truck, near where Andrew will be seated.  Climb into the box, bringing scissors or a box cutter with you.  Ask your helpers to tape it up, label it, and punch a few air holes.  Sit tight while Andrew drives away (after being told by your helpers that they definitely need that box delivered and they thought they'd help him out by loading it in for him since he's obviously had a tough day as is).  Once he's at his next stop, get out of the box.  When he returns to the truck, declare your undying love or friendship or both or whatever eternal bond you want to (just as long as he's not left to think you're looking for something he can't give cause that would be bad and hurtful).  The truth is, he's probably still going to drop you back off at your work place or school.  But you'll be sending Andrew out into the world knowing that, far from being reviled or misunderstood, there's at least one human out there that loves him enough to spend some time in a FedEx box.  Aww.

4.  The Bohemian Wonderland Day Dream- For the artsy, romantic folks.  A personal favorite.  In this one you arrive at your dorm or office to discover there is a newbie among the group.  Your heart soars when you recognize him as Andrew.  This day dream requires a bit more tact and patience than the previous ones.  In this one you spend some time with Andrew, never letting him know that you know who he is.  You work together on lots of awesome community-building projects like: organizing poetry readings, volunteer outings, trips to the theatre, etc.  Andrew eventually moves on, leaving your group transformed and closer, and that memory of humans and angels working together will stick with him.  So much so that after his next upsetting assignment, God will more or less drop him off at your door step.  This is when you tearfully let him know that you knew from day one who and what he was and loved him anyway.  Then you tell him how much everything he helped bring about at your work place/ school meant to everyone.  He hears from the Father then that this was the plan all along and the both of you are supposed to start some angel/human task force bringing joy, love, good will, generosity, and culture to other groups in need of a sense of togetherness.  Also, at some point you end up sharing a house filled with mismatched furniture, tie-dyed items, lotsa music, and lovingly handmade bric-a-brac.  Feel free to turn this one into a musical.

5.  The Dream I Will Likely Actually Have- You're in a huge room filled with people.  You see Andrew and try to get to him but can't make it through the crowd.  Or you're walking around town.  The sidewalks are teeming with people.  You can see Andrew half a block ahead of you.  You run to catch up and nearly do but he turns the corner and disappears just before you reach him...  Sigh...  One day you'll catch up!

6.  Just Go to Bed- Seriously.  Go to sleep.  I'm beginning to think an alarmingly high percentage of our membership are sleep-deprived.  So maybe try to sleep and actually dream!  Who knows, he just might show up!


JABB 282

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