“A good deed is never lost:
he who sows courtesy reaps friendship;
and he who plants kindness gathers love.”

Hi all,

Yay!  Another celebration of Andrew's birthday on a completely random date since he likely predated any calendar including whatever the raptors and triceratops might have used.  ;-)

I hope you enjoy the festivities!  This year I mostly went for games cause I get the feeling a lil lighthearted distraction might be nice!

God bless,

Birthday Wishes from Dyeland

Before I get to the games, there are a few birthday messages to Andrew from his friends in Dyeland so here goes!


Happy Birthday Andrew.  I wish you the best now and far into the future.  Thanks for being one of my taste testers.
Lady Beth


Happy Birthday buddy.  It's been a slice.  I know we'll have many more years of highs...and lows...but it's worth it in the end.  Let's get together soon for another gig.  Henry


Hey there, Dearest and Loveliest of all Andrews who is My Skin Horse and Swan Boat and also a Darling Boy who also happens to be an Angel Boy...  Happy birthday!!!  I know, of course, it's not really your birthday but I'm so glad we have this day to celebrate you!  And your flannel shirts.  Speaking of which... enjoy these!  They can replace the ones some of us, uh, borrowed.  ;-)



Hi there, Andrew,

So now is this the big 4 O O O O O O O O?  ;)  Rose told me to ask. 

Regardless of how truly ancient you may be, I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you.  I'm glad we've become friends.  You make me feel young since the upper 80s is nothing compared to your age.  Except when you whoop me at pool.  It's been fun... humbling but fun.


Andrew's Birthday Trivia Quiz!

I thought it might be fun to engage in a few birthday appropriate party games!  Most of these are inspired by games we played at parties when I was in grade school.  So I guess Andrew's getting thrown an 8 year old girl's party.  ;-)  In any case, first, here's a little Andrew-themed trivia quiz.  Some of the questions are from material that originated with JABB.  Other questions originate with TBAA.  Have fun and good luck!

1.  Which of the following is NOT one of Andrew's nicknames?
A.  Amish Boy
B.  Skin Horse
C.  Luscious
D.  Poor Love

2.  What breed is Andrew's dog, Lulu?
A.  German Shepherd
B.  Husky
C.  Jack Russell Terrier
D.  Basset hound

3.  Which sport did Andrew and Dawn (from "We Trust to Thee") lead up opposing teams for?
A.  Baseball
B.  Bowling
C.  Basketball
D.  Rugby

4.  What costume has Andrew NOT worn for a Dyeland Halloween party?
A.  Umpire
B.  Abraham Lincoln
C.  Scarecrow
D.  Cowboy

5.  What is the name of the dog Andrew is caring for in "Venice"?
A.  Butch
B.  Grace
C.  Cassie
D.  Buddy

6.  What is the name of the baby Andrew, adorably, spends time with in "Jagged Edges"?
A.  Lily
B.  Maggie
C.  Deidre
D.  Britney

7.  What is the name of the lady that dies (in a quite enviable way, I must say) at the end of the Season 9 opener?
A.  Agnes
B.  Loraine
C.  Wanda
D.  Mildred

8.  One Christmas in Dyeland, Andrew received a new pocket watch.  What message is engraved inside?
A.  "To Andrew, love from Dyeland!"
B.  "I love you"
C.  "You are never alone"
D.  "Peace and love, always"

9.  Which dance does Andrew teach in "The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life"?
A.  Tango
B.  Rumba
C.  Waltz
D.  Jitterbug

10.  In one of JABB's historical flashback stories, Andrew has a horse.  What is the horse's name?
A.  Black Beauty
B.  Serenity
C.  Starling
D.  Midnight

11.  What is the name of Andrew's house in Dyeland?
A.  Tranquility
B.  Serendipity
C.  Haven
D.  Transcendence

12.  Which fake surname has Andrew not used?
A.  Butterworth
B.  Ellis
C.  Godman
D.  Locksley

Andrew's Birthday Memory Tray Game!
(or whatever it's called)

This is definitely a game we used to play at birthday parties when I was a little girl.  Unfortunately, it doesn't translate really well online.  You're gonna have to be on the honor system!  Usually how this is done is the host puts a bunch of items on a tray.  The participants then get, say, sixty seconds to look at the tray.  The tray is then covered and whomever can recall the most items wins!  I can imagine the Dyelanders enjoying this.  So if you wanna get a feel for what they might be up to, click the link below.  Look at the photos for 60 seconds then X out of the screen.  Jot down what items you remember.  If you're curious to see how you rank, email me what you got and I'll post the results over on the JABB Scoreboard which has been woefully abandoned for years!  Same goes for all these games.


Andrew's Birthday Word Game!

More of a word person?  See how many words you can come up with using ONLY the letters in this phrase:

"Hey, ain't it nifty?  Andrew's turning a bazillion and fifty!"

That number, of course, is not accurate but shouldn't affect the outcome of the game.  ;-)

Andrew's Birthday Pictionary!

Finally, who doesn't love playing Charades at a birthday party?  Unfortunately, that's virtually possible to translate online although, again, I'm sure the Dyelanders would be enjoying just such a game today.  I'm very jealous of them...  So, instead, you can play another game that was a party staple back in the day.  Below I've drawn (rather horribly) depictions of stuff related to Andrew.  See if you can guess them!  And now you should all know why I write JABBs typically and do NOT draw them.  ;-)

Well, that's all!  I hope ya had fun!  Answers will be added on or before Thursday September 24th so check back!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!!

(Click here for all answers)


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