"Everybody's got a hold on hope.
It's the last thing that's holding me."
~ from the Guided by Voices' song "Hold on Hope"

Hi all,

So... I'd had about 3 different plot lines in mind for things I wanted to do with Dyeland.  When I started this one it was mostly to continue on with what I'd started in JABB 229.  But I ended up checking another couple things off my to-do list: introduce a new character who will be making infrequent reappearances in the future and also find out what's up with a character that hasn't been mentioned for some time... with good reason. 

Also, this is a sorta season finale.  Cause everyone else is doing it!  However, unlike with actual TV shows, Dyeland's next season starts in about two weeks.  Or less if you're on the YG.  ;-)

In any case, I hope you enjoy this lil glimpse into Dyeland's immediate future.  For various reasons I decided to set this story during next weekend.  I also hope all of you with a 3 day weekend are enjoying it!

God bless,

May 31st, 2008
Dyeland City

Taking her first sip of coffee for the morning, Lady JenniAnn switched on her computer and patiently waited for it to load.  Once it was ready she wasted no time in getting Outlook up and sifting through the morning's emails.  She smiled at an email from Andrew, groaned at a none-too-subtle spam email, and then...  the Dyeland Times?!?  Had someone started another newspaper?  Why hadn't she been told about it?  The Dyelanders discussed these things!  Anxious, JenniAnn opened the email and then clicked the link it led her to, half expecting it to be a practical joke sent by one of her friends.  What she saw was not at all what she'd expected...

Vincent and Catherine: Romance on the rocks?

Andrew and 'Laja' Plan July Wedding, Tess Fumes

Rose: Not So Rosy?

Exclusive Interview with Nigel: I Hate Tea

Feeling woozy, JenniAnn picked up the phone and dialed.  She hoped she'd catch Mick before he went to bed for the day.

"This is Mick St. John.  How may I help you?"

"I'm not getting married!!!" JenniAnn shrieked.

The private investigator cleared his throat.  "No, I guess not.  But if you're happy, does it really matter?" he asked, sympathetic if slightly confused.

"There is some tabloid or something saying I'm getting married to... to Andrew!!!  Ack!  Matthew 22!!!  Also, Rose is apparently depressed, my cousins are getting divorced, and Nigel hates tea.  What the heck!?!  I don't know who sent this!!!"  JenniAnn was madly clicking around the web site, hoping for some hint as to the identity of the web site's creator.  She found nothing.  "Oh... this is terrible.  I wonder who else got this?  Oh, fantastic, Yva crashed the Wonkavator.  Right..."  She moved to another section of the site and groaned.

"Okay, you need to calm down.  I'll be right there.  I have a hacker friend, do you mind if I bring him?  He's a vamp so if you don't want me to..."

"I don't care if you bring Count Dracula and the Loch Ness Monster but, please, help us."

"Right.  No problem.  Just give Drac, Nessie and me half an hour.  Try not to pan..."

"OH!!!!!  I so did NOT go shopping at Victoria's Secret.  That place is creepy and we don't even have one!!!!"

"Ic.  Take a deep breath.  We'll be right there.  And I think you better get Andrew there if he's around.  I'll see you very soon, JenniAnn."

"Thanks, Mick."  JenniAnn hung up, took a deep breath, and dialed Andrew's number.  All while suspiciously eying a photo of him apparently leaving a tuxedo shop, the facade of which looked amazingly like the Cafe...


Thirty minutes later Andrew and JenniAnn opened the front door of Willowveil Castle to find Mick and another man who looked to be about 21.  The latter stared wide eyed with his mouth hanging open. 

"Logan, this is Andrew.  And this is JenniAnn.  Andrew and JenniAnn, Logan," Mick introduced.

"This is totally... AWESOME!" the hacker enthused, gazing around the main entry even as he shook hands with Andrew and JenniAnn.  "Dude, how come it takes you forever to tell me about your cool friends?  It's a frigging castle!!!

JenniAnn was clearly amused but Andrew could tell she was also getting extremely anxious.  "Welcome to Dyeland, Logan.  We'd be happy to give you a tour later but if you could just look into our little... problem." 

"Come on, Logan.  Work, first.  Orc hunting later," Mick added. 

"There are orcs?!" Logan asked, practically jumping up and down.

"No!  Mick was just joking.  Geez Mick, how can you joke about something as sacred as the travails of Middle Earth?" JenniAnn asked, blatantly trying to appease the younger man all while steering him into the office.

Mick rolled his eyes as Andrew tried to cover a chuckle.

"Okay, this is the computer I opened it up on.  There's the email and here... is the web site.  I also opened it up on that computer," she waved to a desk a few feet away, "so you can look at the site while Logan does his thing, Mick."

"Sounds like a plan."  Mick sat down in front of the computer and began clicking.  "Andrew, could you come over here?"

Andrew looked from Mick to JenniAnn who had taken a seat next to Logan. 

 "I could really use your help IDing when these photos might have been taken," Mick added.  "It might help us figure out who took them."

"Right, okay."  Andrew cast one more glance over at Logan and then sat by Mick.

"I wouldn't have brought him if he was a threat," Mick explained quietly.  "Okay, now here you are apparently leaving a tuxedo shop.  When was this?"

"Never!  If you look that's actually the Cafe.  That sign that says 'Best man's special: Rent one tux, get the second half off' actually said 'Try our new vanilla chai frappuccino today!'  I think it was last Saturday."

"And do you remember when JenniAnn wore this white dress?"

Andrew shook his head.  "I, uh, don't generally remember what she wears but she said that's actually a pink dress she wore last Tuesday.  And that Tiffany's bag she's holding had originally been that beat up messenger bag she usually has."

"So we clearly have a PhotoShop junkie on our hands.  Any chance this is an inside job?"

Andrew shook his head adamantly.  "No one here would ever do this.  Even as a joke.  If Vincent wasn't on the site, maybe.  But no one here would put him at risk.  The danger this could unleash..."  Andrew bowed his head, his expression very grave.


At the other computer JenniAnn was looking on in awe as Logan performed a series of tasks and numbers and characters flew across the screen.

"This will take a few moments.  So how do you and Mick know each other?" Logan asked.

"He fought with my Grandpa in the war.  Then one day he just showed up here.  God did it, I guess," she answered.

"And Andrew?  He's not one of us but he doesn't seem like one of you, either.  Is he, like, some sort of wizard or elf or something?"

JenniAnn laughed.  "Umm... no.  I kinda thought Mick woulda told you."

"I saw the web site said angel of death but I figured that was metaphorical, right?" Logan looked to JenniAnn fully expecting confirmation.  "Like his spells have been known to take out a few people?"  Logan started miming a wizard whirling around a wand.

Despite the truly uncharacteristic image of Andrew, the woman laughed.  "No, Andrew would never bring anyone harm.  He really is an angel sent by God to tell people God loves them.  And when their time in the mortal worlds is over, Andrew or one like him takes them Home.  To Heaven."

Logan slunk back in his chair.  "Wow..."

"Yeah, I know."  JenniAnn sighed and looked across the room at Andrew who was speaking animatedly to Mick.  His hand was running through his hair in that typical, concerned gesture. 

"And you're the mortal princess who's in love with him?" Logan asked eagerly as if he were merely listening to one of his beloved fantasy novels.

JenniAnn smiled.  "Guilty as charged.  Dropped the princess thing, though, but not the other part..."  The woman snapped to attention then.  "And that's why we need to figure this out.  Our life here hinges a lot on secrecy.  Can you imagine if it got out that there were angels of death here?  Especially with this sorta ridiculous misinformation!  Everyone from devotees to people angry about the death of a loved one would show up.  And then there's my godfather," JenniAnn gestured over to Andrew and Mick who were at that moment scanning the page about Vincent and Catherine.  "If his existence is made known..."  JenniAnn began to tear up.  "I'm sure you understand."

Logan was clearly uncomfortable but not unmoved.  He turned back to the computer and began typing away.  "We'll get to the bottom of this, I promise." 

There were a few moments of Logan typing, Mick and Andrew jotting down notes of times and dates photos were taken, and JenniAnn pacing around the room.  Then suddenly Logan jumped up, fist pumping the air.

"Score one for Calrissian!!!" he shouted.  The other three drew near and stared at the computer. 

"That's not my desktop!" JenniAnn exclaimed, nose turned up at a scantily clad woman on the screen. 

"Nope, but that's the desktop of the person who sent you that email.  I got remote access to his computer.  Let's see what we have..." Logan moved the cursor around the computer and to My Documents.  He scanned a series of text files and jpgs.

"Stop!" Andrew shouted.  "Scroll back up.  Look!"  The angel of death pointed to a lone icon that looked like a miniature film reel. 

"The JABBies..." Mick read, confused.

"It's the Emcee!  He's stalking us now!"  JenniAnn returned to her prior pacing but then glanced at Andrew.  She could see the memory flash across his face.  The Emcee standing on the stage, looking snide. "And our final honoree, being presented the 'Most Spectacular Emotional Breakdown JABBy' is... Andrew for devolving into an emotional mess last November and alienating pretty much everyone in the first two rows!" he'd said.  Andrew had gone first red faced then pale and sunk in his chair in the auditorium.  He seemed to be doing the same thing now.  JenniAnn returned to the group, set her hand on Andrew's arm, and filled Mick and Logan in.

Mick shook his head.  "Nigel mentioned that guy to me.  He sounds like bad news.  My guess would be that he's somehow gotten access to your emails and then comes here to get photos based on your whereabouts as stated in those.  I suggest you write an email.  Make it really irresistible like... a break up.  Make it sound very dramatic and it will bring him here.  We'll scope the area out and catch him in the act."

JenniAnn bit her lip.  "But send the email to who?"

"I didn't notice a security problem on this computer.  This emcee guy could have hacked into any of your friends'
systems.  I think you'll have to send it to them all," Logan answered.

"It seems like lying," Andrew added, frowning.

"Do you really think any of your friends will believe it?  They won't.  But the... absurdness of it will bring them here and that's more eyes to keep watch for this guy," Mick explained.

Andrew sighed and again brushed his hand through his hair.  "I guess we should go for it."  He looked to JenniAnn then as Logan cut off remote access and restored her desktop.  "Laja, can you write the email?  Or do you want me to?"

"I'll do it.  It's better that I lie than you do!  If it is a lie..."  She shrugged and then took the seat Logan had given up.  She began to type:

Greetings all,

I just wanted to let you know that Andrew and I are finished.  He...

"I don't know what to write!  I can't think of anything bad to write!"

Andrew tried to suppress a blush.  "There has to be something.  It's okay."

With a dramatic sigh JenniAnn resumed typing.

sometimes wears shoes with tassels that I think look goofy.

"That's it!  That's all I've got!"

"Let me try."  Mick took her place and began typing.

He is not attentive to my needs and does not allow me to be me.  I do not feel that I am valued in this relationship and that my contributions to it are underappreciated.  

"Wow, it's like watching an episode of Oprah," Logan smirked.

"Shut up.  I got bored waiting for Beth to get ready last weekend and O was the only magazine she had around," Mick answered defensively.  He began typing again.  Even Andrew and JenniAnn laughed as he did.

I am so going over to his place and wreaking havoc.  Nobody messes with this girl and gets away with it, honey.  Fare thee well, JenniAnn

Mick hit Send as everyone held their breath.  "And now we go to Serendipity to wreak some havoc."  He stood up and headed out.

Andrew and JenniAnn looked at each other warily but then followed Mick and Logan who was already bounding after him.


Because of the bright sunlight, the four took the tunnels underneath Dyeland City and entered Serendipity from the basement.  JenniAnn immediately grabbed the phone and called Catherine's cell to warn she and Vincent to stay out of Dyeland until further notice.  No sooner had she hung up than there was pounding on the front door.  Andrew peaked out.

"It's Adam."  He opened the door to allow his fellow angel of death in.

"Did I sleep for almost an entire year last night and it's already April Fool's Day again?" Adam asked as soon as he was inside.

Before anyone could answer there was another knock.  Andrew let Lady Beth, Countess Jennifer, and Henry in that time.

Lady Beth immediately put her hand on JenniAnn's forehead.  "Are you feeling okay?" 

Another knock left her question unanswered as this time Yva, Nigel, Willy and Rose poured into the entry way.

"Next time you decide to play 'soap opera star' can someone please forewarn us?" Yva requested with a smirk.

Nigel was shaking his head.  "Very strange.  I am not sure it is entirely proper to play such a game on one's friends."

"I'm not sure this is a game," Rose added, eying Mick and the newcomer.

"This rocks!  Willy Wonka!"  Logan rushed, at an inhuman speed, towards the candy maker.

Willy looked startled for a moment then smiled.  "Pleased to meet you, young man."  He offered Logan his hand and after they shook Logan pulled his hand away to reveal a gobstopper.

"I can't even eat this but it still totally rocks!  I am so going to put this on my shelf right by my Star Wars lunch box!" the
vampire enthused as the others looked at him curiously.

Mick cleared his throat.  "Everyone, this is my computer guy and friend, Logan."  Logan's face lit up to hear himself
called friend.  "Everyone, Logan.  We'll make proper introductions later.  I'm sure everyone has questions but please hold them until JenniAnn and Andrew explain.  We're short on time."

Everyone listened as JenniAnn told them about receiving the email.  Andrew then picked up the tale and told about the myriad edited photos, Logan discovering the JABBies video, and the resulting suspicions.  Then they all listened attentively as Mick explained the plan to catch the Emcee.


Everyone except Andrew, JenniAnn, Rose and Yva left Serendipity and moved to the yard below to keep watch for the Emcee.  The four climbed the stairs to Andrew's room where JenniAnn opened the doors leading onto the balcony, yelled something about making Andrew pay, and then withdrew again into the room.

"Here, throw this," Andrew offered, holding out a sweater.

"No!  I love your gray sweater!  I don't want to throw it out the window!"  JenniAnn shook her head adamantly.

Rose grabbed it from Andrew.  "It could snag."

Andrew chuckled.  "Okay.  Then let me see what else I can find."  He joined Yva who was already sifting through his closet.  He grabbed another shirt.  Yva grabbed it back.

"No flannel.  We love the flannel.  She's not throwing it," she informed Andrew in no uncertain terms.

Andrew looked from one woman to the other.  "Do I have any clothing items you are not personally and deeply attached to?"  He gave a wry smile.

The three thought. 

Andrew took the opportunity to resume his search.  His hand landed on a bit of green which he pulled out only to be met with "NOOO!" in what seemed to be stereo surround sound.

"Drop the green shirt now!" Rose demanded, grinning from ear to ear.

Andrew obediently handed it to her.  "I guess I should be flattered and I am but... we need to follow through with Mick's plan to get the Emcee's attention."  He thought and then his face lit up.  The three ladies watched as he crouched down and pulled something from the bottom of his closet.  He approached JenniAnn with the box. 

"How would you like to launch these out the window, Laja?"  Andrew looked at her expectantly as he opened the box to reveal two tan, tasseled shoes.

Yva laughed.  "Oh now this'll be good!"

Hesitantly, JenniAnn reached for them.  She walked towards the balcony, drew them out of the box, took another two steps, then spun around.  "I'm sorry, I just can't throw your one and only imperfection out the window."

Andrew stepped towards her and shook his head.  "It's okay.  Just throw them.  They probably won't even get scuffed.  Besides, those are not my 'one and only imperfection.'"

 "They are to me," she said softly.

Rose and Yva looked from one to the other of their friends.  Finally, Rose took the shoes from JenniAnn and returned them to the closet.

"Linens," Yva began.  "We'll get linens to throw.  Andrew, do you care very much about your pillow cases, cloth napkins, table cloths, etc."

Andrew looked to her, beaming.  "No!  That's a great idea!"  He left the room and returned with a bundle of linens, dumped them on the bed, and then looked to JenniAnn.  She giggled in relief and grabbed a tea towel and a tablecloth.


Adam watched from the lawn waiting for... a cape?  Had JenniAnn just thrown a cape?  He didn't even know Andrew still had one of those. 

"It is a tablecloth," Nigel announced quietly, picking it up.  "I thought they would be throwing garments?"

Willy shrugged.  "As long as they're not throwing chocolate.  It would be a sad waste."

Mick, donning sunglasses and a borrowed baseball cap, smiled and looked up at the window.  Down came a pillow sham as JenniAnn shouted "Not attentive to my needs!"  In fact, anything she'd yelled had been pulled directly from his email.  He hoped the Emcee didn't see through the charade but also envied someone who clearly had no experience with acrimonious breakups.

"Such-a-shame.  Thought-they-were-happy," Lady Beth intoned loudly as if scripted. 

"I-know," Countess Jennifer answered.  "Too-bad.  I-wonder-what-happened."

"I'm underappreciated!" JenniAnn screeched then let a beach towel fall. 

"I-guess-he-underappreciated-her," Henry answered, mimicking the two women's tone and striving to hold in his laughter.

Adam grabbed the towel once it fell to the ground.  He started laughing.  "I was not aware Andrew loved Buzz Lightyear so much."  He displayed the cartoon spaceman on the towel with a wink.


Mick and Logan both turned to a grove of trees while the others continued to stare up at Andrew's balcony.

"Aaaah!  I'm wreaking havoc!"  Out came a handful of napkins.


It was unmistakable this time and Mick and Logan dashed to the trees with Adam trailing them at a slower but still speedy pace.

By the time Adam reached the tree, the two vampires already had a startled man huddled on the ground.  Mick was removing the memory card from his camera while Logan railed on.

"Doesn't mess with Dyeland, buddy!  We won't let you!"  His chest was puffed up proudly.  "You're going down!"  He looked to Adam and Mick for approval. 

"Great job," Adam told him as Mick continued to scope the area for any other cameras.

Logan beamed and whispered something involving the name Calrissian.

The Emcee looked up at Adam, more afraid of him than the two who had yanked him out of the tree he'd been perched in prior to wrestling him to the ground.  Adam unceremoniously pulled the man up by his shoulders and led him to City Hall.  Andrew, JenniAnn, Rose, and Yva had rejoined the group as soon as JenniAnn had given the alert that the Emcee was down.  All but JenniAnn and Logan followed Adam and the Emcee into one of the boardrooms.  Adam indicated for the intruder to sit.

"What are you doing here?" Adam demanded.

"He said he'd protect me!" the Emcee cried.  "Please don't hurt me!  I'm sorry!"

Andrew had been consulting with Mick but whipped around to stare at the Emcee.  "No one is going to hurt you but who is *he*?  And who are you for that matter?"

The man squirmed.  "I'm Patrick.  I live in one of the other otherworlds, originally from Philadelphia.  I don't know who he is.  It was months ago and some guy offered to pay me $10,000 to demoralize and eventually disband Dyeland.  He gave me $5,000 for the JABBies.  The rest was to come after the Dyeland Times leaked.  He offered more if more work was necessary."

"What did this man look like?" Andrew pressed.

Patrick shrugged.  "I guess a little like you.  Slighter build maybe.  Blue eyes.  Eerily blue, actually."

Andrew grew pale. 

"Eben," Henry muttered. 

"Maybe.  You think you know him?" Patrick asked. 

"I'm afraid so," Andrew answered.  "At least I think I do.  I'll be right back."

Everyone watched as he left the room, shoulders sagging.

Before Andrew had returned, JenniAnn and Logan re-entered carrying her laptop.  Logan sat it on the table near Patrick and set to work.  This time he was much quicker in getting remote access.  He turned the computer to face Patrick.

"Open your FTP program," the vampire demanded, a little shakily. 

Mick smiled, knowing that Logan was not in the habit of giving orders outside a video game.

Patrick did so obediently. 

"Delete the entire web site."  Logan and Adam watched as Patrick selected every last file on the server and deleted. 

Reclaiming the computer, Logan quickly restored JenniAnn's screen.  "Now try to visit the site."

Nervously, JenniAnn took a seat, opened her email, and went to Dyeland Times.  She sighed with relief.  Never had an error page been more welcome!  "It's gone!" she enthused. 

"But what about any cached versions?"  Rose still looked concerned.

"I'll do a sweep later and get into whatever databases I need to to delete the files," Logan promised.

Andrew re-entered the room then, carrying something covered in a sheet.  He pulled the sheet off but held the item away from the view of the others.  He shook his head then turned it around.

Everyone stared at the canvas.  It looked to be a scene of two stable hands in the 1500s.  One was unmistakably Andrew and the other just as certainly Eben.

"That's him!" Patrick exclaimed, pointing at Eben.  "But how is he... is he an angel, too?"  He looked up to Andrew for confirmation.

Andrew found himself struggling to speak just then.  Yva was nearest him and patted his arm.  He gave her a small smile but remained mute.

"He was," Adam responded after noting Andrew's state.  "He fell.  He's a demon now.  That's why he wanted you to bring us harm.  We stand for everything Eben no longer does."

Patrick got up from his chair and began pacing.  "A demon... Am I in danger?  What about my family?"

Andrew reclaimed his voice then.  "Eben can't harm you unless you give into fear.  He and his kinda thrive on it.  But as long as you remember God is on your side and that He is your loving Father, you have nothing to fear, Patrick."

Patrick bowed his head.  "I'm sorry for the pain and worry I've caused all of you.  I truly am.  If I can, I'd like to leave now.  I promise I'll never come back."

"I think that at least for right now that's probably a good idea.  Come on, I'll walk you back to the portal," Henry offered.

Patrick whispered a few more apologies as he followed Henry out of the room.

Everyone else let out a collective sigh.

"I think we deserve drinks and dessert after that ordeal."  Lady Beth surveyed the group.

Rose nodded.  "I think that sounds great but, umm...  What about Mick and Logan?  They deserve something for helping us out."

Mick shrugged.  "I'd be perfectly happy with a scotch, thanks.  Logan?"

Logan looked like he was struggling with whether to make his request or not.

"Do you want to tell me first?" Mick suggested. 

Logan nodded and then whispered something to Mick who struggled valiantly to suppress a laugh.  Mick turned to JenniAnn who struggled herself to maintain a serious face as she declared a meeting of the Dyeland counsel and Mick and Logan left the room.  An unanimous decision was made to honor the younger vampire's request.


The entire group had moved to the Willowveil ballroom.  Andrew and JenniAnn stood at the front, both looking uncharacteristically regal.  Yva sat at a piano to the side playing the Star Wars theme.  Mick and Willy stood at the back of the room and at a signal from Adam, opened the two great doors to reveal Logan.  He proudly sauntered down the aisle as everyone clapped, smiling brightly as they did.  And thus, as JenniAnn made the proclamation and Andrew did the dubbing, Sir Logan Calrissian the Technological Defender of the Honorable Citizens of Dyeland was born.


That night, long after "Sir Logan" and Mick had left, the Dyelanders were gathered together at Serendipity.  JenniAnn's performance had necessitated a Wash and Sew Andrew's Linens party.  However, one didn't need to be very observant to see that the real season for the party was to cheer Andrew himself.

Everyone watched solemnly as Andrew recovered the antique painting and stored it away under his staircase.

"Why do you keep it, Andrew?" Rose asked.  "If it makes you sad..."

Andrew gave an embarrassed smile.  "I guess I keep hoping that one day I'll be able to bring it out and hang it up.  Because Eben will be back.  Back as the angel and friend I knew him to be.  I guess that's foolish."

"Hope and wishing the best for friends isn't foolish, Andrew," Henry chided gently.  "You know that."

"I think it's sweet," Yva added.  "You wouldn't be our Andrew if you weren't so optimistic." 

"Thanks.  You're right.  I just wish he wouldn't have lashed out at all of you.  If it was just me..." Andrew shrugged.

"That would be impossible.  Even if Eben targeted only you, it would still hurt us all," Lady Beth pointed out.

JenniAnn nodded.  "She's exactly right.  Besides, if this is Eben's means of 'tormenting' us...  I mean, sure, I was really scared for a while but you have to admit this little plot gave us *some* fun."

"I'm underappreciated!" Adam mimicked, waving his hands around frantically as JenniAnn had while on the balcony.  Everyone laughed.

"True!  And has anyone ever seen a person get as thrilled as Logan was when Willy offered him a ride in the Wonkavator one evening?"  Yva pointed out.

"He is a very excitable young man.  Although, I suppose, he may not be so young!" Willy shook his head and chuckled.

Andrew's face broke into a real smile then.  "Good point.  I made some good memories myself.  And learned a very valuable lesson."

"What would that be?" Countess Jennifer asked.

"I shouldn't wear shoes with tassels," he grinned at JenniAnn who began to blush.

"I never said you shouldn't wear them.  I'm just not a huge fan is all but... maybe I hate them so much that I love them," she suggested.

Andrew raised an eye brow.

"Ya know, like hairless rats.  They're so ugly that they're just about the most adorable things ever!" JenniAnn explained.

Adam raised his glass of lemonade.  "To Andrew's loafers: the hairless rats of the shoe world!"  Everyone laughed as they toasted the controversial shoes. 

"I feel sorry for Eben," Rose said after a moment of companionable silence. 

"Why is that, Lady Rose?" Nigel asked.

"I think I know why."  Lady Beth smiled at Andrew gently.

"Because he's missing out on not only a relationship with God but a friendship with you."  Rose smiled at Andrew.  "And that's a life I don't want to imagine."  The young woman shivered at the thought.

Andrew teared up but gave her a contented smile.  "Thank you.  I don't want to imagine it either."

"Thankfully, no one has to."  Countess Jennifer smiled at the group.  "To us," she toasted.

"To us!" eight voices answered back along with one tired bark from Lulu who was curled up beneath the coffee table.

Andrew surveyed the smiling faces of his friends and knew Countess Jennifer was right.  There was no reason to imagine life without the people gathered in this room nor the many others scattered through diverse places who cared for them.  Andrew trusted that the Father would ensure that their circle of friends always remained intact.  And Andrew prayed that one day he would be able to introduce Eben into it.

The End


Mick and Logan are from "Moonlight."  I started this story shortly after hearing word that CBS had canceled the show.  I guess I wanted to prove to myself that they'd live on regardless.  However, the fans of ML are refusing to give up hope so if you're a fan please visit this site to learn how you can help get a Season 2!

This may very well be the final "performance" of the Emcee/Patrick but who knows.  I decided I wanted to kinda streamline the villains and Eben is, for me, the most tragic and interesting.

I am not a hacker.  I have no idea if one can use information from an email or web site to get remote access to someone's computer.  But then I don't believe vampires exist nor do I believe my doppelganger lives in a castle two doors away from an angel of death so...  At this point hacker realism probly doesn't matter!

Also, it should be said that Logan's last name is *not* Calrissian.  He's a fanboy and apparently just really likes Lando so uses that as his codename.  I sometimes wish we had a real fanboy around...  Ya know, just for diversity's sake.

Finally, I almost cut the Victoria's Secret part.  But then by sheer coincidence one of their stupid catalogs showed up in my mailbox so... I left it as a sorta small revenge.  And yes I do think that place is creepy.  Fancy lingerie is fine if that's your thing but leave the angel imagery out.  Gross. 


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