"People are too busy to meet themselves anymore.
Everybody's faxing, modeming, on-lining, inputting,
downloading, and overnighting.  You can send anything to anybody,
anywhere in the world, in seconds. But it still takes the same
amount of time it always took to know a soul."
~~Tess, Cassie's Choice

Hi all,

Major time management issues this time around so sorry this is short and, well, random.  But I had to do an issue now so I could give everyone fair notice of an upcoming deadline.  JABB will celebrate its 10th Anniversary on July 19th.  I would very much love for that celebratory newsletter to involve as many voices as possible.  Cause it's pretty sad to celebrate 10 years alone.  Thankfully, one person has already volunteered but I think we can get even more people involved! 

Here's what I have in mind:
I really want to keep this in real life mode.  This is our *real* 10th anniversary.  Mention of Dyeland is okay.  Even "My Top Ten Favorite Dyeland Moments or Quotes" is okay.  What I'm wanting to avoid is another Dyeland story with zilch emphasis on us
as real people or Dyeland characters writing letters.  Cause there are several Dyeland holidays when that would be appropriate but this one is ours!!!  Anything that would celebrate the past 10 years or cheer us on in whatever years are yet to come would be great!  Some ideas are:
If you have some other idea and want to run it by me, please contact me!  Due to July being a very busy month for me, I do need to have some notice of people's involvement on June 15th so I can plan accordingly.  If you want to contribute something, please email me by June 15th just to tell me you have every intention of submitting something.  Then, I'll need whatever it is you've written by July 5th.  No later.  If you need to know our guidelines check here but I think it's all pretty much common sense.

I really do hope to hear from many of you about this!  And, please, if you have questions don't hesitate to ask!

God bless,


So I got bored at work and started to write the following to keep myself amused.  Then when I realized JABB was due in 3-4 days and I had zilch I decided to keep it up and use it.  So I present my...

Random Thoughts About Andrew!

-Andrew can’t age but I bet he’d be a good looking older guy if he could.  Like if he started to go gray: gold and silver is a lovely combination.  And if his eye sight would start to go downhill… I already find his glasses darn appealing.  And I bet he’d keep his hair long and look totally awesome.

-I think LJA would have kissed him if he’d not come around in JABB 243.  But I don’t think I would have personally.  Maybe on the forehead or either cheek if it was really a desperate situation like that but otherwise... no.

-I’m still very perturbed that he said he wanted a dog in “Random Acts” but couldn’t have one.  Yet Tess, who never said she wanted a dog, got one.  And then the dog disappeared…

-I think that if Andrew and Adam had got a spin-off there should have been an episode wherein someone left a baby on their doorstep.  Sure, it’s a lame plot device but I would challenge viewers to not swoon during that.

-I wonder what it would be like to watch the 10th plague scene in “The Ten Commandments” with Andrew?

-I wonder if Andrew has any fears?  Like Monica with the water.  I mean, sure, he doesn't like Halloween but I don't think he exactly fears it.  So does he have any phobias, ya think?  Failure, maybe? 

-Do you think Andrew is as attached to any of his clothing as we are?  Like does he have favorites or is it all the same to him?  I kinda think he favors that leather jacket cause it sure shows up a lot.

-Do you think Andrew ever wished another guy had regularly worked with Monica and Tess?  Personally, I can't imagine working with two guys.  Need my girl talk time!!!  Do male angels need guy talk time?

-Did Andrew ever wonder why some of his assignments looked nearly identical to previous assignments?  Kinda odd that the mother of the rave-attendee in "Heaven's Portal" looked an awful lot like Andrew's first date... 

-How squirm inducing would it be to watch "Meet Joe Black," "City of Angels," or "Death Takes a Holiday" with Andrew? 

-Does Andrew smile nostalgically to himself every time he uses a penny? 

Okay, so that's about all I got.  Do you have random thoughts about Andrew?  Would you like to share em?  If so, please let me know and I'll happily include them in JABB.  We can be randomly obsessive together!


Advice from the Angel of Angels

Hallelujah!  I found the following "Dear Angel of Angels" letters (had to tweak the second one).  This was a project Karen and I worked on back in 2004 for a fan magazine that never got off the ground.  So I've been releasing them via JABB.  Unfortunately, I think this may have exhausted the supply so if you have a question for the AoA... please send!

Dear Angel of Angels,

I'm a case worker.  I have been on this assignment for almost a year.  My assignment is a 37 year old man who still lives with his mother and has very low self esteem, especially when it comes to women.

Recently after an outing, he told me he thought he was falling in love with me.  I feel it isn't the time for me to reveal my true self to him, but I don't know how to tell him that I can't love him in the way he loves me and why.  I don't want to destroy all the progress we have made in making him believe in himself.  So how do I tell him without revealing myself to him?

Bewildered in Bismarck
Dear Bewildered,

Another human swooning over an angel...  ::sigh::  You have to act *now*.  If he said he only "thought" he was falling in love with you then that means there's still some hesitation.  Don't let it get as far as happened with that one angel (you know who I'm talking about) who got a call from his assignment saying she was stuck at a church cause her car broke down and he walked in to find... his own wedding about to begin!  I tell you, he let that situation go unaddressed for far too long!

So don't let that happen to you.  Tell the gentleman that, while you care for him very much as a friend, you've committed your life to Someone Else.  You don't need to specify Who that is at this point.  Ensure him that he's a great person and that you know there are others out there who would love to be his friend or possibly more.  I'm not going to say he won't be hurt but as always the hurt will only deepen the longer this attachment continues.

Be at peace,
The Angel of Angels

Dear Angel of Angels,

I've been an angel for 15 years having been created by the Father back in 1993. 
However, my supervisor insists upon treating me like I'm 5.  When we're on assignment she won't let me drive.  Then last week we had some downtime between assignments and I wanted to go out with some friends and she said I had to be Home by midnight!  This is so unfair!  My friends' supervisors let them stay out as long as they want!  How can I get her to chill out?

Be cool,
Not Five Anymore

Dear Not Five,

I know your supervisor and she tells me that last time you went out with your friends (aka assignments) you came back wearing an offensive T-shirt and yammering on for twenty minutes about Wii.  Can I just say that "Do you want fries with that shake, girl?" is NOT a message befitting a heavenly host!!!  In other words, your supervisor does not need to chill out.  You need to focus on helping your assignments which doesn't necessarily mean making them your best friends forever. 

What is it with some of you caseworkers lately?  One angel gets promoted after only 9 years on the job and suddenly a bunch of you decide you know what's best all the time?  Dear boy, your 15 years is a blink of the eye in celestial time.  Enjoy the time with your supervisor, learn from her, learn from your assignments but don't try to become like them.  You're a special, loved, and unique individual yourself.  Your supervisor cares very much about you.  Cherish the time you have with her beside you.  We may last forever but specific supervisor/trainee arrangements do not.  Don't let that relationship become something that years from now you will regret not appreciating. 

Be at peace,
The Angel of Angels


JABB 249

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