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St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time -
a day to begin transforming winter's
dreams into summer's magic.  ~Adrienne Cook

Hi all!

I hope everyone has a happy (and safe) St. Patrick's Day!  The holiday has been part of JABB since it's first year.  In Newsletter 159 we even learned that the day is also the anniversary of Andrew first coming to Dyeland!  So there's definitely more reason than just my half-Irishhood to celebrate this holiday on JABB.  So to show a lil festivity this year... we're having a contest!  Since not everyone participates in the contest, I've also provided a lil unrelated St. Paddy's fun.  I hope you enjoy and don't drink too many green liquids this Saturday!

God bless,

Fun Things for John/Andrew Fans to Do on St. Patrick's Day

1.  Mess with the settings on your computer or TV and watch TBAA with a green tint.  Pretend all the angels are leprechauns!  Or siblings of the Wicked Witch of the West.  Whatever floats your boat!

2.  Make yourself a mocha latte and try to dye it green!  Also a fun thing to do with orange juice and ginger ale.  Just don't complain to me if you end up with a muddled brown color instead!

3.  Be like the "Grey's Anatomy" people and give John Dye characters nicknames beginning with the good ol' Irish "Mc" .  Perhaps you could call Andrew McGlowy.   Doc Hock?  McHippie.  Manion? McMisogynistWhoShouldBeInJail. 

4.  Forget about chasing down a leprechaun to find his/her pot of gold.  Just watch TBAA and enjoy the golden awesomeness that is Andrew's hair.  Pre-haircut episode are preferred for this.

5.  Dress your best guy friend up as a mime, down a few Irish coffees, and serenade him with "Danny Boy" a la Monica.  If you're gentleman friend actually supports this idea... do NOT let that one go!

6.  Cast lingering glances at the Green Shirt Picture through out the day.  Tell co-workers and family that you're merely appreciating the color of the Emerald Isle.

7.  If you have a Dyeland counterpart, pretend to be that character for the day.  Send yourself chocolate, roses, or jewelry with a card signed by "Andrew" in celebration of his 7th anniversary of coming to Dyeland.

8.  Pretend to be Monica for the day and adopt her accent.  Brag to everyone about Andrew.  Because Monica really shoulda!!!

9.  Take a page out of Todd Barrett's book and sell beefcake calendars.  But instead of sportswear, opt for models sporting shamrock boxers.  Bonus points to you if you can manage to use as much hair product as Todd during this project.

10.  Write yourself a fanfic in which Bill and Kristin Morgan have to stop Rudolfa's assassination attempt on the Lucky Charms cereal mascot, Lucky the Leprechaun.  Heck, ya can even get a lil early Easter festiveness in there if ya throw in the Trix rabbit.

11.  Campaign the Irish Spring soap people to put John Dye in their commercials.  Who cares if he's not Irish?!  We've not seen him in, like, two years and we're desperate!!!

12.  Finally, and perhaps most realistically, get yourself a drink and sit down and watch some TBAA or "Tour of Duty" or whatever your favored John Dye project is.  You deserve a break!

"Who Am I?" Contest

Each mini-biography below describes a character that appeared on "Touched by an Angel."  It could be *any* characters from any episode, not just angels or assignments. 

Okay, here are your guidelines for this contest. 

1.  Only JABB members are eligible to win.  

2.  The deadline for this contest is noon, Central standard time, on Sunday, March 18th.  No answers will be accepted after that and there is no "bonus" for getting answers in earlier than someone else.

3.  Send the answers ONLY to me (Jenni).  Sending them elsewhere will lead to disqualification.  It is vital that your answers reach me at an account only I have access to.  So your answers must be sent to either the email address this was sent from or my personal one which you can find here.

4.  I wrote this contest completely on my own with out consulting anyone.  Therefore, everyone on JABB besides myself are eligible to win since they had no advance knowledge of the type or content of this contest.

5.  Please read the general Contest Rules and Information.  That will tell you what we do in the event of a tie, what happens if you win but do not want a prize, and also list all the available prizes.

6.  In order for your answer to count, you must give me the character's name (often only the first name is known or exists) AND the episode they're from.  If they're in multiple episodes, you only need to list one episode title
(i.e. Kathleen-"Lost and Found").  The actor's name or a description of the character will NOT count.  I have made sure to choose only characters that actually have names so there's no one like Abe Vigoda's nameless angel bureaucrat in "Clipped Wings." 

7.  Please send your answers in list form with the number of your answer corresponding to the mini-bio's number.  So your answer numbered 3 should correspond to the 3rd mini-bio, for example.  If you don't know one, just put the number on the list but leave it blank or guess. 

If anyone has further questions (keeping in mind I won't give away actual answers!) about the contest, feel free to email me and ask.  If it's something I can answer, I will put the answer on the web-version of this newsletter so that all can have equal access to it.  In other words, check the JABB 214 site regularly before the deadline to see if any helpful answers have been added here.

Here we go...

1.  Finding myself in a place few want to be, I began to find peace when an angel cast me as the lead in a play about a nun on trial for infanticide.

2.  I witnessed a tragic accident between two old friends.  Shaken, I could not move past the events of that night until I delivered some yellow roses.

3.  Though I had little myself, what I did have I used to care for a furry friend much to the consternation of my new human friends.

4.  I was fired from my job due to World War Two era politics and racism.  When the angels came, my days on the job involved brushes with Elvis impersonators, a Goth girl, a stripper, and an ever-present packet of cigarettes.

5.  Though Andrew's baseball bat drew some acclaim, I was the first person on TBAA to have a meaningful scene with a baseball bat.  I also served in Vietnam where I was saved by Monica.

6.  Now a man of the cloth, the engagement I entered into as a teenager was ended by fearful parents.  Years later, working with myself and my ex-fiance became a community service sentence handed down by an angel of death.

7.  I learn a lot about the type of perfection that really matters and paternal love when four angels come into the lives of my pregnant wife and me.

8.  I'm one of the few angels not afraid to stand up to Tess.  You might call me the Miss Manners or Emily Post of the Hereafter.

9.  One Christmas Eve I gave birth to my child in a motel as three truck drivers approached and angels hovered near. 

10.  An aspiring dancer, I found the perfect partner in my mother's curmudgeonly employer who turned out to be someone even closer.

11.  At the end of my rope and with little but the tattered clothes on my back and an urn, I helped an angel learn to not judge those like me. 

12.  Using a stage name that might make a TBAA fan expect me to wear beige suits and glow, I insulted Andrew by calling him a nickname not to his liking.

13.  A cutting edge scientist, I was visited by an angel who told me of the last days of my hero.  I was also the only human to see an angel being born.

14.  My fencing instructor gave me guidance on a whole lot more than how to hold a sword when the relationship between my father and I began to deteriorate.

15.  Though no angel of death, I spend my life surrounded by death.  Initially cold and detached as I began my day's work one day, my heart began to warm as an angel told me about another man's life.  What I learned enabled me to save a life.

16.  A single mother, my feelings were crushed when I learned my daughter was ashamed of me and our situation in life.  In the end, we both learned to be true to who we really are.

17.  As my family fell apart, I sought out a feeling of belonging at a very loud, technicolor place.  I nearly ended up re-enacting "Thelma and Louise" with the family babysitter.

18.  Though I may look and sing like an angel, I'm a human.  My job might be sweet but my life has been filled with tragedy including the death of my wife and child in a car accident.

19.  You can find angels in many unlikely places.  I spent several years in one such unlikely place, not being believed and repeating the same two words over and over.

20.  I worked many years to save money to fund a trip to a place dear to my heart.  However, I showed myself willing to sacrifice even that to help someone in need and to show forgiveness.  To my amazement, in so doing that I was allowed to see something I had always wanted to.


Who are we???

Click here for answers

Congrats to Joanna on winning this contest!!!

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