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"Measure your life in love."
~~ from Jonathan Larson's Rent

Hi all,

Here we are at yet another Valentine's Day!  I hope you're all surrounded by loved ones on this day.  I know that you're definitely surrounded by God's love!  Ya can't have a better valentine than God.  He won't even eat your chocolate.  ;-) 

I don't really have much else to say...

Oh!  I would like to invite any new members to submit an introduction.  The next JABB will include an introduction from one of our newest members and I'd love to have more.  Or if you've been with JABB for a while and would like to re-introduce yourself that would be cool, too!  Just email me and remember not to include anything you would be adverse to having put online since all newsletters go online.  If you have any questions, just let me know!

God bless,

The State of the Androolers Address

It's that time of year again!  Here I am to recap and celebrate the past 12 months of JABB.  Last year I began by excitedly listing off all the latest DVD releases.  This year is no different!  November brought us the release of the second half of TBAA's third season.  We're now only weeks away from the release of the first half of season four.  Both "Once Upon a Christmas" and "Twice Upon a Christmas" were released that same month.  Unfortunately, the movie "Lesser of Three Evils" seems to have disappeared into movie oblivion.  "Lesser" had been listed on IMDB.com as a movie featuring John as someone/something billed as "I.A., Officer."  At the time of this writing, all evidence of said movie has disappeared from IMDB.  If anyone hears about this enigmatic film, please let us know.

Last year I happily bragged about the JABB YahooGroup posting a stunning 337 posts in January 2006.  That was only the start!  The group proceeded to top 100 every month in 2006 eventually hitting a whopping 1076 posts in the month of November!  Good job ladies, gentlemen, and all the Dyeland counterparts!  People can see bar graphs demonstrating these wonderful developments here.  I have to thank everyone who has been a part of the YG during this period.  They're such a supportive, creative, and fun group!

One of my favorite developments for JABB this year was the opening of the CafePress.com Store.  I'm definitely my own best customer!  It was way fun to wear my "Save the Turkeys!" T-shirt to the pet store and have the cashier ponder the meaning of it.  :-)  And sipping coffee just wasn't as much fun before I got my "I Heart Andrew" mug.  It may not be very lucrative but it's pretty darn fun and, I think, a nice way to show the spirit of TBAA is alive and well!

Another of our recent, positive changes is the slowly but surely improving Photo Gallery.  Thanks to a new computer and the program PowerDVD, I can now take screenshots right off the computer.  No more struggling to set my digital camera to take a barely-decent photo off the TV!

Among the additions to JABB I'm most proud of is the integration of CABB.  As many of you may know, CABB started as an April Fool's joke.  After Mr. Rocket's passing it became a tribute.  And thanks to the input of people at the JABB YG, this tribute will continue as an annual tradition.  In addition, we'll be integrating another 2 or 3 CABBs into our schedule every year.  This is just one of many ways I hope to keep JABB continuously engaging, entertaining, and hopefully even inspiring.

So... I think that for a group that started on a whim, and that has outlived its main source of inspiration (TBAA) by 4 years, we're doing great!  JABB will have existed for a full 9 years come July and I certainly hope we have many more years left!  Now, because it's tradition, I'd like to end this with a quote from our beloved Andrew.  Since I've been talking about JABB's past, present, and future this one from "My Dinner with Andrew" seemed appropriate:
"God sees those moments because, where He is, those moments have already happened. God knows what your tomorrow looks like because He's already there. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow- He holds them all in His hand, all at once. And He holds you there too."

God bless!

And now to slip into Dyeland mode for the remainder of this issue...  Enjoy!

The Top Ten Most Romantic Events to Happen in Dyeland

10.  That time Vincent came to Everknow Library and read Shakespearean sonnets.

9.  Chimama and Chiwawa Jabbins' wedding day!

 8.  The day Lady JenniAnn stood outside Andrew's house and held a boom box over her head playing "In Your Eyes."  Well... it *was* romantic until she dropped the boom box on her head and yelled "Freakin', flippin' blast it all crikeyness that hurts!" 

7.  When Andrew threatened to get his baseball bat and go after anyone who hurt or offended one of the Dyeland ladies.  It was romantic...  SWOON!

6.  When Monica and Andrew... Yeah, sorry.  No Monica and Andrew romantic moments here!

5.  That time Andrew gave a speech in French to the gathered Dyelanders.  Did it really matter that he goofed up and said "My pants are purple and I eat sofas?"  I think not...  It sounded good!

4.  When Adam serenaded everyone with "The Music of the Night" from "The Phantom of the Opera."  Beat that, Erik!

3.  This morning when Andrew rode up on horseback in a billowy white shirt, carrying a bouquet of flowers, and...  Oh...  ::blush::  I'm sorry...  Apparently that happened in my head and not Dyeland. 

2.  The time Andrew first showed up.

1.  The time Andrew first spoke.  Sigh...  I love his voice...

A Conversation with Bill Morgan

Because this is Valentine's Day, we decided to interview John Dye's most romantic character.  So we sent one of our star reporters, Andrea Friend of the Dyeland Daily Gazette, to Bill Morgan's office to interview Mr. Miss Claus himself!

Andrea: Thanks for meeting with me, Mr. Morgan.  Especially on Valentine's Day when I'm sure you and Kristin have special plans.

Bill: It's no problem at all.  Kristin said I should help you ladies out by granting this interview.  She feels bad that more of you haven't found that special someone.

Andrea: ::rolls eyes::  Isn't that sweet?

Bill: Kristin's nothing but sweet.  I love her so...

Andrea:  ::suddenly very agitated::  Okay, can it, Morgan.  This isn't about you.  I came here for one reason and one reason only.

Bill:  ::uncomfortable::  Umm... for inspiration for "Thrice Upon a Christmas?"

Andrea:  No!  Two's enough for me.  I need to know...  ::blushes::

Bill:  Yes?

Andrea:  How do I get an immortal to fall in love with me?  I must know.  I need to know... 

Bill:  Oh... well, with Kristin I...  Wait... what immortal?

Andrea: ::begins absent-mindedly humming the TBAA theme song and rocking back and forth:: 

Bill:  Okay...  Umm...  does Andrew know you're here?

Andrea: ::dreamily::  So wonderful...  ::snaps to attention::  So spill it, Morgan.  Immortals in love.  How's it happen???  GO!

Bill: Well, I think Kristin's a different sort of case than Andrew is.  Uh, I don't think Andrew can...

Andrea: But I love him!!!  ::starts pacing the room wildly::

Bill: ::panicked, has a sudden burst of inspiration::  Oh no, look!  It's Rudolpha!  RUN!!!  ::flees the room::

Andrea: ::sniffling::  He was no help...  ::finds her way to the nearest staircase and begins to cry::

Voice:  Hey, that's my crying spot.

Andrea: ANDREW!!!  ::bounces up and hugs the angel::

Andrew: Hi Andrea, what's wrong?

Andrea:  ::sighs::  I wanted Bill's advice but it turns out he's a pretty big wimp...  He ran outta here like you wouldn't believe!

Andrew: ::chuckles::  I'm sure he just wanted to get home to his wife.  It is Valentine's Day after all.

Andrea: ::groans::  It sure is... 

Andrew: So what did you want to ask Bill about?  May be I could help.  I am an angel after all.  It's what we do!  ::smiling kindly::

Andrea: Oh... I don't think so.  I, umm, was gonna ask him...

Andrew: ::raising eye brow::  Yes?

Andrea: ::takes a deep breath before saying...::  Howtomakeanimmortalfallinlovewithme.  ::glances pointedly at the angel::

Andrew: ::blushes::  Oh...  Wow...  That is a tough one.

Andrea: Yeah... 

Andrew: Well, you know, there are all different kinds of love.  There's no reason you need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Andrea:  I know but...  It would be nice.  And you'd be such a good boyfriend...

Andrew: ::shakes his head emphatically::  You don't know that.  I could be a horrible boyfriend.  I might forget your birthday.

Andrea: ::not convinced::  Okay, what is my birthday?

Andrew: ::automatically:: April 26th, 1975.  But I only remember because it's exactly 110 years after I was promoted to angel of death.

Andrea:  Right... 

Andrew: ::struggling then smiles brightly::  I... I might steal your car!  I know you love your car...  It's such a beautiful blue.  It'd be a shame if I stole it and trashed it like I did Tess'.

Andrea: ::laughs::  Okay, you just might do that. 

Andrew: Definitely.  Now let's get back to Dyeland.  We'll get some coffee, my treat. 

Andrea:  Thanks! 

Andrew:  Oh wait, one more thing.  I have a message from someone for you.

Andrea: Oh?

Andrew: ::smiling beatifically::  Yes, from the Father.  He wants you to know He loves you so much. 

Andrea: Aww, I know that but somehow I never get tired of hearing it.  Thanks for the message.

Andrew: You're welcome.
Andrea: ::as they pass Bill's office she glances back inside and spots a family photo on the man's desk::  Andrew?

Andrew:  Hmm?

Andrea: Do you think Kristin has a brother?

Andrew: ::jesting::  Yes and I think his name is Frosty. 

Andrea: Very funny.  Now let's go get that coffee before Bill gets back.  I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm nuts.

Andrew: ::innocently::  I wonder what would give him that idea?  ::winks::

Andrea:  ::giggling::  Brat.  C'mon...

And so ended Ms. Friend's interview.  I sure hope Bill isn't traumatized for life...  Oh well!  Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!

JABB 213

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