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Hi all!

Due to my job and a considerable amount of work on the JABB Photo Gallery, I didn't have as much time as usual to spend writing this JABB.  Thankfully, a new member kindly submitted an introduction and I then wrote another installment of "Jenni and Jenni Write JABB."  Remember, if you'd like to submit an introduction just let me know!  Be sure NOT to include anything that would be bad to put online for security reasons.  Thanks!

God bless,

An Introduction from Katie

Katie is one of our newest members and wrote the following list comparing herself to John Dye as a means of introducing herself to us.  So welcome, Katie!

We Both...:
...Wear glasses.

...Share the same birthday month!
...Do NOT like getting our photos taken very much!

...Own a pool table at home!

...Like to read and paint.
...Have had brown hair!!
...Like Italian food.
...Are not chocolate crazy!
...Use Colgate toothpaste haha
...Both had hair very long and very short heehee
...Enjoy grapenuts
...Like to eat Italian food
...Sometimes like McDonald's -- I never had Taco Bell  :)
...Like to play tennis and pool (I'm no good though haha)
...Believe a day off includes a film, a book and definitely sleeping in! (I agree 5am is WAY too early!)
Total: 15 and more to come!

More of "Jenni and Jenni Write JABB"

For our new members, I take actual TBAA or John Dye related passages from the journals I wrote during TBAA's original run.  So these are my teenage (in this case 15 year old) thoughts about our favorite angel and his portrayer.  ;-)  Then I comment on them.  It's fun and embarrassing but, hey, it's healthy to laugh at one's self, right?

Last time I left off with December 31, 1997 in
JABB 199.  So now I'm moving on through the second half of season 4 and the summer that followed it.  Unfortunately, I didn't write as much about TBAA in my regular journals during that time.  Most references are in my dream journal.  While I don't mind sharing my conscious teenage thoughts about TBAA, I do balk at sharing my subconscious ones so no dream interpretations here!  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy laughing at how much of a nerd I was/am.  :-)

January 1st, 1998:
(Here I describe what followed after the New Year's Day party at my grandparents who were, at the time, the only family members to have the Internet.  Remember, I decided to leave in grammar and spelling mistakes just for fun.)

 "After they [my cousins] all left I got on the Internet & went to John Dye's web page.  I tried to find Della Reese's but I'm not sure she has one.  I'm so excited Mom & Dad said as soon as there a "year with no-interest" deal on a computer we'll buy a computer.  Hopefully there'll be one soon since the year just began."

My comments from February 25, 2007:
Aww!  I so remember being excited to go over to my grandparents and check out John Dye's page and read archives of the TBAAngel list!  It's actually kinda sad cause I couldn't interact with anyone yet.  Anyhow, as it happened that no-interest deal came to pass and by May of 1998 we had a puter and by July of 1998 JABB was born!

One thing I find kinda curious about this was why I searched for a Della page but not a Roma one?  Huh.

March 1st, 1998:
"A really great thing happened!  I got my show back!  After sitting and staring at TBAA & complaining about the lack of Andrew I finally realized what the show was really about.  Some episodes he wasn't in a lot and I was mad!  Then with one single episode I realized the show wasn't about a cute angel guy, it was about God and love and each episode is jam packed with those two.  After that episode, "Redeeming Love," it was off for 3 weeks because of the Olympics.  Tonight it came back & it had the same quality as the other.  It was great and as an added bonus, Andrew was in it most.  Speaking of him on Jan. 30 I went to G & G's [Grandma and Grandpa's].  I surfed the net and went to his website.  Since the day after was his b-day the site had a special page.  It said Happy B-day to him but what was really cool was that there were really cool fireworks.  I also visited the B & B ["Beauty and the Beast"] & Christy sites.  B & B was really cool & I read fan fiction from that & Christy.  This past Wed. I got a reply from someone at TBaA saying she'd (or he'd) get my stuff to them.  I'm writing about some songs from the show & when reruns would start."

My comments from February 25, 2007:
Okay, there's more in that entry but I'm gonna break there cause... wow!  Had I never heard of paragraph breaks or what???  Anyhow, where to start??? 

First, that entry actually makes me feel kinda ashamed.  I really did have it figured out at 15.  Now at 24 I still find myself complaining, nearly 4 years after the show ended, about the lack of screen time for Andrew.  I guess may be I should focus more on the God aspect.

Second, oh for the days when animated gifs seemed like the epitome of advanced technology!  I still clearly remember thinking those fireworks were utterly amazing.  And I remember being on that site and waiting forever to listen to the theme song that was loaded there.  It was a dial-up connection but I was so obsessed I waited for like 30 minutes just to hear Della sing the theme!  Also, kinda weird that I seem to imply it was Andrew's page and not John's...

Third, here's something really curious...  I went to go check what episode aired on March 1st to see which it was that
"Andrew was in it most."  Strangely, touched.com has no episode with an original air date of March 1, 1998.  A visit to www.goodsearch.com, brought me here  which says "Flights of Angels" aired that night.  It would fit given Andrew was in that episode a lot and I do love that episode. But it seems very odd that touched.com gives March 22 as its original air date.  Course, this is the same site that says Charles Rocket was in "The Heart of the Matter."  Apparently he was invisible cause no matter how many times I watch that episode I never find him!

Finally, the stuff I sent to the TBAA cast were little yarn angels and I did receive a note back from a TBAA staffer that made my lil teenage self very proud!

Back to March 1st, 1998:
"In the three weeks the shows weren't on I rented several movies.  There was Best of the Best and
Sioux City both with JD... A couple weeks ago I watched A Woman Named Jackie with Roma Downey and last week Mom & Dad taped Campus Man with John Dye.  I just wish the tape hadn't run out.  I missed the end."

My comments from February 25, 2007:
::snort-giggle::   Good gosh!  Eventually I ended up renting The Billionaire Boys Club and catching Mother, Mother and The Perfect Weapon on TV.  Not sure if I recorded those events somewhere along the line or not.  Strangely, I have no recollection of watching a cut-off version of Campus Man.  Still, I'll have to show this entry to my parents whenever they suggest I need to move on from my A/J obsession.  They totally fed into it by supplying even a partial version of Campus Man!  ;-)  I wish I'd included more about my thoughts on seeing JD in those films.  Oh well, probly woulda been dorky comments, anyhow!

April 19th, 1998:
(For some reason in this entry I was writing as if to myself.  So all "yous" mean me.  Good gosh...)

"Hello!  It's me again.  TBaA really is the best.  Andrew's not  just your fav. male character now but your fav, character period.  You have now named a fish after him  and are considering naming a bird and later son after him.  The first half of the season was pretty rocky.  In all the hype over Andrew you forgot about what the show really was about.  God!  Now, after 5 minutes of "Redeeming Love" things are back on track.  He's still your favorite but you realized he didn't need to be the center of everything.  Or even should be.  You still tend to worry when 5 minutes go by and he hasn't appeared or when he's not on the scenes but its better.  Monica & Tess are still really great in it.  For a while there were salary problems but hopefully it will all die down.  Only a few more episodes of this season left.  G'night."

My comments from February 25, 2007:
Good gravy!  That sounds like the world's craziest and longest fortune.  Still, it's a lil
humbling to read about how much I had hyped Andrew.  I think getting online (which I did very soon after this was written) was probly a good thing.  The other fans, even the Androolers, tempered my over-the-top devotion to Andrew. 

As for naming a fish after him, yes I did and he lived a very long time for a goldfish.  I never did name a bird after him.  If I do choose to have children, I would like to name my son James Andrew but that remains to be seen.  Personally, I love the leap from fish to bird to child in that entry, though.  It cracks me up.

Anyhow, after this my journal goes silent regarding TBAA until June.  I think it's because when we got the puter in May I started posting my TBAA thoughts to the TBAAngel list and not my journal.  Yay for the Internet! 

June 8th, 1998:
"So finally I sit down to write.  Its late and I realize this is the last page [of my journal].  This page I meant to dedicate to TBAA.  It seemed fitting that a journal started on T.V. should so end on T.V.  I meant for it to be about the finale but instead, finally this journal will have what fills the pages of most girl's journals... a guy."

My comments from February 25, 2007:
Okay...  I only included that entry so I could give a lil PSA announcement.  But first, I think it's kinda amusing that A. I no longer speak to the guy I swoon about in the rest of that entry and B. I didn't even remember his name til I read it just now.  Yet I still talk about TBAA on a daily basis.  Andrew wins!  ;-) 

I do cringe at my supposition that "most girls' journals" just gab about boys.  May be so, may be not.  Anyhow, what ended up happening was I IMed and spoke on the phone with that guy for several weeks.  Then things got weird.  This was back when I had AOL and you could locate other AOL members in whatever chat room they were in.  This guy started following me into TBAA chat rooms and just sitting there even though he had no interest in the show.  Lurking.  Then he got all snotty when I told him that, given he had no interest in the show, I liked to have some time online to chat with my TBAA friends.  He did not take kindly to that.  His reaction made me so glad we'd never met in person.  So I guess the reason I'm telling ya'll this is that I think everyone needs to listen to that still, small voice that tells em something is awry.  Also, it's totally okay to take some time to chat with your TBAA friends and if someone begrudges you that just give em some Tess-style attitude!  ;-)  Moving on...

June 22nd, 1998:
"I really like talking to the people from TBAA.  I guess you know about our little "episodes" in the chat rooms.  The one last night got particularly out of control.  I'm sorry if any of it offended you.  I really wish there was something I could have said to make them stop but I guess it probably wouldn't have helped any way."

My comments from February 26, 2007:
Those were taken from a journal of letters to my guardian angel.  I'm thinking he doesn't mind my sharing em.  Anyhow, I wanted to include that cause as far as I can tell it's the first reference in my journal to being part of the TBAA fandom!  I was so excited to be able to chat with people about the show!  It's unfortunate that the entry specifically has to do with a negative event.  What happened was some flamers came to an AOL chat we went to after the show aired and said some nasty things.
Also, I should probly clarify that "people from TBAA" actually meant members of the TBAAngel list.  I was not then nor am I now in communication with people from the show. 

June 23rd, 1998:
"I've been doing a lot more writing which is good.  My story is shaping up pretty well, I just worry about the characterizations.  I don't want to make any of these three seem "unangelic" but its hard.  Maybe you could help me.  You should know a lot about all things angelic.  Well bye for now!"

My comments from February 26, 2007:
Cute.  I like the very personable and childish way I talk to my angel in these.  However... what the heck was I writing?!  I have zero recollection of it and I know I didn't release a proper TBAA fanfic until three fellow JABBers (Karen, Sara, Mieke) and I wrote "Becca's Story" back in 2003.  So... I have no idea what I was doing to our poor trio or how unangelic they were behaving.  Yikes. 

Well, looks like that's about it.  Strangely, the only reference to an Andrew for the rest of the summer was about a friend's same-named jerk of a boyfriend.  Next time I'll start up with entries having to do with Season 5, however, I do worry that the TBAA-related entries will become less frequent since I was more apt to write about my thoughts on TBAAngel or JABB as my online fandom activities increased.  But, hey, clearly that wasn't a bad thing!  :-)

JABB 214

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