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Hi all! Welcome to the 21st JABB. We have a couple announcements. One of our members, Amanda, has written a fanfic. If you would like it please email her at Also, a few people have asked about having more interaction between JABB members. If enough people are interested I could set up an email list for JABB members only. Let me know what you all think. Email Jenni with your thoughts on this.  [Update: We have a list.  Please visit the JABB YahooGroup for more info.


My name is Kirsten Smith, I'm 33 and I live in Lynnwood, WA (20 miles north of Seattle). I started watching TBAA about a year ago. At the time I thought Andrew was pretty cute, but I just liked the message of the show. As I watched more, I started to want to see him more and more. Then PaxTV started showing reruns every night, and I was thrilled to be able to see the older episodes. The clincher came when People magazine did the article on the cast. I felt like a lovestruck teenager when I saw the picture of him on the pool table. I even cut the picture out and kept it. I hope that next season they give him more of a chance to be a caseworker so we can see more of him.

Diary of Crazed John Fan

JABB just recently obtained this journal. We felt it was our duty to share it with you in hopes that you will not suffer the same fate as poor Juliet Jabb. Now her story in her own words.....

Day 1

Dear Diary,

I have decided that for one whole week I will not so much as look at a picture of the great John Dye. Yesterday I locked up my TBAA tapes and all my tapes of John's movies. I even took all his pictures out of my locker, room, and car. It wasn't that hard actually! This week will be easy! I know I can make it!

Day 2

Boy my locker is really dull now. Oh well, only 5 more days. I can do this! It's not like I'm obsessed or anything! Imagine that!

Day 3

I found myself staring at the TV this morning even though it was off. I guess I was just pretending John was on. I had a nightmare last night that Andrew came and yelled at me for ignoring him. I can't wait 'til this awful week is over.

Day 4

I NEED JOHN!!!!!!!!!! ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 5

I can't do this! Must....see....John!!!!! Wait! I have an idea......

Okay I just got back from the video rental. I rented a bunch of Andrew McCarthy and Judge Reinhold movies. If I squint my eyes while I watch the movies they kinda look like John. Much better!

Day 6

I have been watching Andrew McCarthy and Judge Reinhold movies for the past 24 hours now. It's not the same. I think I am going crazy. Who's idea was this anyway!?!?!? Who are those men in white coming towards me!?!

Day 7


The patient seems to be experiencing what she refers to as "dyelusions". I don't know exactly what to make of this. She claims to see a tall, handsome, blonde man whom she calls "Johnny Angel." I have no idea how to help her. This case is one that will go unsolved I'm afraid.

Let this be a lesson to us all. As the JABB mission statement says "loving Andrew is not a crime, but a healthy livelihood that all women thrive off of!" Now we know exactly how healthy it is.......

Signs the writers of TBAA have gone crazy.

1. They get a new AOD named "Ahh! Run for you life! Your darkest hour is upon you!"

2. They create a "disko angel"

3. Instead of saying "I'm an angel sent by God," they have Monica say, "YO! Straight up man! Du big Guy from du hood sent me."

4. They give Andrew a MO-hawk!

5. They shave Tess.

6. The newest member of the Angelic Trio is an 8 year old stallion named Sugar Boy!*

7. They make several hundred clones of Andrew for no apparent reason.

8. Costumes begin to include light sabers, 'bloomers', green haired wigs, vampire teeth, and 'little green men'.

9. Small bugs parade across the screen at completely inappropriate moments, while the writers at home try to swat them off their TVs.

10. Angels change hair styles and clothing mid sentence even when they *aren't* revealing themselves to their assignments.

11. Monica has Tess's and John's baby only to find out that Rafael is the *real* daddy?

12. Special guest appearances include: Hitler, King George II, Satan, and Chiwawa.

13. Music includes such popular hits by Hanson, Korn, Marilyn Manson, and The 4 Seasons.

14. Tess is the picture of kindness throughout the *entire* season!

15. They actually let JABB take over and write a year's worth of TBAA EPs.

*A crack at Catherine the Great by SNL


Newsletter 22