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Newsletter 22

Hello and welcome to JABB #22. Before we get into the main portion of this issue we have a few issues we need to address. First, JABB will be constructing a page of links where our members can link their webpages. They can be TBAA related or not. We only ask that they are PG rated or below since thus far JABB has stayed pretty family friendly. Also, we've set up an email list for JABB members only so ya'll can get to know each other better. It will also be used for polls and input on the newsletters. It won't turn up in searches so that we can keep it private but you can join by going to:

Lastly, Jenni has figured out how to add midis to the JABB webpages so they will play music. If you have any songs you think would be cool on a page let me know and I'll try to find it in midi format. If you have comments on any of this email Jenni.

Thanks and Enjoy!



As many of you struggle through the last few days of school and major tests, we at JABB wanted to offer a few excuses to maybe get you out of some hard work.

Top Ten Ways for JABB Members to get out of Finals....

10. "I stayed up til 4 in the morning to tape Mother, Mother." (BTW M,M has been showing on Encore lately so check for times)

9. "Oh! You said to study Alexander the Great? I thought you said Andrew the Great......"

8. "No, I can't tell you the first 20 presidents but I can name 20 angels who have appeared on TBAA."

7. "I've been so depressed over that loss of the murder trial episode I just haven't the heart to study."

(Best delivered with a real pathetic look)

6. My fish died and I just had to see if Andrew would come take him home.

5. "JOHN! Oh, what were we talking about?"

4. Have Monica take them for you while you keep John entertained.

3. "I wasn't able to watch TBAA Sunday night, so I recorded it so I could watch it yesterday. So I do have a valid excuse for missing it."

2. "I couldn't study because I came down with an urgent case of Andrew-dye-tess!"

And the number one reason we shouldn't be forced to take finals.....

1. "Chiwawa ate my study guide!!!!!!"

* Unlike Jenni, I actually am able to name all the presidents. (In order if I try!)

How to Tell if JABB Creators have Kidnapped John Dye!

1. JABB interviews become *too* detailed and intent.

2. Della calls you worried.

3. Chiwawa loses his hair.

4. JABB stops coming out!

5. Strange, "never before seen" pictures of John Dye surface.

6. The creators seem to disappear from the face of the earth.

7. Strangers kiss up for no apparent reason.

8. Sara begins to get real locks of hair to use on her JDPMCs.*

9. Frantic calls for help can be heard when the creators doorbell or telephone rings.

10. JABB creators are abnormally happy, even though they have a 110 + degree temperature and can't leave their rooms.

11. When Season 6 starts it's painfully obvious Andrew is now played by a droid.

12. If John's body gaurd makes a sudden plea after months of silence.

13. TBAA stops rerunning eps with John in it b/c they don't know where to send the check.

* For those who don't know, a JDPMC stands for John Dye Perfect Man Clone. Learn more here: Welcome to JDPMC



Here you go Kiwi! This one is for you! "My Boy Lollipop" is currently playing, if you wanted it to!