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"Another fresh new year is here.
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt and fear,
To love and laugh and give! "
-- William Arthur Ward

Happy new year everyone!!!  I hope ya'll had fun ringing in 2007!  Because this is both the first JABB of 2007 and the 11th anniversary of "The One that Got Away," this JABB is another of our two-parters.  So take your pick from either of the options below or, better yet, visit both!

JABB 209 Option 1- New Year's Resolutions from Dyeland

Read the New Year's resolutions of some of your favorite angels and their ever-loving Dyelander admirers gathered by Lady JenniAnn at the New Year's Eve party.   These just may inspire a few Androoling resolutions for yourself.  Just... watch out for Tess.  ;-)

JABB 209 Option 2- TOTGA Day Crossword Puzzle

A few years ago I decided JABB should celebrate the anniversary of "The One that Got Away."  It was the first episode in which Andrew appeared and the original airdate was January 6th, 1996.  So today marks 11 years!  If you're more in the mood for teasing your brain, make your way to this crossword puzzle.  I've hid several words related to the episode "The One that Got Away."  See if you can find them all!

JABB 210

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