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"Who can say if I've been changed for the better? 
But because I knew you I have been changed for good."
~ from Stephen Schwartz's  musical Wicked

Hi all!

Welcome to JABB 210!  We are currently 12 days away from Dye Day.  For those of you new to the group, Dye Day is what we call John Dye's birthday which is January 31st.  Traditionally, we have a chat in celebration of the day.  Because Dye Day falls on a week day when many (yours truly included) will be working, we will be celebrating the weekend before.  To make things easier for our international members,
we're actually having two chats this year just as long as people RSVP to both.  They will be:

Friday January 26th starting at 7 PM Central


Saturday January 27th starting at noon Central

If you're not sure what those times are in your corner of the world, feel free to email me and just let me know which city and country you're in.  Or you can try to figure it out yourself here.  Please do RSVP, though, if you plan on coming.  Because if I don't receive any RSVPs then I will not show up myself.  Nothing's more pathetic than sitting in a chat room alone!  The chats will be held here:

Before you go to the chat, please check JABB's main site,  If the chat is cancelled or relocated, I will leave a message there saying so.  If it's on, I'll put a message there directing people to the chat. 

Please email me if you have any questions.  I hope to see ya there! 

God bless,

Now, I thought about saving this for the next JABB, due out on Dye Day, but thought it only right to give ya'll some time to plan for the following before the 31st arrives.  :-)

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate John Dye's 44th Birthday

10.  Watch every single John Dye project you own. 

9.  Do the Andrew-Umbrella dance to express your joy.

8.  Have a tie-dying party in honor of Mr. Dye!  Yes, I just made a cheap joke with his name.  But I always wanted to have a tie-dye party but never got to...  Sigh...

7.  Buy a birthday cake for you and your loved ones to enjoy on his behalf.  And yes you are more than welcome to buy a chocolate cake even if John doesn't love chocolate.  Unless, of course, you're expecting him in which case...  NO FAIR!!!

6.  Throw a John party for your friends and show his movies, read JABB newsletters, and act out transcripts from old John Dye TV interviews!  Just please, explain the theme of the party to them.  You don't wanna end up with a toilet or prostitution themed party when someone mistakes John for john.

5.  Get an early TBAA Season 5 photo of John and play "Pin the Hair Extensions on John" cause he really needed more hair then...

4.  Make it "Dress Like a John Dye Character Day."  Do not call me requesting bail money if you go as Manion and get arrested for public nudity.

3.  Do something charitable in honor of John.  Might I suggest donating clothes to a homeless shelter?  Pretend you're shopping for Andrew or your preferred JD crush.  It's fun!  But if you start hugging the clothes and murmuring "Oh Andrew..." it's time to stop and look for a new charitable endeavor.

2.  Give a gift to John!  Okay, so may be we have no idea where John lives but that shouldn't stop your fun. Give the gift to any guy named John.  Just make sure the gift is appropriate.  If your John is your boss, boxers may be a definite no-no. 

1.  Take vacation time at work, pay hundreds of dollars to fly to San Francisco, and run the streets of the city screaming "Happy Birthday, John Dye!" until you find him.  If you do this... congratulations you're the craziest person I know!  ;-)

A Very Special Good Bye to a Vital Part of JABB

Dear Ambivalence,

I just wanted to tell you good bye before I pass you off to my brother once I get a new computer.  You know, one that actually reads those new-fangled things called... CDs.  I'm sorry, that was a low blow.  You used to read CDs.  I'm not quite sure what happened and may be it was my fault.  Whatever the case, since (barring a bizarre and unforeseen change of plans) this is the last JABB I will be writing on you, I thought we should look back on the JABBs we have spent together.  (I sometimes wonder if your keyboard ever wanted to rebel when my eager, fannish fingers made it type "I love the lovely angel.  Sigh... Andrew..." repeatedly.)

It's been a great few years, Ambivalance, and we've done a lot together.  It was using you that I purchased JABB's very own domain name.  With your aid, JABB went from a small series of pages hosted on 3-4 Geocities accounts that often crashed to a bona fide web site.  With you, I edited and uploaded the John Dye/Andrew photos Jess kindly sent me thus giving JABBers a lot more to smile about than animated gifs ever gave em.  I created "Save the Turkeys!!" T-shirts, insanely bizarre slideshows featuring yours truly keening Andrew's name, and what may be the only TBAA related filk version of "One Night in Bangkok" to ever be written.  With you, I've sent Andrew to jail, dropped him in the midst of a witch trial, tackled him, burnt up his kitchen, and repeatedly had my fictional doppleganger profess undying love and devotion to him.  (Fine moments all...)  Your calculator tried to help me compute his age (we never succeeded.)  You were the first computer I ever hooked a digital camera to.  It was on you that I viewed my first ever TBAA snaps.  I talked to countless fellow fans on AIM, MSN, in chat rooms, and via email with you.  These were good times, Ambivalence, and I'm glad you were with me during em. 

Of course, it wasn't all good times.  I used you to write about TBAA's cancellation.  And in one of our darkest hours together, I stared at a page trying to convince myself that this time the "Saturday Night Live" alum tragic death rumor spree had gone too far.  But even then you helped me.  It was with you I gathered the memories of his fans.  It was you who helped me learn about suicide prevention so that JABB could help others.  And you helped us to do that. 

You've helped JABB do a lot since I brought you home.  With you laughter, memories, compassion, and that timeless message of "God loves you" were shared.  So even if there were times I wished I had Andrew's baseball bat and coulda put a few dents in you... thank you, Ambivalence.  May be I just might have to make my way to my brother's room every so often to say hello.  May be even type "I love the lovely angel..." just for old time's sake?

Thanks a million,

JABB 211

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