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Ooh boy! So much to get out in this newsletter! So let’s just cut the usual introduction short and jump right to the point!

I, Jenni, would like to announce a new on-going contest we’ll be having at JABB. This isn’t like our usual one-shot contests. This one will presumably run indefinitely or at least as long as JABB stays “in production”. So with out further adieu I give you:

Find Mr. Beans!

If you have any questions about our new contest, don’t hesitate to email Jenni and let her know! Please note that the prize for this contest is completely different from those offered for our one-shot contests. I plan to have a picture of the current prize up soon so keep checking the Mr. Beans site!

Last week I had the privilege of watching John’s latest movie “Heart of the Beholder.” It inspired me so much I basically ended up writing two issues about it. I would like to warn our readers, though, that the review contains several spoilers. So if you’ve not seen the movie yet but hope to soon, you may wanna hold off on reading it. The second link I don’t think gives away anything more than you would have seen in the trailer but still, if you really don’t want anything “spoiled”, it may be best to hold off. So now that you’re forewarned:

JABB 166 Option 1- Jenni Reviews "Heart of the Beholder" or


JABB 166 Option 2- Andrew and JenniAnn Talk About HOTB or

And finally… In about two weeks will be our next JABB issue. You may want to keep your eyes open for it because it will be a contest issue. This is completely separate from the Mr. Beans contest. It *will* involve prizes from the JABB store or Amazon or a charitable donation if people wish. You may want to familiarize yourself with the general contest guidelines:

Basically I wrote a story that parodies famous movie scenes, putting the Dyeland “cast” in them. If you’d like, I invite you to submit a scene for the story. I ask that it be only one so no one has an unfair advantage of having come up with several scenes. If you’d like I’ll even write you into the story. Please just fill out the following and email it to Jenni’s personal address:

What you'd like to be called in the story:
Movie being parodied:
Specific scene:

Here’s an example:

What you'd like to be called in the story: Jane
Movie being parodied: Star Wars Episode V
Specific scene: The carbon freezing/ "I love you"/ "I know" scene

If you don’t want your name used in the story but would like to suggest a scene, please make that clear. I’ll need your suggestion no later than June 30th.

Thank you and God bless,



Newsletter 167