The terrace on the upper level of Willowveil castle was brimming with flowers and plants. JenniAnn rounded the corner to where the lawn chairs sat. She was surprised to find someone else all ready there.

JenniAnn: Oh! Andrew, I didn’t think anyone would be here. I’ll just go down a floor, give you some privacy.

Andrew: ::stands up from his chair and shakes his head:: No, stay if you’d like to. I don’t mind the company.

JenniAnn: ::takes a seat:: How’s your day been? Kinda surprised you’re here, thought you’d be on assignment.

Andrew: I was. It was one of those refusal to leave until Jeopardy was over sort of situations. ::gives a wry smile:: So then I was late for my next assignment and Adam was called in to cover that. Now my next assignment isn’t until tomorrow. How was your day?

JenniAnn: I watched “Heart of the Beholder” actually.

Andrew: ::returning to his chair and hoping that JenniAnn won’t feel the need to put a vice grip on his arm like when they watched the Beholder trailer with Jess:: Oh and what did you think?

JenniAnn: It was very well done. I really liked it and John… he was so good. Or… very bad? Umm… good at being very bad, I suppose is the way to say it. I was just all around impressed.

Andrew: That’s good.

JenniAnn: Uh huh. ::awkward silence as she tries to think of how to say what she wants to and ends up mumbling something::

Andrew: ::strains to hear:: Sorry JenniAnn, could you repeat that?

JenniAnn: ::stands up and begins to pace:: John… he was wearing a wedding ring in the movie.

Andrew: I thought you didn’t mind if he got married and, besides, it was probably just for the part.

JenniAnn: I am, completely, and that’s what I mean. *Manion* was married. And real.

Andrew: ::confused:: I’m afraid I’m not following.

JenniAnn: ::sighs:: It just creeped me out. That means some poor woman pledged her life to him. May be had children by him. Loved him. Trusted him and for what? So she could turn on the TV or open her newspaper and see how her husband repeatedly cheated on her? And used and abused people and… ::shakes her head:: How do you know who you can trust?

Andrew: You can trust God.

JenniAnn: I do. But that’s different. I know God would never be careless or hurtful. It’s against His nature. It’s everyone else… Well, not everyone. I trust my family and some others… ::shoots Andrew a meaningful look::

Andrew: ::smiles:: I take it by your look you trust me?

JenniAnn: ::nods profusely:: Of course! You’re an angel.

Andrew: Well, I could fall.

JenniAnn: ::gasps:: No you couldn’t! You wouldn’t, Andrew. I know…

Andrew: What makes you *know* that?

JenniAnn: I- I don’t know. I guess because I know you. Friends of mine know you.

Andrew: But it’s still something of a leap of faith.

JenniAnn: ::doubtful:: I suppose…

Andrew: Listen, you trusted me. You’ve trusted others and you will trust others in the future. May be even “Mrs. Manion” learned to trust again.

JenniAnn: May be… But I just can’t help but think what if somewhere along the line I don’t trust someone I should or do trust someone I shouldn’t, like Manion, and then my whole life just goes south??  The only safe thing to do seems to be to plot everything out and investigate everything and everyone and then and only then act.

Andrew: Ya know, JenniAnn, it doesn’t sound like you’d have much time to actually live if you did all that. It’s good to have plans and to be responsible but sometimes it’s good to just go with the flow. Trust your heart and God to tell you who you should trust. The Manions of the world can’t be allowed to paralyze everyone with fear and worry. ::looks at her and sees she doesn’t seem to be buying it. He has a sudden flash of inspiration.:: We need some paint. And lots of it. You could use some distraction, I think. ::grins::

JenniAnn: ::looks at him with confusion::

Andrew: I’ve not watched “Beholder” yet but seems to me there was something about paint and lots of it in there.

JenniAnn: ::gasps for the second time, is beginning to think may be Andrew has lost it:: Andrew, I trust you. You’re wonderful but I am *not* playing paintball with you. It looks kinda scary, I bruise easily, and my hair…

Andrew: ::laughs:: No, not paintball. Just trust me on this. Give me 15 minutes and meet me on the front lawn. Tell some of the others, please.

JenniAnn: ::shakes her head, still bewildered:: Okay…

Andrew: Great. ::disappears::


Fifteen minutes later JenniAnn and an assortment of other Dyelanders show up on the front lawn where they’re greeted by Andrew who’s proudly standing by a large metal tub and a square-shaped, blanketed object.

JenniAnn: ::giggles, whispers to the Dyelanders:: I think I kinda like this new ‘crazy Andrew’.

Karen: Do you know what he’s doing?

JenniAnn: Not a clue. ::steps forward:: Andrew, what exactly are we doing?

Andrew: You know how you said we should get something new to hang over the couch in the foyer?

JenniAnn: Yes…

Andrew: ::pulls off the blanket to reveal a large white canvas and then pulls what appears to be a water balloon from the tub and launches it at the canvas. A dark splash of green appears:: I’m not exactly a Jackson Pollack but I think this could work.

JenniAnn: Awesome!

Andrew: Okay, everyone… go for it!

The yard was a flurry of activity as everyone went wild decorating the canvas. They made short work of the paint balloons and after a few minutes everyone stepped away and looked at the canvas, now splashed with vibrant colors.

JenniAnn: ::taking in the newly finished artwork:: It looks amazing! Everyone did a great job!

Andrew: Yes. And no one planned anything or deliberated for hours on end. But it turned out pretty well, I think. ::looks pointedly at her and steps a few yards away::

JenniAnn: ::smiles at him and follows:: Ah so this is doubling as a painting and an object lesson, huh?

Andrew: I hope so.

JenniAnn: Point taken. Thanks. So ya think you’ll ever watch the movie?

Andrew: Eventually, yes. Why? Do you want to watch it again with me? ::grins mischievously::

JenniAnn: ::turns beet red:: Ya know… I think I’ll pass. Besides, I fear for your arm’s safety if I do.

Andrew: ::laughs:: Right. Well, we better get back to the group.

JenniAnn: Yeah. But Andrew, one last thing…

Andrew: Shoot.

JenniAnn: ::looks him square in the eyes:: You’d never fall. I don’t think it’s in your character to.

Andrew: I can’t imagine that I would.

JenniAnn: I don’t know what we’d do if you did. I- I don’t want to imagine it. ::begins twisting her ring::

Andrew: Then don’t imagine it. ::smiles encouragingly and then heads back to the group::

JenniAnn: ::to herself:: I won’t.


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